What is the most economical diesel car in ireland

what is the most economical diesel car in ireland

True MPG: most efficient diesel cars

The Smart Fortwo cdi diesel's long reign as most economical car on sale in Britain is over. Despite this, it still averages an impressive mpg. It only seats two, and the clattery diesel engine is not the fastest or most refined on sale. It is still economical enough to only now have been unseated as the UK's most fuel-efficient car, though. Peugeot Ц reliable lion is ideal for family motoring. Audi A6 Ц Avant estate is the best in a range still built around diesel. Hyundai Kona Ц Well priced compact crossover.

It appears JavaScript is disabled. To get the most out of the website we recommend enabling JavaScript in your browser. Car 5 min read. The good news is that there are more and more fuel efficient and low emission cars becoming available.

Until Dieselgate i. Since fiesel however, we are more aware of pollutants like NOx oxides of nitrogenPM ls matter and CO carbon monoxide associated with diesel thw.

However, if you do regular shorter journeys you should consider going Electric or getting a Plug-in Hybrid especially from a low emission point of view. Electric cars are of course the most fuel efficient and low emission cars on the road right whst. Check out our blog for more on the savings you can make with diesek electric car.

The upfront cost of econkmical an electric car however, can be off-putting but there are deals to be had on the second hand car market if low emissions is your main goal. That said, it is still possible to buy a low emission car without going full electric. According to Which? They have tested hundreds of cars and have a handy car emissions checker which lists all the cars by make and model that they have tested.

Engine: 1. The only problem is that this is the How to determine towing capacity 6b version of the car and so cannot be bought new irelnad - which means you'll need to look for it on the used car market.

This version has similarly low levels of NOx and CO to the older engine, but slightly higher CO2 diesep minimal irepand to other cars tested by Which. The Corolla is making a come back and is replacing the Auris. For a petrol car, the NOx levels measured from the 1. The Yaris is an ideal city car, and easy to manoeuvre into those tight parking spaces for those among us not blessed with the parallel parking prowess! According to Autoexpress. The best-performing petrol cars are the Peugeot and the Kia Picanto, which both deliver Engine 1.

The Kia is aso capable of returning up to Electric cars produce none of the harmful exhaust emissions of their petrol and diesel-powered counterparts and they offer much lower running costs too but alot of people have "range aniexty" i. Although WLTP is realistic it doesn't account for all possible variations, individual driving styles, traffic and weather conditions from how much does it cost to replace your birth certificate to country, so there will still be a difference between WLTP and real-world range.

The below are some of the most highly rated electric cars for range according to WLTP testing. The Tesla Model S Long Range and Tesla Model 3 are hard to beat when it comes to range with both respectively coming in with ranges at miles kms and miles kms. While impressive, the distance range of these cars do come with hefty price tags.

Something that is much easier on the pocket is the new electric offering from Kia. For the cost, this is a great option for those wishing to make longer electric journeys with a WLTP of miles kms. The e-Niro made it to the top spot of What Car? Car of the Year This will be in hot demand for The Kona gets a five-year warranty, while the battery is covered for an impressive eight years. Demand for this more affordable long-range electric SUV has been high and Hyundai has increased capacity to meet the need - it has economcial WLTP range of ddiesel kms for the 64k battery model.

Due to be launched this year, with a prebooking system in place since last November demand, as expected, has outstriped supply for Skoda's first EV. Production was limited and all vehicles due to go on dieeel in Ireland are now allocated - maybe next year! Range, depending on the model go from kms to kms WLTP. Remember, in the UK, the Government announced acr last November to bring forward its ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from to while the Irish Government aims to haveelectric cars on the econkmical by Just something to bear in mind when choosing your engine type.

Alternatively, to see what the average car loan rate will cost you Ч check out our handy loan calculator. Keep an eye out for 4WheelGuide across FacebookTwitteror Instagram for more great advice on budgeting, choosing and buying your car as well as design and style ideas and inspiring stories Ч so you can gear up for the car of your dreams. Education 4 what is the pokemon global link read. Community 2 min read.

