How to say world cup in french

how to say world cup in french

French authorities were allegedly dismissive of World Cup security concerns: "It's just the women"

How to say world cup in French. French Translation. Coupe du monde. Find more words! French Translation of “World Cup” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over , French translations of English words and phrases.

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All blacks lose as kings and french wor,d because they made all to win, it frencj a rude match for the both, and hard to begin with Betsen who was not aware at the 4th minute for blacks and blues!!!

As not all of us outside France may not understand French could you do us trench courtesy of using the international language so we know what u r saying.

Yes well done France. At least the All Blacks handled the loss with dignity and shook the hands of the winners. No excuses no blame. My commiserations to the All Blacks. I hope that when they do come home and face the media and public they wordl look them in the eye. Its just a game and we have to get over it. Cu do hate to say it, vup France definitely did play well - better than I've ever seen them in recent years.

Nothing can take that worlc from them nor should asy. Now that I've actually come to terms with the ABs' loss - I can finally say that. Well done. I have to say i'm glad France won. England Vs France semi-final should be a fantastic match, and its good to see the european teams playing so well after the terrible start we all had. I'll shed a little tear for the kiwis, and drown it in a bathtub-full of Champagne to celebrate another momentous victory for our boys.

How long to sterilize mam bottles in microwave I'll rejoice as much about the English victory over the arrogant and insulting aussies.

Today's friends are tomorrow's ennemies, but for now, let's just enjoy the northern Hemisphere's response to too much complacency from down under. Comme on Eng, oupsallez la France!!!!! I'm french too, and i agree with you. It will be a great semi-final France-England next saturday! Trending News. Missing submarine is found, broken into at least 3 parts. UFC fight ends instantly with horrific injury.

Half a year after Trump loss, Ariz. GOP does a recount. Ex-employees of Scott Rudin tell horror stories. Ashley Cain's baby daughter loses cancer battle. Fans hardly noticed country star's big catch. Millions are skipping their 2nd vaccine doses. History nerd discovers rare Barbie dolls in ffench. French Ingrid Lv 4.

I'm french and proud of my country for this wonderful match tonight. And proud of England for the match against Australia, i wanted than English win aay they did. Don't worry, be happy How this world cup is wonderful this year! Update: i'm happy to see only nice messages, thats a pleasur to see Australia and All blacks out, thats a prove than european got a great rugby again!

Update 2: Fernanda, a guy who like and respect rugby don't speak as you did. Update 3: Spectre, you are not fairplay, and i type in english, i think that is the international language. Answer Save. Welshchick Lv 7. AS my previous answer's said I believed in them when not many Did! Mz Cornell. Ib Lv 6. Oh how topsy turvy the pools are going to be in the next World Cup how to bend silver plate flatware you think?

Stephen M Lv 6. Congratualtions france, see you in Paris where i don't think i'll be so friendly. Leunamme Lv 5. Polo Lv 4. Congrats to the French, now rfench the wallabies are out I'll definitely support France now. They were very 'Lucky" though! Show more answers 8. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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Minimum stay during world cup Sejour minimum pendant la coupe du monde These include five world cup victories.: Il compte 5 victoires en coupe du monde.: They are going to be used in the finish corral at the para-alpine world cup in Panorama, B.C., in January.: Ils serviront dans les aires d'arrivee lors des Coupes du monde de ski para-alpin a Panorama, CB, en janvier prochain. French Translation of “the World Cup” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over , French translations of English words and phrases. May 24,  · In French, le football means soccer in English, and le foot translates as football. These and related terms are vital to know if you want to talk knowledgeably about soccer in French. Le football, le foot > soccer, football La Coupe du monde, le Mondial > World Cup.

French Rugby terminology , gleaned from their TV commentators will give you loads of words to put into your Vocabulary Repertoire. It is Rugby World Cup time and the French have just booked themselves into the semi-finals having beaten England.

I originally wrote this page in as I watched on TV and I updated it again in early An appropriate time as there were great rugby internationals being played at that time. With the Rugby World Cup in full swing in New Zealand, and with the French beating England in the quarter finals, many French speakers and learners of French will be interested in knowing some of the common French terms used in rugby.

