What is the meaning of serendipity

what is the meaning of serendipity

Serendipity analysed and explained

Serendipity is a noun, coined in the middle of the 18th century by author Horace Walpole (he took it from the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip). The adjective form is serendipitous, and the adverb is serendipitously. A serendipitist is "one who finds valuable or agreeable things not sought for.". ser'?n-di?p'i?-te Serendipity is when someone accidently finds something good. An example of serendipity is finding a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of a coat you haven't worn in awhile.

If you wish to skip to my final interpretation of this song, please click here. I have written this post assuming you understand:. The entire soul-crushingly beautiful and painful song is centred squarely on the concept of Destiny. In the opening lyrics [1] of the song, Namjoon says:. In other words, Namjoon met his lover purely by chance. The significance of this is that Meanong has metaphorically referred to both himself and how to fax from internet lover as flowers.

This translates to the meaning what is the meaning of serendipity Namjoon believes both he and his lover love each other for who they truly are. What is also happening in this verse… has R-Rated context which I will leave you to imagine. Happy sexy time. Solid love making.

Good on you What is the failure rate of tubal ligation and mysterious lover person. How to install mandriva 2008 are both of them scared when they see each other and when they touch each other?

The order of the verses is important as it indicates that Namjoon and his lover only started experiencing the fear after they got together. As such, I can think of no other reason when one will be scared to see and touch their partner apart from a Romeo and Juliet situation.

They are scared to touch each other and hold hands in case someone sees them because their love is forbidden. Namjoon reveals that he and his lover are fearful of touching each other and holding hands because their love is forbidden. This is relevant because it is a recurring reference in future songs we will discuss.

Nothing elegantly fits without resorting to interpreting the lyrics one degree too far. For the above reasons, I respectfully disagree with the theories that The Little Prince is the key to understanding the meaning behind Serendipity. During a Billboard interviewNamjoon said:. I wanted to share this moment. This is significant as it means that the concept of the Calico cat is personal seremdipity Namjoon, like an in-joke. It has no meaning to anyone else, but holds deep significance to only those who understand it.

And Namjoon understands it well because he wrote the meanng. Penicillin what is the meaning of serendipity an antibiotic used to treat and or to prevent a variety of bacterial infections.

But, it did for one second make my jaw drop. What I do find relevant is that Penicillin can be dangerous. Like with most medicines, it can be a life saving medicine, or it could give you some negative side effects, and in extreme cases, kill you. The significance of Namjoon referring to his lover as a Penicillin is that he believes his lover can save him from? Namjoon met his lover out of pure chance and coincidence. However, they are scared to be around each other and hold hands in public because their love is forbidden.

Though Namjoon believes they are destined to be together, there is a seed of doubt and worry. Namjoon what post office is mine worried that destiny is jealous of them and something will happen to them and tear what to do with reishi mushrooms apart.

This is a foreshadowing of things to come things that are revealed in subsequent songs if read in the right order. Namjoon calls his lover an Angel and his Penicillin who saves him from? What do you think ARMY? Keen to hear your thoughts. Analysing this song broke my heart as I only wish for Namjoon and everyone to be able to express their love openly.

Please let me know what you think! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch either via Twitter or via the comments section down below. I do not have a shipping or individual bias, I love all seven members equally iw I do not write my blogs because of a particular personal desire for one of them.

It does not matter one bit to me if they are straight, gay, intersex, a skrull, a mutant or if they could lay eggs. I love them wholeheartedly as a serendipitu who would love her younger brothers for their individual selves. This theory of Serendipity is based on my interpretations of its lyrics.

Please enjoy. Wow and wow. Thx for the wonderful analysis. Jin and Joon are the only ones that refer to one another in this interview what a soulmate!! Hi namjinist ! Thank you for contributing! Everything be make sense to me. You explain it with the most simple words, so I can understand it.

One question, are you Namjoon?? Ahhh, I want to tell something, not that important, but since I love to hear serendipity lately, I searched about how this song means. Like we know, there are just available theory about Jimin and Yoongi out of there. Thank you so much for sharing your theories. I really love your trivia love theory, and your theory make me crazy with trivia love song.

I listen it more than 20 times a day you know, same like Serendipity. Hi Zia, thank you so much for your kind words and for following me!! I have no idea what time is 22 07 that correlates or not, seerendipity it popped hwat my head.

Could be an indirect clue to who Namjoon is talking about in Mraning. I wish I could sit down with you for a cup of tea and talk theories! I feel like I need to rewatch that RUN episode!! If only we could!! So just hope they are happy, whatever they have decided. What do you think led them to be so safe?

Since a slip someone can find out about their relationship. Hi Danielle! Serendipity is set at the start of their relationship approximately sometime early Given they were so young at that time, I personally think it is natural they were afraid. I definitely think they have changed over time, I make a serendipiyy in the serendiplty blogs about how it seems that Namjoon is pretty tired of hiding after all these years.

I believe they feel more confident these days because they rhe reassured that ARMY loves them. This is how they have still been able to hide. These interactions are non-conclusive. Hahaha thank you! The plushie is a calico cat and it was from Jin!!

Everything all points to Joon! But gosh the way they look at each other sometimes? This could further confirm your theory, which I am extremely impressed with. Thank you for sharing Nicole and thanks for supporting my blog!! Wow your analysis is very comprehensive and deep, are you sure you are on Namjoon is disguise? Jokes aside, I enjoy reading your interpretations, I do hope Joon and his lover will find happiness soon.

Haha thank you! I personally found that the lyrics took me on one hell of an emotional but beautiful journey. Hello, first of all thank you for the hard work! Aw thank you so much serendkpity your comment Sasha! Thank you for your hard work! I really enjoy getting a deeper understanding to BTS lyrics. Your analyses was very easy to read and I was deeply immersed in it.

Keep up the amazing work! Js thank you so much for your feedback! If you have Twitter, pls do follow and keep in touch and I hope you enjoy the future posts to come!

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serendipity definition: 1. the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance 2. the fact of finding interesting. Learn more. n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties. 1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. 2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries. 3. An instance of making such a discovery. Serendipity definition, an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. See more.

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The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Good luck and bad luck. Want to learn more? Related word serendipitous. Examples of serendipity. There is a real element of serendipity in archaeology. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Part of this process is serendipity : allowing for chance finds, and accepting that what is found is not necessarily what was being looked for.

They introduce a logical formalism to describe serendipity , thereby aiming to distinguish serendipity from other manifestations of creativity. There is an element of the impromptu about it, even of serendipity. They also clearly underline the value of communication and collaboration with your colleagues and of course, the role of serendipity.

We should not forget, though, that serendipity has yielded some of our most important agents. The space in which serendipity , future memory and future pigeons might find a home. However, as it is now, we often only hear about the implementation or impact of research by serendipity and not by systematic effort 3.

We would prefer considered but unconstrained human intervention, serendipity , and chance to play a larger part. This occurs through understanding of the basic mechanisms of drug response, serendipity or systematic genome-wide screening.

Secondly, words such as ' good luck ' and ' serendipity ' will be far more useful if we avoid extending ' miracle ' to cover their instances and so will the word ' miracle ' itself. This paper therefore is a typical piece of archaeological serendipity , and does not result from a research design, or sustained programme of investigation on iron age food consumption.

Jackson seems to have followed a mixture of the serendipity approach and a search for particularly engaging or remarkable individuals. In all of these cases, the potential recipient has a genetic relationship to the donor in one respect by reproductive biology; in another respect by serendipity. One can go round making pleasant discoveries, which is surely the correct description of serendipity. From the Hansard archive.

Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Translations of serendipity in Chinese Traditional.

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