What is the best natural remedy for poor circulation

what is the best natural remedy for poor circulation

Natural Remedies for Poor Circulation in the Legs

Apr 30,  · The importance of proper blood circulation cannot be emphasized enough. Loss of appetite, consistent numbness in the limbs, unexplained digestive problems, frequent exhaustion, skin discoloration, varicose veins or brittle hair and nails are some of the common symptoms of poor blood circulation. A massage is a great way to not only feel relaxed but a more natural remedy for improving your circulation. Oftentimes people have immense amounts of pressure built up in different areas of their bodies, and a massage is the ideal way to release that pressure.

Poor leg circulation, or peripheral artery disease PADoccurs as arteries narrow and reduce blood flow to limbs of your body. As a result, your blood cannot keep up with the demands of your body and can cause pain usually in the legs. Bad circulation is a result of fatty deposits accumulating in the arteries atherosclerosiswhich can also reduce blood flow to the brain and other vital organs.

Smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise are common causes of poor circulation. Poor circulation symptoms include leg pain while walking, cramping in arms or legs after activity, cold feet, calf pain, leg numbness or weakness, hair loss or slow hair growth on legs, sores on feet or legs that won't heal, slow toenail growth, and erectile dysfunction in men.

On this page below you will find a number of user submitted home and natural remedies for poor circulation. Some of our suggested treatments are apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, cayenne pepper, and coconut oil. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat poor circulation. Know of a remedy not listed here yet? Please don't hesitate to share your story with us! Hi everybody! I just bought organic ACV, didn't really expect fast results but the reason I wanted to try it is my heartburn.

I put 2 tsps. I have always had cold clammy feet, and have a hard time falling asleep before my feet warm up. Well, my feet were warm and dry and cozy as soon as I went under covers and my NLS was very minor. I was really amazed, I loved the dry warm feet cozy under covers, haven't felt that since I was very young.

Having bad tonsils till 27 has probably damaged my health in many ways. I have always been looking after myself, sleeping 8 hours a night, eating from all 5 food groups, dressing adequately, being very active, but this is the first time I have had such dry warm feet. My husband had 5 coronary by passes done 5 years ago, I am always worried that he will die on me, he doesn't look after himself well.

But today when I come home I will have him drink this same solution all day whenever he has a chance. I found this site looking for help for my husbands high blood pressure. I am so glad that I did!

His blood pressure has dropped 40 pts. He drinks 2 tbsp. I was drinking it with him as well as he didn't enjoy the taste and I wanted to share in his misery. I have suffered from cold hands and feet and a cold how to connect wifi to mobile for many years. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid over 10 years ago.

Since drinking the ACV my feet and backside are burning hot! I can't remember the last time I had warm feet or a warm bum My face even has a warm rosy glow!! This is amazing! Not only has this helped my circulation come back but I am finding that my fibromyalgia aches are going away. I am so excited! It is a double miracle. I am so glad I decided to "suffer" with him in drinking this nature's cure!! Thank you for your website. I wonder how many lives are being saved by this wonderful information.

God bless you. One of my health complaints has been very swollen ankles even legs sometimes and cold pale feet. It has been a week and among other things, my ankles are very skinny, my feet now have color again and my overall circulation has improved. I also have dropped 5 pounds- but I'm also following the Elmination Diet to identify allergies so I can't completely credit that to the ACV. My whole body seems to have been de-bloated. I notice that after drinking the ACV my appetite wanes, so I do eat less and can definitely feel my food digesting.

One way to know what kind of math is on the lpn entrance exam you are digesting food properly or not is to check your stools. Do you recognize your meals? If you can identify what's there- you are not digesting your food. When I drink coffee I get pain in my legs when I lay down at night.

Also senna helps. Thank you Norman L. I have just started using it for other reasons and now hope I get the same results you what is the us budget deficit for 2010. I must say I try so many things that I would not know what worked if something did work! I will pass on something that I discovered last week. I used the remainder of blackstrap molasses I have had for years and bought new organic unsulfured blackstrap molassas last week.

There was some that I could not get out of the bottle so rather than waste it I decided to add shampoo and water to the bottle and wash my hair with it to see if it would help my gray hair. It worked just as good as apple cider vinegar does for me without the smell.

Hi Norman: I know it's been some time since your post, but I'm hoping you're still out there and can tell me what your current results are in using the BSM for leg-swelling. I, too, have been informed by my Dr. I've been advised to keep my leg elevated as much as I can. How much do you take per day? Very interested. I suffer from leg pain and poor venous flow constantly!! I believe that the proper dosage for the blackstrap molasses is one tablespoon in the morning and in the evening.

I had constant swelling of the left ankle and it has completely disappeared since using the blackstrap molasses on a daily basis. How do u mix this molasses to drink? Will warm water do the trick an how many times per day? Thank you. How much of the molasses did you use? How often did you take it? Did you mix with something? Thank you in advance. I have not tried black strap molasses yet as am worried what it will do to my blood sugar numbers which are good. As I am diabetic on oral meds I must be careful about any sugar intake.

