How to transport an injured dog

how to transport an injured dog

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Apr 15, †Ј Injured police dogs would get priority medical help if they're injured on the job. That's under a bill approved by the Senate and awaiting a floor vote in the House. The measure would put the canine officers at the front of the line if no one else at the scene needs medical attention or transport. Apr 12, †Ј NeroТs Law would allow EMS transport of injured police dogs is pushing legislation dubbed УNeroТs LawФ that would allow an ambulance to transport an injured police dog to an animal.

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Apr 13, †Ј A bill proposed by Massachusetts Rep. Steven Xiarhos may soon make it a reality for police dogs injured in the line of duty to be safely transported to a . Apr 12, †Ј Xiarhos's bill, which is awaiting a committee assignment, would allow EMS to transport and treat K9s injured in the line of duty. The legislation was developed in partnership with Nero's. Mar 18, †Ј Transport your dog to the vet. The only effective way to treat your dog's sprain is by seeing her vet. Once you've examined her and informed your vet that you are coming, transport her to the office for treatment. Keep your dog in a carrier, crate, or sectioned off area of your car during transport.

The bill, titled "Nero's Law," is dedicated to the pooch who "never gave up trying to protect his fallen hero," Sgt. Sean Gannon. A bill proposed by Massachusetts Rep. Steven Xiarhos may soon make it a reality for police dogs injured in the line of duty to be safely transported to a veterinary clinic by emergency medical services EMS. Titled "Nero's Law," bill S. If passed into law, the legislation would "allow humane transportation of K9 partners," including service dogs, accelerant-detection dogs and search-and-rescue dogs.

The bill goes on to explain what would be allowed for canines under EMS care, including "opening and manually maintaining an airway," "giving mouth-to-snout or mouth-to-barrier ventilation," "administering oxygen" and "immobilizing fractures. According to the MSPCA , "Nero suffered life-threatening injuries" during the shooting "and was unable to be rescued due to existing state law that prohibits working animals from being treated or transported by emergency personnel.

Xiarhos Ч who was Gannon's deputy police chief at the time of his death Ч called for the bill's passage on Monday to mark the third anniversary of his partner's death. Now it is time for us to fight for him and all the devoted police dogs across our Commonwealth who serve and protect their handlers and all of us, now and for generations to come," the lawmaker added.

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