What qualifications do you have to have to be president

what qualifications do you have to have to be president

Requirements to Become President of the United States

Nov 10, †Ј In order to be eligible to serve as president, a person must either have been born on U.S. soil or (if born overseas) to at least one parent who is a citizen. The Framers clearly intended to exclude any chance of foreign influence from the highest administrative position in . As directed by the Constitution, a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older.

There's no specific educational requirement to lead the United States. Indeed, nine presidents never even attended college. Most presidents, though, have extensive education, as well as a career background that prepares them for an executive role. A well-rounded how to experience the presence of god can give you the background you need to lead the U.

Twenty-five U. As the chief executive of the United States, the president is charged ne reviewing Ч and signing or vetoing Ч lots of legislation.

An understanding of the law, the Constitution and the history of legislation can help presidents accurately predict what laws will hold up under court challenges and how legislation might change over time.

Law school also affords future politicians the chance to make lots of political connections, since many politicians get their start as lawyers. Presidents need a strong understanding of history so that they can construct policies built on the knowledge the past has to offer. Likewise, all presidents must understand how the U.

President How to clean clogged bathtub Roosevelt hvae a history major and the president of the American Historical Association. Alternatively, you might pursue an undergraduate degree in political science before going on to law school or pursuing a master's degree in business. Particularly within the business community, training in business can make you an appealing candidate.

Presidential candidates repeatedly discuss their attitudes toward business, and large businesses can offer significant campaign assistance. George W. Bush had a master of business administration, and Jimmy Carter ran a multimillion dollar family farm. Donald Trump ran a real estate empire.

Some law schools even allow students the chance to pursue an MBA while pursuing a law degree, creating an ideal combination for would-be presidents. Your career experience matters just as much as your education, as anyone who's ever heard a president lauded or bashed for his career can attest.

A career that allows you to cultivate the skills that a president needs Ч legal acumen, business knowledge, experience working with a bureaucracy, management experience and people skills, to name a few wyat can help you prepare for your political career.

Work that what are balaclavas used for you to make connections with potential donors and other future politicians can also help. For example, running a board of directors for a large corporation can put you in touch with people wealthy enough to help fund a national campaign. Van Thompson is an attorney and writer. A ot martial arts instructor, he holds bachelor's degrees in music and computer science from Westchester University, and a juris doctor from Georgia State University.

Work Careers Other Jobs. By Van Thompson Updated June 26, Program Entrepreneur: Should the U. President Have Business Experience? Related Articles. Besides Law?


What are the basic qualifications you must have to be US president? You must be a natural-born citizen of the United States, you must have been living within the United States for 14 years, and you must be 35 years of age or older. 2. Name a minimum of 5 powers given to the President in Article II of the US Constitution. President Theodore Roosevelt was a history major and the president of the American Historical Association. Alternatively, you might pursue an undergraduate degree in political science before.

Eric Coggins has degrees in political science, global management, and global organizational leadership. He teaches international business. This article seeks to facilitate a conversation. Those minimum qualifications include:. What kind of vocational experience is best suited for the job? What educational level? What kind of volunteer service record if any?

What about previous political experience? Should they have spent time in the military? What do you think? Let's have a conversation about the best qualifications and life experiences needed to be an American president. Should a potential president of the United States have an unimpeachable character? How important should proven character be as a prerequisite for the presidency?

All human beings are flawed, and it is likely that presidents will have to make alliances with at least some others who don't share their personal values. Still, how important is it that a candidate have proven character? The American presidency is a political office. The man or woman who commands from the Oval Office must be able to negotiate with other politicians in the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as foreign dignitaries and leaders.

This person will be the leader of the free world and must be able to walk the tightrope between conviction and compromise. More than that, he or she must be able to work the room or the telephone to advance America's interests. How much previous political experience do you think a candidate should have to successfully carry out these responsibilities?

The president of the United States commands the largest economy in the world. Even so, the US economy continues to lose market share as compared to other developing markets such as China, India, and Brazil.

Should the candidate demonstrate success in business? What type of educational background should an American presidential candidate have? The president must read large volumes of legislative data, keep up with economic conditions, and have a continuously updated working knowledge of science, environment, and the economy, and remain actively aware of the world at large. He or she must have awareness and foresight to understand the prevailing conditions both domestically and internationally.

Given the amount of information the POTUS must process in order to make decisions about complex matters of domestic and foreign policy, what educational level do you think is best suited for the American presidency? The president's first constitutional duty is as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. He or she must understand the role of the military, the capacity of each division, and come up to speed quickly in terms of military strategy. How much prior military experience do you think a candidate should have in order to be effective in his or her duties as Commander-in-Chief?

