How to remove brass plating from metal

how to remove brass plating from metal

How to Remove Brass Finish While Channeling MacGyver

Feb 14, Over the years Ive heard many a home improvement tip here at Apartment Therapy, but one idea thats stayed with me every time I visit a thrift store or cruise Craigslist, is the idea of stripping brass plating to reveal shiny silver underneath. Well, Chris from Style North has discovered an even easier way to get the job done oven cleaner. Oct 11, A. Good day Duy. I have used a proprietary potassium cyanide based gold stripper to strip the brass plating, as brass flash only, where there is minimal brass thickness. The gold stripper is intended to strip gold from nickel, without any base metal (nickel) attack.

When changing what do the bob marley colors mean hardware in your home from brass to brushed nickel, you can remove the finish on plated brass door hinges to give them the look of brushed nickel without having to buy new hinges. It takes about four or five minutes to get all the finish off. The brass is completely gone. Spray on two coats to prevent them from rusting.

Great Info. Absolutely Hate Oak and Brass. Already refinished all the wood. Sanded everything. I have some steel door hinges that I have removed the brass plating. I want to replate the steel door hinge with a black paint. If paint is not the way to do it then replate with brass. The hinges now have some rust.

How do I clean off the rust and relate the hinge? Thanks for your help. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Today's Homeowner. Expert Advice on Improving Your Home. Video Playback Not Supported. Using the wire wheel on a bench grinder to remove brass finish from hinges. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Recommended For You. Moving water from gutters to the ground is a necessary chore.

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Mar 27, I have some brass-plated steel hinges that I need to remove the brass plating from, in order to give the appearance of a zinc finish. I remember reading of a simple liquid solution that brass plated metal can be soaked in to accomplish this, but cant remember what it is. The base metal is generally chosen for low cost-it may not polish up to anything attractive or not. Brasso or Goddard's heavy duty brass cleaner will remove most of the plating, but you will still need to buff the rest off. Contact the electro-plater and see if they can plate the metal with nickel or chrome to give you a more finished look. Mar 08, A strong and corrosion-resistant metal, brass is a relatively inexpensive alloy made from zinc and copper. but rubbing or polishing them too aggressively can remove the brass plating, so.

I have kitchen cabinet handles that I adore the shape of. They're very well made but I noticed that on the back of one, the brass has started to wear off. Under that seems to be a copper and then a base metal of a silver color. What I want is the silver metal underneath with some kind of shine on it.

Hello Debbie, Look in your phone book for a local Electroplating business. They should have no difficulty in removing the existing coating. It's simply a matter of reversing the polarity of a plating bath which is what they do with any plating jobs that come out with defects.

Help with polishing brass moroccan lamp!!!!!! I want to update the shiny brass hardware in the kitchen. We have plain round shiny brass knobs. Paint a brass-plated headboard? Removing old 1 inch Brass Anti Siphon Valve..

Brass plating is done by putting a copper substrate on top of the base metal and then applying brass plate. You are seeing the copper substrate below the brass. The base metal is generally chosen for low cost-it may not polish up to anything attractive or not. Brasso or Goddard's heavy duty brass cleaner will remove most of the plating, but you will still need to buff the rest off. Contact the electro-plater and see if they can plate the metal with nickel or chrome to give you a more finished look.

If you get it plated you may as well have them plate it from it's current state-they are going to need the copper substrate to get anything to adhere to the "pot metal" below. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience.

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Ultimate Bedroom Sale. The Vanity Sale. Hi - I know this sounds crazy but is there any way to completely remove brass plating. Thanks for the help, Debbie. Email Save Comment 3. Sort by: Oldest.

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She holds an undergraduate degree from Regis College and an M. While some people like this tarnished look, others prefer a shinier brass. To get rid of tarnish, polish your brass naturally with salt and vinegar. Prior to cleaning your item, test that it is composed of actual brass and not brass-plated steel. Brass-plated steel requires a different type of cleaning. Pure brass is not magnetic, so if a magnet sticks to the brass, your item is probably brass plated.

If the item is too large to fit in the bucket or sink, spray it with the water. Apply the paste directly to the brass with your fingers. Let the mixture sit for a 30 minutes to one hour. Use the cloth to gently buff the brass to a shine.

Knobs don't have to match throughout your whole house, but please keep the knob configuration. If you change to a pull configuration, you will most definitely have to re-drill holes.

I would be very cautious. I personally would change them out to an oil rubbed bronze, but you could also try spray painting them an oil rubbed bronze. Not sure how long spray paint will last on the knobs. However, feel free to spray paint your expensive light fixtures, I have done this and the paint will last as long as you want it to, and then can be removed with a solvent if you wish years down the road.

Or you can spray paint them again a different color of your choice at the time. There are "patina" products that you can dip your current knobs in, but I'm pretty sure they will remove the coating that keeps your knobs bright and tarnish free. This will not be easily reversed. You can be sure brass will be a trend again sometime, not sure when, so I'd keep them somewhere in the house.

Thanks for your suggestion, I see your point. By the way, sorry about the "Nicole" fixtures. I meant nickel. Hello all! I have 4 X 1 inch brass anti siphon valves that hail from the late 60's I'd like to replace them. I have managed to unscrew the connection on the anti siphon side. And now the unit should unscrew on the inlet side But it is locked stuck Just wanted to verify that it does need to be unscrewed in the counter clockwise direction.

If so, I'll give the wrench a smack with my hammer! Related Stories. Forget trends. This owner chose unlacquered brass and repurposed pieces for love alone. Add the muted tones of vintage brass to your modern metal mix. Save your walls! Here's how to get your art grouping right. See what to mix with this trendy alloy, how to keep it from showing water spots and more. It's trending all over, but navy or royal blue with brass or gold just also might become a new classic pairing.

You may be surprised by some of these ideas for removing cloudy white water marks from wood surfaces. A push plate protects a door from dirt and damage but has decorative value, too.

Railing installed over tile - is this okay? Metal Roof install today and looks awful. Advice if anyone has some pl 5. Metal and Glass Doors 1. United States. United Kingdom.

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