How to use wallflower from bath and body works

how to use wallflower from bath and body works

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Learn how to use and get the most out of your Bath & Body Works Wallflowers by following our recommended safety and product usage tips! To get started, twist right (clockwise) to uncap the refill and twist left (counter-clockwise) to attach it to the plug. Always keep your plug and fragrance refill upright. Our rotating plug lets you use a vertical or horizontal outlet! Oct 21, Always buy the best wallflowers on the market because cheap products use many harmful ingredients that are deadly to health. Final word. Today I told Bath and body works wallflowers how to use. Many people make a big mistake by not knowing all this information and do not want to use these wallflowers in the future.

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Incredible scents. Gorgeous plugs. To get a bit more technical, think of the plug as a mini heater just for fragrance bulbs. From cute to chic to whimsical to seasonal, our plugs come in all shapes, sizes, styles.

And by always on, we mean up to 30 days of effortless scent that greets you and your guests with pure happiness. The room fragrance options pretty much never end, but here are our top categories. Think lemon, cotton, lavender, etc. Nothing beats a home that smells like laundry fresh from how to match the horoscope for marriages dryer and these are the room scents that capture that vibe.

We might be biased, but we think fragrance is the best way to experience the seasons. Cookies for Christmas, tropicals for spring, pumpkins for fallyou get the point. Yep many of your go-to lotions and perfumes also have a Wallflowers counterpart. So now your home can wear your signature scent, too.

Hallways, bathrooms, kids roomsfill them with fragrance and brighten them up. Christmas trees, American flags, mermaids, succulents we change up our plug-in selection with the seasons so you can too. It automatically swaps between two scents every 48 hours, making it the best defense against fragrance fatigue.

The Essential Guide: Wallflowers. Seasonal favorites We might be biased, but we think fragrance is the best way to experience the seasons. Need we say more? Nightlight plug-ins Hallways, bathrooms, kids roomsfill them with fragrance and brighten them up.

Ready for your wall-to-wall refresh? Shop Wallflowers. Sign up for deals, freebies and news about our latest goodies. View Privacy Policy Contact Us. Your email must be in the format of name domain. We've got some really good things coming your way!

Reaching Out To Bath and Body Works

Once youve revealed the fragrance diffuser, grab your Wallflowers plug and twist the refill counter-clockwise into the plug-in. (Seem backwards to you? Thats on purpose! We designed it this way to make sure no one accidentally opens a refill or removes one from the plug.). Jun 28, I was employed from September to November I have seen the trainings and I have spoken to customers about the products. Not only that, but I am also a customer and use Wallflowers in my home. Tips and Tricks. Bath and Body Works in General. Order online or wait for the semi-annual when Wallflowers are on sale for 50% or more off. to any Bath & Body Works store for a replacement. Wallflower bulbs contain fragrance oils. While thoroughly tested and safe to use, these oils can cause damage to finished surfaces and certain types of plastics. Keep at least 12 inches of clearance above the plugged-in unit to allow the fragrance oils to disperse properly.

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers safe for your home? When we built our new home in , I was pretty consistent about keeping it clean and smelling good. We started using Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. We really enjoyed using them, that is, until we saw the damage that they can cause. Seeing this, I was crushed. Then, I started to wonder what else in my home was damaged and if the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers were harmful to the air my family and I were breathing.

Is it possible that Bath and Body Works Wallflowers are not safe for pets? I never thought to look at the ingredients, assuming that they were essential oils. I tweeted out the photo and a day later, was sent a DM from the brand. They gave me a number to call. I spoke first with Sheree. I am so sorry about that. As if I wanted more product from them. We also suggested that we would be looking into other courses of action, at which point, she had a bit more to say.

Why else would I be calling?! She said that, at that point, it would be sent to their Resolution Management Team. It seemed promising at this point. My instinct was actually to hang onto it in case this escalated. Besides, did I really want a Bath and Body Works gift card? It seemed promising.