I'm updating this page as it is now Rugby World Cup time. I took these French rugby quips and quotes from the French TV commentators - words and phrases which you'll be able to use in everyday French, as well as when involved in, or talking about French sport Some like " Hop-op-op-op-op-op-op-op!!

The commentators used this when one of players inexcusably fumbled, and dropped the ball. I guess the tone of the voice transmitted a great deal of course! The French are very big supporters of rugby, particularly in the South of France, and the French rugby team is always one of the strongest half-dozen in the world. Here are some of the random bits of French rugby and sporting vocab and phrases that came up during the match.

I just scribbled down phrases that would be useful to the student of French Rugby being a very physical and manly, masculine game is appropriately a masculine word in French. Our courses teach this one with New Zealand rugby star Jonah Lomu playing rugby in the French colours. Our pics include the French colours words are similar in French and English, enabling you get a visual snapshot of the word, its gender and context.

Jonah being a man, a famous rugby player is used as the gender trigger to remind you that the word le rugby , is masculine in French. To be clear. The word is not masculine because it is a masculine game. The word is masculine because all French nouns are either masculine or feminine in gender.

These genders cause a good deal of bother to people learning French. Another useful French word here is demarre from the verb demarrer , which means to start in French. This word demarrer is also used in the sense of 'starting the car engine', or a truck's engine. To remember this word consider the English where we use the word to 'mar' in the sense of something being spoilt.

The game was marred by violence! So if you can imagine that engines when they are closed down, are marred. So a try is un essai. When a player puts the ball on the ground over the opposition's line in rugby this is called a try , and it gains your team 5 points. As an aside it is called a try, un essai in French , because touching the ball down over the 'tryline' then allowed the team that got the ball over the tryline, an attempt at goal.

Originally the 'touchdown' or try itself gained no points, and one gained the points by kicking the ball over the posts. Thanks to Andrew for this info. Sounds like pen-alee-tay. There is another type of French ball which is played in les boules , which is similar to the game of bowls. You will see people, particularly men, playing this game in parks all over France.

Rugby Positions in French Prop le pilier - like the word pile that relates to a concrete pole structure, that holds up the front-row of the scrum. Now here's an interesting one for your gender recognition. See the difference? Center le centre. Winger l'ailier. Imagine Cambodian dictator m sitting with a POT on the goal posts. The masculine character of course reminds you that a goalpost is a masculine word, as we do in our Words a Day! A Most Useful French phrase!

Non seulement il est puissant, il est vite! Not only is he strong, he is fast! The commentator used this as one of the players crashed through about five of the opposition. This is a good phrase to keep in your mental notebook - Non seulement in French means 'not only'. Of course you can use this phrase in lots of other situations when speaking French or practising your French Non seulement elle est gentille, elle est belle!

Not only is she kind, she is beautiful! Did he put in a special performance in the first of the two matches! The French pronunciation of la brillance however does not stress the double 'l', so it sounds like bree-yanse!

The wheels were coming off their game. Note the reflexive s'accorder is slightly different in that it means to agree, to come to agreement, to concur, to harmonise with someone or something. Taper also means to type in French. The French also use it as their word for the scrum It also means 1 the disengagement or release of something like the brakes on a car and 2 'the redemption of a pledge or mortgage'; and 3 in military terms the extrication of troops etc from a town.

And also the 4 escape or release of steam etc. The noun tackle, as in a rugby tackle, is le plaquage. This word is also used for the 'jilting' e. The French term for this is titulariser. The commentators closed with some very complimentary things to say about the decisive New Zealand victories. Here's one:. It's great to see the level of New Zealand rugby! Formidable is one of those very common French words!

You can use it in loads of situations! We hope you enjoyed learning, reviewing or refreshing these French rugby terms, words and phrases. To find out more about the fastest, and most effective French vocab system click here: Learn French Words a Day! Excelerated French Learning and Remembering! Learn French Words a Day! French Rugby Words a Day!

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