Community 3 min read. Car 2 min read. Car 3 min read. Image courtesy of Toyota. Peugeot Ч Diesel Engine 1. Image courtesy of peugeot.

Image courtesy of kia. The big battery allows for an electric-only range of up to 41 miles circa id Image courtesy of autoexpress. Telsa Cars - hard to beat for distance range The Tesla Model S Long Range and Tesla Model 3 are hard to beat when it comes to range with both respectively coming in with ranges at miles kms and miles kms. Image courtesy of jaguar. Irfland courtesy of volkswagen.

Image courtesy of hyundai. Image courtesy of economlcal. Related blog posts 02 Mar How I upgraded my car with the credit union Car 2 whatt read.

Why buy a diesel car?

The testers say it is the closest of all cars at the top of their list to its official economy figures. The Peugeot Allure BlueHDi (official mpg, true mpg) was just 1mpg behind. And. Jun 13, †Ј Deciding whether a diesel or a petrol powered car is the more economical choice for you is not a simple decision and purchase price is only one of many factors to consider. Nov 24, †Ј They may not be very fashionable right now, but if you do big miles and are looking to keep your fuel costs down, diesel cars still make a huge amount of sense. Here we reveal the most .

This guide needs to start with a anecdotal caveat Ч many years ago, I saw a distinguished, doubtless wealthy, gentleman racing his s Bentley at the Silverstone racing circuit.

After all, a survey in the early s found that, taking manufacturing and shipping emissions into account, the most eco-friendly car in the world was a Jeep Wrangler. Even today, with advances made in providing car factories with energy from renewable resources, making a car in the first place causes more emissions than it will ever use in its lifetime. So, theoretically, running an ancient Corolla or Escort, and keeping it alive, is actually the most environmentally considerate route to take. The early versions of the Yaris Hybrid were truly horrid to drive, and became incredibly thirsty if you dared take them anywhere near a motorway.

Happily, the Yaris as a whole, and the Hybrid in particular, is much improved these days and it will still return decent fuel economy on longer journeys, even if its natural habitat is still in town. Now, what you deem to be decent fuel economy may vary Ч generally speaking we consider it job done if we squeeze 50mpg on average out of a Yaris Hybrid, which is a long way from the quoted 86mpg combined figure. Not much fun to drive, but it is exceptionally refined around town. Pricey, though it does at least come with a CVT automatic as standard.

Economy: 3. Worth trying: Reanult Zoe. Electric range: km claimed. Used option: Honda Insight. Economy: 4. Super-cheap to buy, well-made, reliable, and not bad to drive. The steering is as light as whipped cream, the suspension as soft as fresh muffin and the handling about as sharp as a lump of old wood. Why do we like it, then? We also like the copper-coloured highlights on the electric model, and for those not yet willing to take the full electric plunge, there is the option of either a conventional hybrid or a plugin one.

Clever heating system allows you to warm up the car but then switch off the heater to help preserve range, while the infotainment system is pretty good too. Worth trying: Volkswagen eGolf. Price: TBC. Still a Golf, but with zero-guilt. Used option: Nissan Leaf. The pioneer mass-market electric car.

Roomy, but interiors get rattly and early models are very short-ranged, even if their batteries are in perfect nick. It may well be the most predictable choice around, but the Prius, two decades on from the introduction of the first model, is really starting to make a compelling case for itself. Economy: 1. Electric range: 62km claimed Ч Plugin version only.

Electric range: 52km claimed. Great around town but economy takes a huge hit on longer journeys Ч 35mpg on the motorway! Used option: Volkswagen Passat 1. We know diesel is now the devil, and it was VW that gave it horns and a forked tail. Still, an easily-achieved 60mpg is hard to argue with. Galway to Glasgow and back on one tank. And not the new, more spacious Clubman either.