I received a call from Natasha from Gallagher Bassett. She verified that we still had the product and that we had taken photos and that they were posted on social media. She said she would note that in the account. They offered small compensation to repair the damage which we accepted. That was the end of our attempt at a resolution. Good Afternoon Dustin,. Attached you will find the below MSDS previously requested:. Dustin, if there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know.

We appreciate your shopping with BathandBodyWorks. Tasha L. The MSDS they sent attached to the email can be found her e, but here are a few highlights from the document. It seems odd to me that something that is supposed to make our home smell better by circulating throughout the air should have these kinds of warnings. The warnings continue. As for me, gift cards or not, I will no longer be purchasing the products.

If it does that to my paint, what can it do to our lungs. Or, apparently, our aquatic life. Dusty is the editor of As Mom Sees It, a family lifestyle and travel site.

She is a wife and mother of two in Ohio. I cannot believe that it bubbled up the paint like that!!!! That is SO scary, no matter how far away it is from the surface.

If it can bubble up paint, what in the world will it do to our lungs, and every other organ in our body! Thanks for the comment! I wish I could have posted the picture of my damage as well. Your story was the exact same story as mine.. I just spoke with them today! I did not see anything on these products as far as 12 inches! In fact there was no paper work on it! My house is new too this is disappointing?

Mine did too! There was nothing within 12 inches! So afraid what this may have done to my family over the past few years! I had almost the same exact conversation with them.

I Noticed what I thought was condensation and grabbed a damp cloth and wiped, took the cloth away and looked down and saw it covered in paint.

If you go on Consumer Affairs website, you will see various complaints for the same situation. My question to them was, what outlet extends 12 inches away from any wall? I also advised that if that is the case, it should be in writing that can be seen by most people without a magnifying glass! I was also offered gift cards. That sounds fair. Good luck with yours. Thanks for posting your story. Keep fighting! I noticed that the link you provided for the safety data sheet is not for the wallflower plugins, but for the home aerosol spray.

Was this a mistake? I have been searching online for this and have not found it. I took my wallflowers out today after seeing what a little spillage did to the paint on my bedside table took off the sealer and one coat of paint.

Then I started thinking of what inhaling the vapors could do to my system. Just will take all of them back to the store for a refund. I was happy to find your blog and read about someone with a similar problem as mine. Thanks so much for noticing that!

I appreciate your message. I have had it with Bath and Body. They have sent me damaged items, leaky wallflowers and non working plug ins. I corresponded via email and was told to bring them back to the store.

I paid for shipping, why must I be inconvenienced. Their customer service is one of the worse in mass retail. Gallagher Bassett employ professional liars so forget ever getting resolution with them. They need to update their MSDS. It is not accurate. I will never buy their crap ever again. Good post. Hope it goes viral. Somehow one of these was unplugged while my husband and I were away on our honeymoon and left on the dog bed. When we got home our puppy was covered in chemical burns. The MSDS you referenced is for the carpet foam scent product, not the plugins.

I need a good alternative but have yet to find one. If anyone has suggestions, please le me know!? Same thing happened in my kitchen-it literally bubbled the varnish that was on top of the stain on our cabinets-it looked like it had bubbled it right off the cabinets-now how safe is something that can remove a poly coat off stain with nothing but the fumes coming out of those wallflowers!

I just read a post from someone on FB that said essential oils are bad too. They almost killed her cat! No more! And my cat has suffered from diarrhea for years! Essential oils are the concentrated oil from plants. Some plants are harmful and poisonous to cats, especially in a concentrated form! For instance, 1 drop of rose oil is made from approx. Honestly though, even essential oils, some of which are powerful organic solvents yes, solvents , will peel finishes and cause damage to plastics, irritate mucous membranes and cause headaches in too great of concentrations.

Good luck with your repairs though. As with any electronic component, the efficiency of the resistor degrades over time and can vary in temperatures up to F a few more degrees and a fuse breaks in the wallflower- it will no longer work as a safety!

Read any MSDS for any product ever and you will think it causes cancer or something, including some of the ingredients in things we consume such as soda or food dye. Those warnings are often decontextualized from how the product is designed to be used.

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