Is anyone in the same situation? I am asking if black strap molasses will affect my blood sugar numbers. Thank you, Lee. A really old remedy from our family is to actually soak whatever body part is giving you grief in cayenne and hot water for 15 minutes.

So feet which in turn move up to legs with circulation the effects aren't instantaneous but you can definately feel the difference after one soak. Just use as much as you like either less or more it's always to your preference. Someone offered this advice to hunters and anyone else looking to keep their feet warm : sprinkle cayenne in your socks. It DOES work. Because diabetics often suffer from poor circulation and skin issues, using such items can produce burning, and since diabetics often do not heal as quickly, this can become a serious medical issue.

Actually Cayenne should not be dangerous for diabetics. The reason it feels like it is burning is not actually physical heat, but rather the effect it has on neural receptors for pain. IN FACT, there was a study that used capsaicin cream the hot part of how to make news graphics on diabetics with neuropothy of the extremities.

It actually started to heal the neuropathy! Pro tip, capsaicin is expensive. I diffuse organic cayenne has to be organic, otherwise it is irradiated and wont work into olive oil. Works great, just do a google search on how to do it. Cheap and easy. My husband suffers from cold hands and feet, but since he's using the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Organic he has not had any problems since.

I use it on my hair and it makes it look healthier and stronger than it has in years. It sounds like you benefited from the thyroid boosting benefits You may want to suplement your iodine to keep the benefits permanent But I would never give up the coconut oil, its just great stuff Take 1 tablespoon of coconut liquid or solid form by mouth a day. You can add the liquid form into smoothies or food. The solid form, great in coffee and in cooking. Available at Sprouts and cheapest price.

In the body care aisle in liquid form.

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Dec 21,  · You will be surprised to know that dark chocolate is one of the best poor leg circulation remedies. Dark chocolate is loaded with flavonoid, which significantly helps to widen the arteries. The wider the arteries are, the better the flow of blood the body gets. Researchers have recommended a small piece of dark chocolate daily. Dec 29,  · Natural Remedies for Peripheral Artery Disease On this page below you will find a number of user submitted home and natural remedies for poor circulation. Some of our suggested treatments are apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, cayenne pepper, and coconut oil. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat poor circulation.

The Official Blog. Having poor blood circulation is actually a very serious matter. If your blood is not circulating properly, there are countless issues you could face in the near future if you do not do something about it quickly. If you find that any or all of these signs sound all too familiar to you, then you likely have poor blood circulation as you are reading this.

It is important to fix this problem because it can have a serious effect on your health. Fortunately, there are many natural things that you can do to turn that poor circulation into good circulation; I am going to share them with you. We will then dive into the natural remedies you can start using as early as today to increase your blood circulation. The circulation system in your body is fully responsible for sending nutrients, oxygen, and blood throughout your entire body.

Poor blood circulation occurs when blood flow is reduced to a particular part of your body. This is a big problem and can lead to many issues; it can also be a sign of other health issues that are present.

I know that this is a difficult thing to ask, especially if you look forward to that glass of cabernet after a long day at work, but it is very important to avoid alcohol if you have poor circulation. It does not mean you have to stay away from alcohol forever, but for the time being, it is best to avoid it altogether.

Why no alcohol? Because it causes dehydration, which leads to poor blood flow, causing you a host of problems. Sugar-filled drinks like soda have the same affect on your body, so it is best to steer clear of those as well 3. One of the best ways you can guarantee a steady and smooth blood flow is by staying hydrated all day long. Most people do not drink enough water, nor are they aware of how much water they should be drinking. Everyone is different and every body is different, so the amount of water each person should drink varies.

You should be drinking up at least half of your body weight in ounces of water every single day to stay fully hydrated and keep your blood circulating properly. When you fail to do this, you become dehydrated, which, as we stated before when we talked about alcohol, causes poor circulation. Smoking is not only bad for your circulation, but it is also bad for your health and body in many ways. That being said, by quitting smoking to increase your blood circulation, your entire body and health will thank you later on.

Nicotine is known to cause build-ups in the arteries, which leads to poor blood flow. It is important to exercise between thirty minutes to one hour each day to increase and improve your overall blood circulation. Working out on a regular basis makes your heart stronger, rids your body of toxins, dilates your arteries, and, most importantly in your case, increases and helps your blood flow 3,4.

Regardless of your blood flow, reducing your intake of salt in your diet is an excellent way to stay healthy. While you do not have to completely rid your diet of salt, it is a good idea to lower your intake.

When you consume a lot of salt, your blood pressure rises and this can lead to poor circulation. A good way to be sure you are reducing your intake of salt is to cut out all junk food and anything processed from your diet. These foods typically have a ton of salt in them 4. Another amazing way to improve that blood flow is by incorporating dry skin brushing into your daily routine.

