What is the sacred text of the hebrews

what is the sacred text of the hebrews

The Hebrew Bible: The Sacred Books of the Jewish People

The "generic" collective name of this branch of sacred texts, kabbala(from the Hebrew lekabel, to receive, signifying knowledge handed down by tradition) represents the esoteric teachings of Judaism, especially those that emerged in the twelfth century and thereafter. In its wider sense, kabbaladenotes Jewish mysticism in its entirety. Sep 10,  · Together Torah, Nevi’im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings) comprise what is known as the Tanach. This name for the Hebrew Bible is actually made up of the first letter of each of the three sections of the Bible. Learn About the Middot.

Asked by Wiki User. It was called the Torah. Although it's fair to say that some of it is quite scary. Judaism is not a sacred text, it is a religion and that religion happens to have a sacred text. Canaan was sacred to the Hebrews because God had given it hebeews them, in the Old Testament, as their own. The Holy Bible is the sacred text for Christians. A sacred text reflects the God word revelation to God prophet. Accordingly, Torah is the sacred text revealed by God to Moses, the Sacfed is the sacred text revealed by God to Jesus, and Qur'an is the sacred text revealed by God to prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all.

Answer: The Mennonite sacred text is the same as that of other Christians - the Bible. It is called the Torah. Internet Sacred Whst Archive was created in It is Arabian and natalia text. The bible is considered a sacred text. The Wuat is an explanatory legal treatise in Judaism.

It is not a "sacred text" nor is it affiliated with Christianity in any way. The Jewish sacred text is the Tanakh or Jewish Bible. The main sacred text is Iliad and the Odyssey which were a series of poems written by Homer. The Vedas! It is not texh religion. The revelations from Allah were collected and formed the Quran, the sacred text of Islam. Ask Question. The Bible. See What diseases do mice carry uk. Top Answer.

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Aug 23,  · Their greatest achievement, called the Masoretic Text, is the acknowledged standard biblical Hebrew text, and the basis of many Christian translations to this day. The famous 10th-century Aleppo Codex, now in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, is considered the most authoritative extant version of Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. The word did not appear in any Old Testament text until the Masoretic Text of AD! We’re taught in church that the Tetragrammaton is the four letters the Hebrews used for God. We’re told it was considered by the Hebrews to be the “most holy” name for . Start studying Judaism - Sacred Text. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

I did some more research into the origins of the Tetragrammaton since publishing the original article below. I found additional information and needed to make a correction. This, however, does not resolve the many issues surrounding it. But the origins of the Tetragrammaton itself are less than clear according to the scholarly journal article YHWH, the Origin of the Tetragrammaton published in Vetus Testamentum ,.

It is not pronounced but when it occurs in the MT [Masoretic Text] there is usually another divine designation beside it which is pronounced. The journal article goes on to say that the Tetragrammaton was not used by the Hebrews in captivity in Egypt, that its use in various OT books was inconsistent, and cites its associations with various pagan gods. While the article concludes the name to be. In addition to the problem of its indefinitive origins, there is the troubling fact that occult holds the Tetragrammaton as the most powerful of symbols.

IX, No. The website gnosticteachings. Consider; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel would have had no need to use a personal name to distinguish Himself from any peers because He had no peers!

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel never used any personal name to distinguish Him from any peers because He had no peers. Therefore, no personal name was ever needed.

The Greek Septuagint Old Testament of BC never used any sacred name for God, nor was such ever mentioned by other ancient writers such as the Israelite historians, Philo, and Josephus, or the later Eusebius, or even the Jewish Aristeas the Exegete who wrote his commentary on the Greek Septuagint.

According to My Jewish Learning. The name, which some people pronounce as Yahweh and others mostly Christians as Jehovah, appears 5, times in the Bible 1, of those in the Torah. However, some attribute it to a Temple practice in which only the High Priest was allowed to utter the name, and only when in the Temple and reciting the priestly blessing.

Now we are no longer talking about biblical truth , we are talking about the oral law of the rabbis , as expressed in the Talmud! Confusing, right? The Tetragrammaton is used in Magic as one of ineffable nameS of power. The pronunciation of YHVH was such a secret because the high priests knew, it sounded so much like Chavah from the account of Eden and the fact that she became a goddess like the serpent promised.

Adam was the celestial fire and she was the celestial waters, forced to come down as Persephone. Now queen of the underworld, she is actually Mary and Hecate at the same time. The white and black virgins are what make up YHVH.

The answer appears to lie in the introduction of the Masoretic Text roughly years ago. Prior to that, the Greek Septuagint Old Testament was the standard and it contains not one instance of the Tetragrammaton. It appears we have been played yet again.

For the Edomites who had taken over the Jerusalem Temple and its religion, YHWH was a deity they had long worshipped as a part of their Pagan religion. Paganism was actually started by Cain, himself, and it stayed pretty much with the Cain race until spreading into Greece and Egypt and Italy. That Pagan mother-goddess religion was prevalent throughout the entire mid-east, each group having its own names for the deities. See my article on Paganism. From the viewpoint of modern theologians, it must first be understood that they all still accept the Masoretic Hebrew text of 1, AD as the true ancient language and Old Testament of our patriarchs.

Since that Masoretic Text includes the four letter tetragrammeton, YHWH, over 6, times , theologians are forced to speculate that Moses must have put it in his Pentateuch. The Anchor Bible Dictionary, vol. Certainly, Moses would have been acquainted with the Pagan religion of the Egyptians. But, even if the Pentateuch was actually written by Moses which is not known for sure in the 15th C.

BC, he could not have written it in the Hebrew language which was not formed until the time of the Israelite captivities, from the 8th to 6th centuries BC, when the captive Israelites merged their native Phoenician language with the Aramaic of their captors.

If we set aside the closed-minded obduracy of modern scholarship, we can see that Moses did not write any text in the modern Hebrew language because it did not exist at that time , nor was there any Hebrew alphabet or script.

The oldest Old Testament text known is the Greek Septuagint of BC, and the word does not appear in it one single time , or in any other ancient Israelite writing, with one exception which I will mention now. The eastern half of Christendom at that time rejected the text as fraudulent and retained the Greek Septuagint of BC, which they still use today.

Oddly enough, Roger Hathaway is the only person I found on the internet who addresses this massive deception. If you feel attracted to call upon the Pagan god of the Edomites, you may have found your proper place in the eternal program.

If you feel that the highest form of religion is to seek worldly wealth and to use techniques and rituals, then you might even feel drawn to the magic of Kabbalah. But, if you feel that your spiritual relationship with God is personal and intimate and something beyond rituals, worldly concerns and magic names, then you will probably feel more attracted to Jesus as your Lord.

I offer nothing for sale and have no vested interest in whatever God might choose to do with my work. As I have been freely given, so do I give freely. You may consider what I say, or not. The matter is between you and your God, whichever one of them you choose. This is more insidious indoctrination into the occult mystery schools. Pray for discernment in these evil days, brothers and sisters!

Laminin: More Indoctrination Into Hermetecism. Evergreen and the Subtle Gnostic Indoctrination. It is not ancient. It may be meaningless, being derived from no known single root. It largely ceased to be used in later literature. While the article concludes the name to be In addition to the problem of its indefinitive origins, there is the troubling fact that occult holds the Tetragrammaton as the most powerful of symbols.

Original article The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel never used any personal name to distinguish Him from any peers because He had no peers. But something is not right. Case and point, here are some occult images of the Tetragrammaton. Have you got chills up your spine yet? Related Posts.

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