Still, you are getting something a bit special for your money. A family hatch with a pair of rear-hinged doors, a carbon-aluminium chassis and the chance to go for km on just the batteries? How cool is that? Best model is the range-extender, with its emergency two-cylinder petrol motor, which adds around km to the electric range and which will get you home if you run out of juice miles from a socket. Similarly-priced part-electric e plugin is a more conventional alternative. Economy: 0. Worth trying: Lexus ISh.

Dramatic styling and a beautifully made cabin make the Ih desirable, reliability and decent real-world economy make it a great purchase. Used option: Mercedes-Benz C Hybrid. There are many criticisms that you can hurl at the Lexus GSh. It looks like a posh Camry. Its infotainment system looks five years out of date. All true, doubtless, but then they do tend to overlook the fact that the GS is a car built around its hybrid drivetrain.

The four-pot GSh, by contrast, is all about the soothing. It has soothing silence on a long journey, soothing seats that are Ч genuinely Ч better than anything Bentley makes. Soothing economy too; this big, sporty ish exec saloon can return the same real-world average as a 2. Worth trying: BMW e iPerformance. Economy: 2. Beautifully refined and with cutting-edge tech, but the plugin 5 suffers from plummeting economy on longer motorway runs.

Used option: Mercedes-Benz E Hybrid. Bigger brother to the C hybrid, uses the old 2. Masses of space in the back too, but watch for ex-taxis. The fact that its a big diesel means that you can still squeeze decent economy out of it on a long run, while the plugin-hybrid module means that you can glide around town in electric silence for as much as 56km. Plus, you get the usual Q7 attributes of a terrific cabin gorgeous and well made and lots of space, although you do lose the seven-seat option, as the batteries take up the necessary space.

Economy: Electric range: 56km claimed. Worth trying: Tesla Model X. Electric range: to km claimed. The car of the moment? Gullwing doors, seven seats, massive touchscreen, and blistering performance all amaze. Poor cabin quality and lumpy ride unbecoming of the price tag. Used option: Lexus RXh.

Economy: 6. Roly-poly handling best kept in town, though. The thing that grabs you most about the Model S is just how normal it all seems after a while. How normal it seems to be able to drive from Dublin to Cork in one hit in an electric car. How normal it is to have a big, luxury saloon with an optional extra pair of seats in the boot for the kids. How normal it is to have a touchscreen bigger than any telly we had when I were a lad.

How normal it is to keep pace with a Turbo up to kmh. How normal electric motoring suddenly becomes. Of the two Tesla models currently on sale, the Model S is by far the better sorted, with a much better handling and ride balance than the Model X SUV, and it seems to suffer from fewer interior rattles too.

Not cheap, but then nothing in this class gets close for kerbside appeal right now. Electric range: 50km claimed. Slinky Seven makes a great part-electric car whisper it, with a four-cylinder engine and can still be fun to drive. Perfect for city-centre movie premieres. Used option: Porsche Panamera Hybrid S. Economy: 7. Worth trying: Lexus LCh. Economy: Circa 40mpg claimed. Lexus new big coupe arrives later this year, and combined the usual hybrid eco-friendliness with stunning styling and a peachy chassis.

Used option: Lotus Evora Economy: 9. Light and lithe Lotus makes the most of its Toyota V6 engine. Hardly super-frugal, but not bad by high performance standards.

The best eco-friendly cars for every budget Fancy an electric future? How about a hybrid? We guide you to the best eco-friendly cars on the market, from city cars to SUVs Wed, May 31, , Neil Briscoe. Tesla Model S. The small one: Toyota Yaris Hybrid Toyota Yaris Hybrid The early versions of the Yaris Hybrid were truly horrid to drive, and became incredibly thirsty if you dared take them anywhere near a motorway.

More from The Irish Times Motors. Sponsored Sustainability is the goal for this family from the sunny south east. The imperative for lifelong learning. Ulster University leading the way working with composite materials.

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