What is wscntfy. exe file

what is wscntfy. exe file


The genuine chesapeakecharge.com file is a software component of Windows XP (SP2) by Microsoft. chesapeakecharge.com is part of the Windows Security Center. This process notifies the user through an icon in the taskbar or as a popup window upon receiving critical information from the Security Center/5(). "chesapeakecharge.com" is the W indows S ecurity C enter N o t i fy Application, introduced in Windows XP Service Pack 2. It displays a tray icon indicating the status of Windows updates, virus protection, and firewall. chesapeakecharge.com can be disabled by going to "Services" and disabling Security Center (this is /5().

This wscntfy. If this program is loading each time your computer starts it could be in any number of locations Windows use to automatically load a program. Therefore we suggest downloading and running the free Startup Control Panel to quickly and correctly disable this program from automatically starting up. If you do not plan on using the program associated with wscntfy. Questions related to wscntfy. If this does not resolve your issue or you have not installed any program recently try recovering Windows back to a earlier copy.

It is ok to allow this program past your firewall if it's asking for permission and you trust the software vendor. If this does not help try one of the other Computer Hope online help suggestions. If you're getting missing wscntfy. File errors are often caused by more than just a single missing or corrupt file and copying just one file could cause more issues. Still want more information?

Click here to open a custom Google search that queries only the top websites containing file and process information. If you're wanting to individually scan this file for a virus, use VirusTotal and upload wscntfy. A big thanks to CBMatt and Evilfantasy for their malware specialist assistance and everyone else in the Computer Hope community who has contributed to the development and testing of this tool. An ongoing discussion about this tool is found here.

Back to Computer Hope. Is wscntfy. Where can I download wscntfy. Process main page Over 30, processes and files have been examined A big thanks to CBMatt and Evilfantasy for their malware specialist assistance and everyone else in the Computer Hope community who has contributed to the what is cts 2010 standard cheques and testing of this tool. Was this page useful?

Is wscntfy.exe safe?

The chesapeakecharge.com is an executable file on your computer's hard drive. This file contains machine code. If you start the software Microsoft Windows Operating System on your PC, the commands contained in chesapeakecharge.com will be executed on your PC. What is chesapeakecharge.com? Microsoft Windows secuirty system process that should be located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory. File type: Exe program - Files with an extension of "exe" are executable programs. Purpose of this file: chesapeakecharge.com is a program which could have been installed by you, or may have been on your computer since the day you first purchased your computer, as it may have been preinstalled software. The actual hard drive location and folder is also.

To help you protect your PC, Security Center ensures that firewall, automatic updates, and virus protection features are always enabled. By default, you will find the wscntfy. The most common file size in Windows XP is 13, bytes. You may also find the file in 23, and 17, byte sizes.

Although wscntfy. Trojan horses may place an infected version of the same file on your computer. Some of the malware programs known to add the infected wxcntfy. You may receive the following error message if there is an infected wscntfy.

At times, you may also notice files with names similar to wscntfy. If you find any such file running on your computer or you receive the error message listed above, it is quietly likely that your PC is infected with a malware.

If this happens, then you may perform the following tasks to resolve the issue:. File Information By default, you will find the wscntfy. If this happens, then you may perform the following tasks to resolve the issue: First, update your antivirus and antispyware software and then run a full system scan.

To ensure that the scan is effective, exit all applications and Windows currently open on your computer. If the scan reports infected files, take appropriate action to get rid of them. Also, to prevent future infections, choose the latest security tools for your PC and choose tools that provide real-time protection. Also, to ensure that your PC is safe and protected against the latest malware at all times, schedule regular full system scans and virus definition updates. Viruses, Trojan horses and spyware are notorious for adding several malicious entries in the Windows registry.

This is the reason why to ensure complete removal of these malware programs from your PC, it is essential that you sweep your registry clean to remove all malicious entries from it. You can do this task manually by using the Windows Registry Editor tool that is launched by running the regedit command. However, Registry Editor provides minimal registry maintenance features and even in Windows Vista most of the registry maintenance needs to be done manually.

As this is a tedious and complex process, chances of errors are quite high. To workaround this situation, you can seek help of a good registry tool, such as RegServe. The powerful features of RegServe will enable you to clean your registry within minutes. You will also be able to repair any corrupt or damaged registry entries to resolve all computer errors generated by them. Home About F.

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