What is the difference between hyperdunk and hyperfuse

what is the difference between hyperdunk and hyperfuse

Performance Review: Nike Zoom Hyperquickness

Aug 05, Hey Zac, great review, but I would really appreciate it if you did a review on the hyperfuse s because I dont know which one to get- the fuses or dunk s. I got both the hyperdunk and the hyperfuse last yr, and I preferred the fuses way better last year. Dec 13, hyperIZE and hyperdunk are two different types of shoe, hyperize is basically the new hyperdunk, hyperdunk is last seasons hyperize is this season, hyperdunk is better though, if you dont get kobes get hyperdunks. you should be able to get some in a sale as well cos there old.

How does the HD17 and React foam compare to Hyperdunks of the past? Well read on you lazy bum. Sizing: slightly short length wise but most will fit true to size. Wide footers will want to go up half a size. Buying How to re stream a live stream wait to buy. As stated in my first look, these run about average in terms of weight. Almost Kobe IX level. Almost is more than acceptable in this case though.

For those people comparing the traction across brands, these are easily better than the Hardens, Crazy Explosives, Curry 3 and on par the Crazylight Boosts.

Well done Nike! Cushioning React foam. React Foam does not feel a lot different than standard Lunarlon but it feels better tuned to basketball. As I said in my first look, React feels liked my Lunarglides or Blackfoam but lower to the ground. As odd as this might sound, I think React feels like a better a Charged foam; it is soft when moving slowly but seems to firm up when moving quickly.

I should also note that the insole is thin and cheap feeling even though the what is the difference between hyperdunk and hyperfuse of this picture makes it look thicker than it really is. A little short length wise but true to size overall. I have about a pinky finger worth of length when I go true to size and a forefinger width half a size up. I had no movement side to side how to apply for your full driving licence any heel slip on hard cuts or stops from day one so I was very pleased with the fit of the HD It is backed by nylon so it is a nice balance of strength and flexibility.

I had no issues at all with the materials. They must have gone down to 4 lbs test line for the TPU. Although the HD17 is a mid, the ankle collar does nothing in terms of support is is simply there for proprioception and fit purposes.

It is extremely thin and flexible and almost independent of the entire shoe. You can see the mesh cut out in the pics above that adds even more flexibility. With the lack of a true support system around the ankle, the HD does a great job with stability thanks to the pods along the lateral side of the shoe. Kind of hard to see from the top so here is a reused shot from the bottom.

No tippiness at the heel and stable at the forefoot makes me feel safe during play. Full range of motion without fear is the best of both worlds. Zero issues at all with containment. But if I rated shoes on advertisement claims to actual truth, almost every shoe would fail. And if the durability is better with React, then Nike addressed one of its major flaws which is a plus in my book. Speaking of price, as with all Hyperdunks and team shoes, expect big price drops as the weeks and months pass.

So where does the HD17 rank in the Hyperdunk Hierarchy? And with that being said the, HD has taken the top Hyperdunk spot. Better traction than previous Hyperdunks, better cushioning than the version, great fit, good stability and excellent containment what more do you want? And with that excellent overall performance, the HD17 earned a spot into my top And when we win, the HD17 will get a boost up the rankings because nothing can top positive memories and results.

Like Like. Some have what they call Flexible flat feet like myself and can really get away with anything. That reply on the other one was me. How do you tell what type of flat feet. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what kind I have. I forgot where I read about what is a compound microscope used for flat feet. No worries. Well if you need just insoles you can put them in almost any shoe just size up a little.

Just from a try on the Kyrie 3 felt like it fit my feet. If you need more cushion buy up a half or full size and add an after market insole for better comfort. Shoe sounds great except the cushioning. I was hoping for something closer to Bounce or Micro G. Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks S. Ankle is much better thanks! Thanks for this thoroughgoing review!

Top Ten ranking, almost upper echelon traction, and comparison of React to Charged reminded me of the Curry 2. And maybe the 2. Also, would you please elaborate a little on your suggestion that wide footers go up half a size? I generally like a snug fit and almost always go TTS. Kudos for influencing the entire industry, by the way. Much appreciated! How to find a puncture in a bike tyre love to know your thoughts on these questions when you get a minute.

Sorry it was yet another wordy post. Was afraid of that. What is the difference between hyperdunk and hyperfuse, it shows up on both my computer and my phone. Your Top Ten ranking, almost upper echelon traction, and comparison of React to Charged reminded me of the Curry 2. Damn sorry you had to retype that! HD17 things it does better than the 2. Traction pretty similar as well. Regard to width, it really comes down to preference since the shoe runs a little short you might want to go up half a size regardless of width.

Hope that helps! Was able to copy and paste, so no problem at all. And yes, your response is very helpfulthank you! Sounds like the HD17 has some nice advantages over the 2. I think the fit is better overall with the 2. Traction about the same which is a great thing. Of course the 2.

No lag at all. Excited to try out the HDs once they get marked down too. Thanks again. OK, as I said in the Harden thread, the Vol 2s are my current go-tos. After a game or two, I started to feel some discomfort in the midfoot on both feet but I played through it and it went away after a few minutes.

I had tried on the mesh ones at the outlet and decided to go TTS. Pretty content with that choice. Did feel a little pressure at the outside of the widest part of my left foot which I think is a little bigger than my right. Other than the two aforementioned and hopefully temporary issues, I kinda forgot about the shoes, which is a good thing.

Felt pretty natural. Slight popping of the toebox mesh initially, but I think that already worked itself out. Gotta hate it when nobody shows to play! Yeah, I agree.

Just gotta stay on top of your mechanics to absorb impact and not over-rely on the cushioning setup, otherwise you might be in for some jarring footfalls. I was all geared up for some full court competition. Seems like the intensity is usually directly proportional to the number of people who are there.

