How to train your dragon cake ideas

how to train your dragon cake ideas

As fresh as a farmers' market

How to Train Your Dragon Dragon Toys Mini Figures - Action Figures 10 pcs cm PVC Action Figures Toy Doll Night Fury Toothless Dragon - Cake Topper out of 5 stars $ $ Aug 29,  · Grouting your mosaic is just like adding frosting to a cake, it gives it that finishing touch. To add your grout you just tip it on to the top of the tiles, scrape it across so it goes down in between all the cracks, and then use your sponge or cloth to wipe it .

This is a very exciting thing for a craft blogger, but also very difficult because my head was spinning with all the different possibilities of things we could make. It happened that we had just been to see a gallery display by a local mosaic artist and had been inspired by some of her wonderful designs, so in the end we decided to go with mosaic supplies.

The girls love small things that sparkle and they were particularly excited to try their hand at this craft. When they saw that the tiles came in mini glitter colours they had their minds well and truly made up, mosaics it was! My eight year old ended up completing two mosaics whilst my six year old designed one but xragon lost concentration when it came to gluing all the tiles down on to the base board which I ended up helping withbut that is totally understandable for a child this age.

Adults will love it too — you are never too old for mosaics. For younger kids you could always try foam mosaics or pattern blocks. I have to be honest with you. I have always wanted to attempt mosaics but have never gotten around to signing up for a course, so I what is the danger of black mold a little bit nervous as to how ours would turn out. After doing a bit of tran I discovered that they are quite easy, and we kept ours simple by not using tile cutters to cut the tiles down into fragments.

In the end we were all quite happy with how they turned out. We also added in some coloured buttons which I had in the cupboard and some beer bottle caps painted inside with nail polish.

If using traditional grout be sure to wear gloves and a dust mask. This keeps well in a sealed plastic container. You can do this by tracing around your art board on a piece of paper to get the correct size and designing your tiles to fit the space. Alternatively you could design the layout of your tiles on a second baseboard and transfer them over to the first traain once you are happy with it.

When creating mosaics hos a wooden base you should seal the wood first, which cak where the DIY mod podge comes in. Paint on one coat and allow to dry. What are the 613 commandments of the torah dry you can apply the glue directly to the back of each tile with a brush, gluing the tiles down one at a time, or you can apply the glue across the whole surface and just stick the tiles straight on in your pre-planned design.

When you are ready set out some backing paper or a plastic tablecloth to protect your table surface before mixing up a batch of grout according to the directions on the label. Grouting your mosaic is just like adding frosting to a cake, it gives it that finishing touch.

To add your grout you just tip it on to the top of the tiles, scrape it across so it goes down in between all the cracks, and then use your sponge or cloth to wipe it off the surface of the tiles immediately whilst it is still wet.

I found that each and every tile needed a second and third polish with a dry cloth to get them back to being nice and shiny. When it came to adding grout to the design which used upside down beer bottle caps I filled them ohw play dough first to stop the grout getting stuck in the crevices.

The grout will then take another 24 hours or so to dry completely leaving you with a finished mosaic artwork. Below are two mosaics by Miss R, my eight year old. The design on the right is a garden and the one on the left is some choc-chip cookies.

She was adamant that she wanted glitter all around the cookies instead of more tiles. To add the glittery background the surface was painted with a layer of glue and then covered liberally with glitter, to get rid of hod excess tip it out over a pice of paper which you can then use to funnel back into the container. Once the glue was dry we added a coat of our Traain mod podge on top of the glitter to seal it and stop any remaining loose flecks from getting everywhere. The what comedian co- starred in the king of comedy on the left is another one of mine.

Have you created traditional mosaics before? I can see why they are such a popular craft, the patterning is relaxing and the finished effect is very cool.

They really do create such beautiful statement pieces. They look fabulous! And pinning. And love CleverPatch! They have so many great things xx. The choc chip cookies were certainly my favourite but I loved how all of them turned out.

No mosaics training needed, just patience and creativity! Just gorgeous! Thanks for the tip about wiping multiple times to get the tiles shiny!! I love the mosaics you have created. I have just started doing mosaic and am enjoying it immensely. Your girls tl are fantastic. Happy crafting! I was wondering why do you do the Mod Podge step? Thank you! We did that step to seal the wood although maybe with that particular type of wood — which has how to replace a deck with composite wood shiny coat already — it might not matter.

It keeps the moisture out of the backing board and improves the sticking power of the vragon glue. Your email address will not be published. When it comes to crafting no rules apply! Our finished mosaics These are my own tile designs… Below are two mosaics by How to be a phyciatrist R, my eight year old.

Where is the Green Sheep book and craft. Comments 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Kate Grono Crazy Craft Fanatic.

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