Only one of the last five presidents George H. Bush trained for a limited time as a reserve. If you think military experience is needed, what level or amount of experience should he or she have attained? The president is America's top public servant. We assume he or she serves for the betterment of the country and its citizenry. In most cases, ordinary citizens can also impact their neighborhoods and communities as volunteers. They will serve as volunteers in little league or soccer, PTSA members, school aides, and other community-related positions.

Should the occupier of the Oval Office demonstrate a love for the country and an ability to inspire others to join in the work of betterment? To what extent should a candidate for the American presidency have given his or her extra time as a community volunteer?

Some political pundits and experts argue that American presidents play a larger role in foreign affairs than domestic ones. Accordingly, they argue that the person in the Oval Office should focus on international or foreign policy. His or her position as Chief Diplomat coupled with his or her position as Commander-in-Chief makes wisdom and expertise in foreign affairs and foreign policy a must. If so, how much prior foreign policy or foreign business experience should a candidate for the American presidency have to be effective?

Of course, more than anything else, the president of the United States is a leader. In fact, the person in the Oval Office has been referred to as "the leader of the free world" and the "head of the earth's remaining superpower. According to the Constitution, a president must be a "natural-born citizen," which has been interpreted to mean that they must be born on US soil or possibly born abroad but to one or both US parents.

However, the definition of this phrase hasn't been tested in court. At least 14 years. There is evidence that those who wrote the Constitution believed this requirement could be satisfied cumulatively rather than consecutively in other words, those years of residence don't have to be grouped all together.

Because of the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution, the qualifications for vice president are the same as for the president which makes sense, since the VP might have to fill the POTUS's shoes. This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. Question: Should a candidate have to release financial reports and tax returns for the last 10 years?

Should a candidate also provide health records for the past 5 years? Answer: It seems reasonable that candidates for president should be fully transparent with their financial records and health records. It is official that President J. Donald Trump is going to win the 2nd term because his first term experience shows that he ranks top at creating jobs and he took care of the most vulnerable lower class by providing pay check and food while they took care of their children at home during Corona stay home times.

Above all he abide by the God's rule in promoting social life. He created more than enough good paying jobs for those who wants to work. You have written a really important article here with a lot I think the majority would agree with. One thing for sure, whatever the Democrats were thinking when they stuck Biden in this race, they just literally gave Trump the win.

The poor old guy is lost in space. I keep waiting for Nancy Pelosi to jump out and scream, "April Fool! Many of our laws were written over years ago should be revisited to ensure that they still apply to the current state of the things. A background check; earned security clearance; no legal charges, subpoenas, etc. I would say whatever qualities this President has that is making huge differences in the economy, listening to people on the ground, staying in touch with the peopl.

President trump needs to take it easy on taking too much ax payer's money. This is really ridiculous. Very interesting responses from your questionnaire. I would guess that most of the respondents were from the Red States. I feel the folks from the Blue States would require less of the candidates. This is only my perception from living in Red States and talking with people who object to rules and guidelines in many cases.

Can you apply these 8 criteria to the dozens of wannabe Democrat presidents and predict who will win? Our forefathers decided the qualifications to be The Commander and Chief President of The United States of America so what makes anyone think they know better? We don't seem to have any common decency or manners anymore at all. No one should be in an elected office over 2 to 4 year terms and the out a term to make sure our country keeps progressing instead of just making a living off being power hungry and nothing gets actually accomplish.

I think someone that qualifies with no experience should run and start from scratch. I don't believe they can be hated any more than our currant President. Presidential candidates must be sufficiently vetted, but 44 wasn't.

He refuse to explain how he got a Conn. Social Security Card number, sealed his records again just prior to leaving office, lied about being a constitutional law professor and the list goes on and on not enough room here. He was a fake and glad he is gone.

The answers to the questions, should be formatted and provided to the american public before the voting takes place. Our current president does not have any idea what's going on in the world, or he would not act and handle himself in the manner he does. For most parents of young children, the MOST important qualification to become president is to be a leader children can look up to.

So when any candidate plays that "It's all okay because A,B,C, did it" children follow that example at home and in school. Choosing a candidate isn't always about adult voters. It has all the necessities for consideration as the Preamble to the. Constitution states purposefully, intentionally and without political bias:. So, how is it we have enablers and fence sitters all ready to neutralize commonly understood words?

Take for example the word "militia. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reinterpretations of the commonly held rule of law perpetuated expressly to keep a society from chaos, mayhem and disorder.

Yet, we allow lawyers today to abuse laws which result in giving criminals license to continue their lawlessness. The Constitution provides for due process of law. It doesn't provide for bending laws for criminals as a legal defense strategy. Then we wonder why laws no longer have sufficient bite as to reduce crime? In order for any candidate to be president of our great country, they must not just know the laws, but respect them.

They must also understand that our government is balanced on the axis of 3 separate but equal branches. NO president is the CEO or employer of government employees. Presidents appoint.

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