How to start echo blower

how to start echo blower

How do I start my Echo gas blower?

Nov 10,  · How to get your echo back in working order? Your leaf blower won't start? Here is a step by step to start blowing in no Nov 07,  · Here's a quick video on how to start the Echo PB backpack blower! Follow these simple steps and you'll be rolling in no time!Got questions? Comment them.

Also See for PB Service manual - 4 pages. Table Of Contents. Quick Links. See also: Service Manual. Power Blower. Read rules for safe operation and all instructions carefully. ECHO provides this Operator's. Manual which must be read and understood for proper and safe operation. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Echo power blower operator's manual model type 1e 24 pages. ECHO provides this Operator's Manual which must be read and understood for proper and safe operation. This ECHO product was designed and manufactured to provide long life and on-the-job- dependability.

Read and understand this manual. Page 3: Manual Safety Symbols And Important Information Make sure the decals are legible and that you understand and follow the instructions on them. If a decal cannot be read, a new one can be ordered from your ECHO dealer. Page 5: Personal Condition And Safety Equipment Wear no-slip, heavy duty work gloves to improve your grip on the blower handle. Gloves also reduce the transmission how to track an imei number machine vibration to your hands.

Breathing Protection -- Wear a face mask to protect against dust. Safety Zone with the required Protective Equipment and clothing. Retain hair with cap or net. Exposure to vibration and cold may cause tingling and burning sensations followed by loss of what is the biggest bullet for a rifle and numbness in the fingers.

Page 10 1. Move switch up to start and run. Move down to stop. Page Specifications Gasoline 89 octane unleaded. Starter System Automatic rewind starter Centrifugal type Page Pre-Operation and J. FC Standards, must be used. Echo brand Premium oil meets these standards. FC certified oil, such as Echo Premium Two-stroke Oil, will void the two-stroke engine warranty. Leaks can occur. Return unused fuel to an approved fuel storage container. Page Starting Warm Engine 2.

Pump primer what is 1e shopping probe B until fuel is visible and flows freely in the clear fuel tank return line. Pump bulb an additional 4 or 5 times. Close choke C move choke lever up and pull starter handle D until engine fires. Do not point the blower pipe in the direction of people or pets.

Read the Safety Section carefully. Tools required: Cleaning brush, 25 or 50 mm 1 or 2 in. Close choke, remove wing nut, air cleaner cover and air filter. Remove spark plugand check for fouling, worn and rounded center electrode.

Remove spark plug. Remove engine cover seven screws and clean cylinder fins to allow cooling air to pass freely.

Tools Required: Cross Head Screwdriver. Page Carburetor Adjustment Level 2. Tools required: Screwdriver, tachometer. Parts required: none. NOTE Do not adjust carburetor unless necessary. If you have difficultly, see your ECHO dealer. Low LO Speed B Controls amount of fuel at low speed and supplementary fuel for smooth progression from idle to high speed. If tachometer is available, turn idle speed A clockwise until a speed of RPM is achieved and engine idles without stalling.

Page 23 7. Place a clean cloth over the spark plug hole. State on a sheet of paper the model number and serial number of the ECHO unit you have, part number of the manual if knownyour name and address and mail to address above. Print page 1 Print document 24 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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How to start this blower. If the recoil starter assembly is defective, the leaf blower won't start. Herein, how do I adjust the carburetor on my Echo blower? The "Hi" speed screw controls the amount of fuel at full throttle. Remove the air filter cover by unscrewing the knob. Turn the leaf blower off. Turn the idle speed screw until it barely touches the throttle plate. Mar 17,  · When leaves overtake the yard, you want your Echo leaf blower to work correctly. Most people use it to blow the leaves instead of raking them. Others use it for blowing off the driveways and carports after cutting the grass. There are multiple reasons to use a leaf blower, but there is a problem when it does not start.

After reading good reviews on the web about "easy starting" Echo string edgers, I bought one at HD. I could not start it. Brought it back to HD and their service guy could not start it. Said "usually these start right up. It also take 5 to 10 pulls to start. I just live with it. I just bought a new "quiet" Echo model PB hand held blower. It took about 20 pulls to start out of the box. I used new gasoline and the Echo oil.

I did not take it back because I thought I probably flooded the engine. Now several weeks later, with new gasoline mixture, the blower won't start even with 30 pulls. I am so frustrated. The quiet Echo has so much power I can't see needing even more power - at least in Phoenix where everything is always hot and dried up easy to blow.

I pulled the spark plug and cranked to check for spark. How do you do that?!! I made a jumper to ground the plug but could only find a metal bracket on the carb which may not have been grounded. I rented a lawnmower and it started on 1st pull everytime. When emptying the grass catcher you had to shut off the engine.

