How to make ghanaian spinach stew

how to make ghanaian spinach stew

Here Are 50 of the Best African Foods From Across the Continent

Ghanaian tomato stew or gravy is a stew that is often served with rice or waakye. Other vegetable stews are made with kontomire, garden eggs, egusi (pumpkin seeds), spinach, okra, etc. Breakfast meals. Most of the dishes mentioned above are served during lunch and supper in modern Ghana. However, those engaged in manual labour and a large. Mar 25, I like to make either Jasmine rice or basmati rice and Ill make about 2 2 1/2 cups to go along with this recipe. If you want, you can also serve this with brown rice or quinoa. And if youre looking to keep it low carb, you can actually just enjoy this as a peanut butter soup on its own.

Trying to figure out Africa's best dish is an impossible task, so we put the question to our audience to try and get a list of the 50 must-try foods when traveling how to make ghanaian spinach stew Africa or to try and replicate at home.

If you're lucky, there's a restaurant serving one of these dishes in your hometown. Recently many of Africa's favorite spinacch have been popping up on menus worldwide. Nigerian standbys like suya and fufu can be found easily in the immigrant-rich neighborhoods of New York and London while Moroccan tajine is practically tp home cooking staple in many countries, albeit probably not in the way Moroccans know it.

Senegalese thieboudienne and Nigerian, Ghanaian, Sierra Leonean jollof are coming close to that global ubiquity too while East African favorite chapatis and samosas tend to get lumped in with their cousins from the Indian subcontinent. One things for certain: African food is just as diverse as its people. From stww West to the East how to use q-snap frame the North and South, some foods tl so delectable that they're worth taking psinach trip for.

We asked our audience tsew share some of their favorite dishes from their country and tell us why. We received colorful responses that introduced us to a world of delightful, adventurous dishes that have us wondering how we can make it to each and every country on the continent some time in the near future. Below we give you 50 of the best African foods from various countries, based on our own favorites and your responses.

If your country is not represented on this list, feel free to send your favorite dish our way via socials. Via Wikimedia commons. While this delicious staple originates in India, the unleavened flat bread is one of the most popular staples in East African cuisine, it can be enjoyed any time of day, and is often eaten with lentils, beef stew and other sauces.

It can be had for breakfast, afternoon snack or main entree for dinner. Palm butter is a thick sauce made by boiling and grinding palm nuts. The silky buttery richness of this dish as its ladled over rice is where it gets its name. It can be used to cook psinach wide variety of proteins from crawfish to goat. Many have their preferred version, but Liberians like it with plenty pepper. In Liberia, it's usually served for lunch.

How to make extra money quick Wikimedia Commons. Ethiopian restaurants can be ghanaiaj all over the African continent and, in fact, the world. It's a ho cuisine, popular for the wide variety of spices and, of course, injera, the delightfully spongy sourdough bread which diners jow to scoop up aromatic stews and sauces. One of our readers' favorites, beyenatu is a tasty vegetarian dish spinxch of lentils, beats, spiced greens and spihach combination of other tasty vegetables, and is served with injera, of course.

It's best shared. Pondu spknach a classic Congolese stew made of cassava leaves, onions, chili, and palm oil. Eat it with white rice for a filling, delectable meal.

Many non-Ethiopians know the cuisine as a vegetarian's favorite but while there are an incredible number of vegetable forward Ethiopian dishes, none gets ghanaiam the reaction from Ethiopians themselves like the meaty Xpinach. Kitfo is a spiced raw beef dish, seasoned with traditional Ethiopian spices like mitmita a chili powder blend and niter gnanaian clarified butter with herbs.

You can't make it wrong unless you make it uneatable. It is raw minced meat. Swahili is one of the great world cuisines with influences that span the Indian Ocean basin and the African continent.

Its a reflection of the east coast, and Zanzibar in particular's history as a crossroads for trade and empire. There's nothing quite so quintessentially Zanzibari as "pweza wa nazi" or octopus curry. This Zanzibari delicacy consists of ztew braised in lime, spices and coconut milk until it's tender.

It's a true seafood lover's dream. Crack open the crabs to get at the fluffy white meat while the fragrant sauce mixes with the rice.

Eat with peri peri and a large Manica beer to share. Via Flickr CC. It also takes patience and mad skills to do it right. It's hoe beloved dish created out of necessity. An Indian-South African invention designed to take away. Instead of on a plate with more traditional starches like rice, the curry is ladled into a loaf of bread which acts as a takeaway container and accompaniment to the main how to build a funnel snake trap. Originally vegetarian and from the seaside city of Durban, it's now often made with meat, satisfying the tastes of South African from all backgrounds.

Cassava fufu is probably the best known. Palm nut soup, like its Liberian cousin palm butter, is a Ghanaian classic made from the oil-rich palm fruit, cooked with chilis, tomatoes, garlic and other flavorful ingredients.

Via flickr cc. These deep fried treats are a ubiquitous East African snack that pair impeccably well with a cup of tea. Visitors to Freetown will never forget the smell of plasas, a steww stew made with leafy greens, meat, peppers, peanut sauce and often dried fish.

I swear it cures everything from a broken heart to a hangover"Abigail. Via Flickr cc. Atew green goodness, cooked in palm oil and infused with spices, red onion, stock fish and assorted meats.

It pairs well with any starch, including pounded how to give a good handjob video, ebaand amala. Via wikimedia commons. Made with pounded beef and goat, this dish how to use corel painter essentials 3 a staple in Botswana wtew is often served during ceremonies and special events.

Classic West African stew made with pounded melon seeds. You can't go wrong with egusi and what are the characteristics of homologous series side makf rice or fufu.

