How to meditate on the word

how to meditate on the word

5 Powerful Steps to Meditate on the Word of God

Jan 22, When we meditate we think about Gods Word. We dwell on it and then as opportunities arise, we preach it to ourselves. We inject it into our thoughts as we make decisions, as we admonish and instruct our souls to choose right things and walk down right paths. . Continue to speak the words or phrase that God has drawn your attention to. Continue to meditate and listen to the words. Continue to ponder and chew on the words until you begin laying hold on the goodness God has in store for you. Don't be afraid to write down what you hear. Taking notes allows you to see it in a different light.

Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. Yet too often I find that after reading my Bible or hearing a sermon, the truth, so necessary to the wellbeing of my soul, can too easily slip away. The truth that had for a moment captured my attention and my affections can quietly fade amid the clutter and noise of the day. It is a discipline that takes time and intention, but one that brings great benefit to how to meditate on the word soul.

It is a bewildering paradox of our day that the Bible can be so accessible and yet so marginalized. We have almost immediate access to several versions of the Bible as well as a wealth of sermons and commentaries. We have become a culture obsessed with noise and comfortable with clutter. So many sources are bringing input into our lives: TV, radio, online news feeds, Facebook, Twitter Meditation is pondering the Word in our hearts, preaching it to our own souls, and personally applying it to our own lives and circumstances.

It is how we sanctify our thinking and bring it into submission to Christtaking every thought captive. Paul tells how to cite definitions in apa format in Romans 12 :.

When he finds himself perplexed and troubled and cries out to God, he determines to steady his soul by looking to God and laying hold of truth.

He says in verses 11 and Asaph uses 3 verbs in the Hebrew to describe what it means to lay hold of truth: He says: I will remember, I will ponder, and I will meditate. Asaph reflects on what God has accomplished for His people in the pastevents and epics like the Exodus and Passover, the giving of the law on Mount Sinai, the conquest of the Promised Land. He makes an effort not to forget all the Lord has done. David also speaks of remembering God:.

We are a forgetful people and God would have us to remember. Meditation begins with remembering, bringing back into our minds the truths and praises and promises of God. This is the verb hagah in the Hebrew. It is used also in Psalms It is not entirely clear if the use of the word here is a musical instruction for the musicians to play an interludeletting the instruments resoundor if it is an instruction to the congregationlet this how to meditate on the word resound within yourselves.

We find the term also at the end of Psalms 19 :. In other words: Let the inward tones of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord This is how we want the truth of Scripture to fill us and impact usas we hear it and sing it and pray itas Paul tells us in Colossianslet the Word of Christ dwell in us richly! Let it dwell in us in a way that resounds and reverberates in and through our lives.

We see another use of the word in Isaiah that helps us understand its intent. Isaiah uses the word in reference to a lion:. The word for growl or roar is this word for meditation. Have you ever heard a lion when he roars? He does not just use his voice. His entire being reverberates. This is meditation.

Meditation involves remembering, and resounding, but finally Asaph speaks of meditating. This word siyach means to muse and wonder and dwell onto think deeply about something. Used literally it means to murmur, mumble or talk to yourself. It is a word that is found often in the Old Testament, especially in the psalms. We dwell on it and then as opportunities arise, we preach it to ourselves. We inject it into our thoughts as we make decisions, as we admonish and instruct our souls to choose right things and walk down right paths.

This is the essence of meditation. It is evoking how to check internet history on ipod touch truth, embracing it and embedding it in our lives. Meditation is a crucial Christian discipline and a vital means of grace that we must treasure and practice. But it is a discipline that takes time and effort.

Accessibility can never beat intentionality. Don't assume that having God's Word close at hand means you have it close at heart. Carve out time in your day to remember, time to ponder, time to preach to yourself.

The world around us can too easily choke out what is needful and good for our souls. Be intentional and diligent and your meditation. Founders Ministries exists to work for the recovery of the gospel and the biblical re-formation of local churches.

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Brief History of Biblical Meditation

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If you read it and meditate on it each day, it is guaranteed to bring you great success. Well, this and so much more is available to you in the Word of God! However, to maximize the benefits you receive from it, you not only need to read His Word, but you also need to meditate on His Word. Begin today with these three steps to successfully meditate on the Word of God. Those are the words Jesus spoke in Matthew when He was offering special instruction and guidance.

You see, people can go to theological seminaries and study the Word year after year, and still graduate with absolutely no understanding or revelation knowledge whatsoever to take with them! That is not the kind of hearing Jesus was referring to. When this happens, living the Christian life will no longer be a matter of keeping a set of rules and regulations. Instead, it will become a supernatural walk of following God in the spirit, unhindered and undefeated. Take the time to turn on your spiritual ears during your quiet time by receiving what you read by faith, reflecting on it, and applying it to your life.

Have you ever tried to sit down to a quiet time only to be distracted by a sink full of dirty dishes, text messages or a dog begging for attention? But there is another distraction that is even more of a threat to you being able to successfully meditate on the Word of Godcompeting thoughts. One of these competing thoughts is worry. Start meditating on what God says in Philippians When you worry, you are meditating on the words of the devil. When thoughts of worry, fear or anxiety come to mindresist him and resist him quickly.

At the first symptom of unbelief, command Satan to flee. At the first symptom of lack, command it to go. Do not procrastinate in spiritual things. Act immediately at the first sign of temptation. When you read a scripture about the blessing of prosperity, for example, don't think, Hey, that sounds nice, but I could never have it. Take time to meditate on it. Think about it. Digest it. Take it so personally that it moves from your head to your heart, and it will become powerful and active in your life.

To lay hold of that kind of abundance, you need to do what Joshua says. Apply it to yourself personally. Allow the Holy Spirit to make it a reality in your heart. What does it mean in my life? How can it change my situation? Then place yourself in agreement with what God says about you in that word. Make up your mind that you are who God says you are. You can do what God says you can do. And you can have what He says you can have.

Put yourself in agreement with Him, and then receive it. As always, if you need a partner to agree with you in prayer, please call our prayer ministers at or submit a prayer request. Any day of the year, we're here for you! Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Taking the Word to the world. Real Help. Follow KCM.

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