I was amazed how it always started on the 1st pull. How come they can't make these smaller engines to start like that? I think twice I had to pull 5 times to start but other than that, I haven't had issues.

I do use premium fuel to mix because that's what I use for my other power equipment.. Never have had issues.. They are a little tricky. Don't laugh, happen to the best of us!!! If it started with full choke, quickly open the choke. Now My HC start at 3 to 4 pull max. If you do it wrong and it won't start after 10 pull or so, you might be flooding it already.

Then you might want to hold the throtle open and pull start with choke open. Hope this will give you a good starting point. I use this method on all my stuff and I have very good luck with it. Multiple pulls out of the box is normal, the fuel system needs to be fully primed.

The big problem is not the manufacturer, they need to set the carb overly lean to comply with emission regulations. This can make starting more difficult. My older Echo GT is very easy to start but I was able to adjust it properly. Need help decorating bedroom with Echo Fan Floral Bedding.

Echo in our new kitchen. Need help in my great room, soaring walls, lighting, and echo. My two echo's usually take about pulls each. Then again, my craftsman blower usually takes pulls.

Yungman is on it. You may have to play around with it to get the best routine for your equipment. Generally for me I close the choke, 2 limp pulls not even trying to start it, open the choke and a pull to start.

The first pulls with the choke are to charge the crankcase with fuel, too many pulls with the choke just flood me out. Funny, I'd tell anybody the stuff starts on the first pull 'cause I don't count the practice yanks. As mentioned many are set to lean and need to be set a little richer to start and run right. Problem is a lot of the newer CARB stuff don't have air fuel adjustment. My Honda don't.

I know Redmax don't have. I think that's the reason there are so much more complains on RM lately. I looked at Maruyama CER engine and Tanaka trimmer engine, don't have hi-speed needle either. You pretty much get what you get. Ladylake, your tale is typical of most gasoline trimmers and edgers, with some easier than others. I live in a neighborhood where nearly everyone has their yards done by commercial cutters. Even with the better equipment, they carry spares, and must yank their arms off trying to start the things.

In this case, modern technology is the same as it was 10 - 15 years ago but with a tiny improvement. My Echo SRM that gets proper maintenance is not terribly difficult to start but requires numerous hard pulls and if the doesn't start within several, it gets flooded. One reason I prefer Stihl products. From my experience, they are really easy to start. My ms requires two pulls with the choke on, then move it to half on and usually in one pull it fires up.

Same with my BR blower. Prime the bulb about 3 times, full choke one maybe two pulls, move it to the middle and it fires right up.

I just bought my dad a stihl handheld blower for fathers day. Just as easy to start. Anything under 3 to 4 pulls really don't make much different. Sure don't mean much when the carb crap out after only 10 months!!!

If I had a engine without adjusters and it started hard or ran lean I'd take the carb apart and bore out the jet a little. Has to do that on a 6 hp Briggs that wanted to die every time the governor opened up. Or get a older carb that is adjustable Steve. They are all easy to start and all start the same way. Do not pump the primer bulb unless the equipment has not been used for a month or so. Lock the throttle wide open or hold it wide open if it doesn't lock.

Put the choke on full and pull 2 or 3 times until the engine sputters. Set on half choke and pull once and it starts. An Echo product is easy to flood and that is why its necessary to have the throttle wide open. I like them all and think they are the best homeowner grade products made. Ray I think those are a little older models before the Epa leaned things out and I wouldn't call anything Echo homeowner, everyone that I have is built a lot better than homeowner Husky and Stihl.

I think people call some Echo homeowner because they sell in HD. No Echo is homeowner. Stihl Home Scaper is pretty good too even they are cheap.

It is the same engine used in YardBoss and the commercial hand held blowers. I actually bought that engine on ebay and play with it. It is a two ring, full crank, big size bearing. In fact I like the way of the construction. It make changing stuff a lot easier.

Only thing I notice is the connecting rod is very thin in the middle. But so far nobody claimed to have connecting rod broken yet, so it must be good enough.

I don't like pulling on anything! I use carb cleaner to prime for the hard to start models. A one second blast down the carb throat usually it all it takes. Do you just fill a little so it can suck into the primer bulb when push and try starting it? Does it even start? I don't know why you guys insist on buying from the Mass Merchant.

If you bought that product from my shop Scotty's Lawnmower in Scottsdale , I would gas it up and show you how to start and use it. If it didn't start easily, you wouldn't even buy it. We assemble everything, review safety features, and we make sure we sell you the right machine for the job.

Here is a link that might be useful: scotty's lawnmower home page. Haven't you fellers figured out why those things are hard to start?? Well, it all has to do with the emissions programs.

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