It was kinda nice to have the extra space, extra touches, and lower pressure to work on a few moves against actual defenders, though. But all that space and how to add quick launch toolbar in windows 7 of help defenders makes it a fairly unrealistic simulation, unfortunately.

Put in a full 2-hr. Was gonna wear the Harden V2s but thought numbers were gonna be a little light, like maybe only get 4-on-4, so I assumed it would be a little less intense so why not give the HD17s some full-court action plus a little more break-in time?

Ended up having 5s and pretty chippy, competitive games. More good news: the three issues I mentioned a few days ago midfoot discomfort, tightness at widest part of left foot, and material popping over toes never manifested.

I stand by my previous assessment that the shoe in general feels very natural, works at one with the foot. In the evening after playing, I did feel a good deal of fatigue in my legs and feet.

2. Nike Hyperdunk X TB

Aug 07, Nice review. Also nice hyperdunk ranking (coincidentally I only have the 2 best on the list, 20lol). And btw, there was no hyperdunk in Nike released the hyperfuse and the hyperize that year though(i had the hyperize and wore it for almost 4 straight years lol, it was so worn down by the 4th year) Like Liked by 1 person. I think the Hyperfuses are comfortable and just an overall comfortable shoe that lasts a long time and is really durable, but what I like about the Hyperdunk is the court feel. It's a little lower. Sep 11, The Hyperfuse material with which the upper is made also doesnt fully conform to the foot for a glove-like fit. Heel Toe Transition: The transition was pretty smooth and this was largely due to the shape of the midsole and sole, which kind of reminds me of the Kobe 8.

Earlier today, Nike Basketball footwear designer Leo Chang held a live chat on Facebook to answer questions about his newest creation, the Zoom Hyperdunk With the model officially set to launch tomorrow, Chang discussed everything from quality improvements over last year's Hyperdunk to the differences between the standard Hyperdunk and the upcoming Hyperdunk Supreme. He also spoke about Blake Griffin's involvement in the design process, brand competition and let us know that the new model will be available on NIKEiD next month.

Tommy Mac: What makes the HD stand out from all the other great new shoes on the market, for instance the Hyperfuse ? Leo: Glove like fit, lightweight, and responsive zoom air heel and forefoot cushioning HD is lighter than the Hyperfuse. Hyperfuse uses zoom in the Forefoot only. Allen Derhovsepian: is the new hyperdunk more durable? Leo: durability was an important part of what i wanted to improve Martin Garcia: Leo if you look at the hyperdunk really closely it reminds me of the hyperize.

Leo: There's definitely design elements that continue from the original HD, to the hyperize, to the , to this one Eugene Fong: How durable will the sole be compared to prior HD's? Leo: the outsole should be great for normal BB use Omeed Rabani: Hey! Leo: from the long term weartesting that we have done, we do believe the upper will be more durable than the Bc of the meshes used in the flywire composite upper, the upper should feel less stiff and narrow than the Hyperfuse.

Mac Nelson: Hey! Leo: Blake! Brett Locklear: what position would you recommend this shoe for? Leo: i typically don't like to classify shoes by position Marco San Juan: We all know that Supreme has a little advantage over the non-Supreme, besides the extra dollars on the price.

What's the advantage of the Supreme editions? Marco San Juan: Leo, the blake griffin hyperdunk was a hit. What should we expect in the upcoming months with Blake Griffin and the Hyperdunk? Leo: let's pray for an NBA season first!! Lucas Carr: I don't know if you know this or not, but the hyperdunks were very poorly made and ripped very easily along the outside foot. I'm almost reluctant to buy the new hyperdunk because I don't want it to rip after 4 tournaments.

Leo: we started seeing and hearing about the upper skins ripping and parts of the outsole ripping from the midsole Lucas Carr: Thanks! Also is this shoe going to be IDable? If that makes sense Muhammad Zaki Mohd Zainuldin: what is the weight? Nike Basketball: the Nike Hyperdunk is Austin Andryshak: will the paint chip again because I bought a pair and the paint chipped within a few days use? Leo: not much use of paint on this Graham McGilvray: you going to match the new derrick rose shoes?

Leo: I believe the HD is the best all-round shoe in the market I don't think the DRose shoe btw- the one he stopped wearing the playoffs!! Justin Rubin: how limited was the blake griffin release? Leo: i think it was either 5k or 10k Leo: I really love hearing what normal people and elite athletes think of past shoes I just want to keep improving our shoes each time. Jordan Taylor: what's your favorite new tecnhology on this shoe? Leo: i love how the new flywire composite materials are less stiff and truly fit around the foot like a glove.

Sean Hill: Did you do away with the lace eyelet on the inside of shoe right at the ankle? Loved that thing! Locked your foot into the shoe. Leo: the doesn't have the same deep notch at the ankle, it has a more even eyelet spacing. In the event that I need more shoes this season what is the cushion like in the new Hyperdunks? Leo: springy thick zoom air in the heel and forefoot.

Pamit Sangha: Leo, are there going to be any possible player exclusives coming out? Leo: yes Ricky Chu: You guys gave us a peek at this show during All Star weekend when Blake Griffin was supposed to wear them in the dunk contest.

He ended up not, why is that? And did you do any tweaks from that shoe to the released version? Leo: my bad Ricky, I had problems seeing a lot of the questions at the lower part of the page bc it wasn't loading fast enough. Those shoes we made for Blake were WAY earlier than our regular production.

There were some tweaks we made to the shank for production. We had the composite glass shank wrapping up on the lateral side and were finding weird cracks in it from loading stresses in our weartests.

For production, we revised it so that the shank didn't go up on the lateral side. By Brandon Richard. Sign Out. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger!

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