Dry skin brushing should be done right before you shower or bathe when your skin is fully dry. This is a great way to get the blood flowing properly and can also rid your body of those toxins mentioned before. A great way to increase your blood circulation and get rid of that poor circulation is to go and get a massage at a spa.

This not only rids you of the poor circulation, it is also very soothing and will make for a relaxing experience. Hydrotherapy is another effective natural remedy you can try out to help your circulation, as well as helping yourself to stay happy and healthy. This is a great way to get the blood going. You could try taking a hot bath and alternating the water between hot and cold. This not only makes for a great and different bath experience, it also helps the circulation.

Garlic is basically a natural way to help thin out your blood. It makes the blood circulate properly and reduces or gets rid of any blood clots. Not only is it a delicious way to season your foods and make them pop with flavor, it will also prove to be a natural remedy to improve the blood flow.

Try incorporating garlic into the foods you eat every single day. For example, you can chop up tiny pieces of garlic in your omelet in the morning, put pieces of it into your salad for lunch, as well as cooking spaghetti for dinner and covering it with this power food 5.

Adding tons of herbs to your diet is another great way to boost the blood flow and transform the poor circulation into a healthy one. Herbs are great because they help to improve blood flow by strengthening the blood vessels. One excellent option when choosing your herbs is rosemary, which has a strong reputation for increasing circulation.

They may be tiny, but their impact is strong! Sunflower seeds are also known to get rid of all of those nasty blood clots. The great thing is, like garlic, this is another food you can easily incorporate into your meals throughout the day. You can even eat it as a snack! Try slicing an avocado, drizzling it with honey, and topping it with delicious sunflower seeds.

You can thank me later. Citrus fruits are not only full of Vitamin C, but they thin out your blood too! Fill your diet with tons of lemons and oranges to make sure you are getting your Vitamin C. Citrus is a key tool that leads you to healthy blood circulation, which is exactly what you want and need.

Try slicing an orange for lunch and drinking freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Oranges are also easy to incorporate into any type of dessert, while lemons are easy to help flavor your food. You could even try drinking a glass of lemon water, which also boosts your metabolism 6. Colorful vegetables are the way to go if you find that your blood circulation is poor.

Your circulatory system needs you to nourish it with healthy foods that are at their most natural form. Vegetables are a great way to guarantee you nourish that system and get your blood flowing properly. Asparagus, broccoli, colorful bell peppers, and spinach are great veggies to add to your diet in order to turn around the blood flow situation you are dealing with 7.

This may be the first time in your life someone has told you to eat more chocolate. Eating a lot of dark chocolate is great because it is filled with antioxidants that are also known as flavonoids. What do these antioxidants do? They increase your blood flow! Great news, right? That being said, you can go ahead and plan that chocolate-filled dessert for tonight, just make sure you use dark chocolate, which has all of the health benefits you are looking for 8.

Heat therapies are great ways to really pump up the blood and get it flowing. When you use heat, it really targets the blood and is an excellent way to increase your circulation, especially if you are having issues with it. Try out heating pads, which are also very relaxing. You can try hot water bottles, heating packs, and research countless other types of heat therapy to try. By ridding you of both pain and toxins, heat therapy is a great way to go if you need a natural remedy to improve the blood flow.

Purchasing a circulation kit is a good step toward finding recovery when it comes to your blood circulation. Your circulation is tired and slow, which we can all understand. However, perhaps all it needs is a little push to get it going again.

Thermal gloves and compression are proven ways to help your blood flow. Poor blood flow aside, cutting out any type of stress in your life can have a major impact on your overall health in a positive way. Since you are struggling with getting your blood to flow correctly and efficiently, reducing the stress in your life is a major positive for you.

You will have a happier life that your circulatory system will thank you for later. Try out yoga classes or take advantage of meditating a few times throughout the day to keep calm and lower your stress levels.

From everything we just discussed, you now have all of the information and ideas in regards to what it is going to take to get your blood circulation back on track. I did the research for you, but now it is up to you to apply these natural remedies to your life. It is never a fun thing to struggle with your health in any way.

To break down all of the points I made, living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to improve your poor blood circulation. If you are filling your daily diet with healthy and natural foods, cutting out bad habits such as drinking and smoking from your lifestyle, and exercising regularly, you will find that your blood flow will improve almost all by itself. Lizzie Wendel is a professional health blogger with years of experience writing in the wellness industry. For over a decade she has been an active voice, promoting the use of alternative medicine to help combat health-related issues and put to rest the negative associations of alternative medicine.

For well over a decade, Dr. Oskar Varshavskiy has been practicing medicine in Brooklyn, New York. A graduate from the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine, he specializes in family medicine, addiction medicine, physical medicine, and rehabilitation.

We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Thank you so much for this information.

I needed this so bad. My circulation is getting bad and I was saying to myself that I do not want anymore medication in my body. Thank you for doing the research.

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