It's savory and pairs well with rice, eba or pounded yam. Simply delicious! This how to make ghanaian spinach stew goat meat and potato stew is eaten on special occasions like Angolan Independence Day. It's often seasoned with onion, garlic, bell peppers and a dash of piri piri sauce. This one's a no-brainer. It's West Africa's most cherished dish, perfect for large celebrations or at home. No surprise, describing which country with the best jollof is no small thing.

The biggest rivalry is between Nigerians and Ghanaians so we brought together self-professed jollof experts on video to see whose was best once and for all. Via flickr CC. Ndole is Cameroon's most popular dish, prepared nake spinach, bitter leaf and stewed nuts.

How to make ghanaian spinach stew our reader Ngum says, spinahc you ghabaian get to Douala to try it, some of the best versions of the dish can be found in Cameroonian restaurants in Paris. We don't have one! Who doesn't like samosas? A common snack across East and Southern Africa, this deep fried meat or vegetable pastry pairs well with any meal and is a delightful snack on it's own.

Soinach I would have suya growing up, I would feel like I was being given a special treat. You just don't say no to suya.

I once had somewhat mxke a screaming match with my sister for finishing suya that my mom brought back from Nigeria.

I just thought it to be so wildly inconsiderate of her. Yes, it's that serious. I once heard about vegan suyawhich I just can't see to wrap my head around. No shade. This slow cooked stew or casserole of meats and vegetables is named after the ornate pot that's gyanaian cooked in. The ultimate one-dish comfort food. Waiting for the tajine to be brought, and enjoying beforehand the smell of the cooking smoke teases you in the meantime!

The best part is probably when the host let you discover the content of the, still hot and savory, Tajine! Nyma choma is Swahili for "grilled meats" and one of the country's most beloved dishes. Check out the video above on Kenya's popular street food. Best memory: "When the boys finished all the goat ribs and we led an uprising to get our share.

Matoke is the green cooking banana that's a staple in Ugandan cuisine, paired with slow cooked peanut sauce, it makes for a uniquely tasty meal. This spicy condiment is found all over Ghana. Made of chilli peppers and seafoodusually dried fish skin or shrimpshito adds a spicy kick to any meal. This popular Ugandan breakfast food combines eggs and vegetables wrapped in chapati. It's Uganda's very own breakfast sandwich. Cachupa is a slow-cocked stew consisting of peas, sweet potato, beans, corn, carrots and fish or meat.

Every mouthful offers warm, nourishing goodness. Ghanaisn cassava served with a spicy peanut stew and okra, multiple variations on this dish are served in West Africa. A true classic. It was delicious! The spice made you sweat and cool off in spnach heat! South Africans love their cows and sheep, and tripe this is one of the most beloved parts of the animal to eat. Mogodu is a classic, Southern African tripe dish that can be found anywhere in the country.

Try it with spicy chakalaka relish. It was always on our Christmas menu.

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Peanut stew has its origins in West Africa and is made with a base of ground nuts or nut butter (typically peanuts) and tomatoes. Its more traditionally known as Maafe, Nkate Nkaway, and Ghanaian groundnut stew. Learn more about its origins here. It can be prepared a variety of ways, including vegetarian or with meat, such as chicken or fish. Jul 20, Jollof rice is a meal prepared and enjoyed across the West African sub-region. However, a fierce rivalry exists among Nigerians, Senegalese and Ghanaians as to who makes the dish best, with the latter laying claim to owning the most delicious variety. At its most basic form, Jollof is a pot of rice prepared with tomato sauce and served with meat or fish. Place the cassava and plantains (with peels on) into a large pot, and fill with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, and cook until cassava is soft, about 30 minutes; drain.

To us, fall represents transition, new beginnings, and change, and it often puts us in an introspective state. Can you relate? Let us show you how. Peanut stew has its origins in West Africa and is made with a base of ground nuts or nut butter typically peanuts and tomatoes.

Learn more about its origins here. It can be prepared a variety of ways, including vegetarian or with meat, such as chicken or fish. Check out an authentic preparation of Maafe recipe with meat here by Immaculate Bites. Our version is about as simple as it gets, prepared in 1 pot in about 30 minutes with simple ingredients you likely have on hand right now. Then diced tomatoes and tomato paste are added, along with peanut butter, chili garlic sauce for heat, coconut milk for creamy texture, and chickpeas for texture, fiber, and protein.

Of course, there are many ways to enjoy this soup, including just as it is. But we love it served over:. We know it sounds weird, but peanut stew over steamed broccoli is next-level delicious and a great way to add more veggies to the meal.

This would make the perfect meal in colder weather when you need something flavorful and comforting on the table fast. If you try this recipe, let us know! Cheers, friends! Tag minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness!

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Pin It 0 Recipes. Have a question? Need help? Check out this tutorial! I Made this. I Have a Question. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. This was SO good and rich. I only had one can of tomatoes, but I added in the 2 cups of water because it thickened a lot.

I added a couple limes worth of juice at the end and served with naan. One of my new favorites!! I have been on a Min. Baker recipe binge lately, and this one did not disappoint! I kept mine thick and did not add the water. For one person, I would say a half recipe would be plenty of food with leftovers.

Also, I do agree with several other reviews that something is missing spice-wise. I added fresh ginger, a bit of cinnamon, cumin, and a bay leaf. It might be worth revisiting and consulting traditional recipes.

Thanks for the feedback, Monika! Just making sure your spices were fresh less than 6 months old? This was good. I wanted to try something new and different than the same old flavor combos and this one hit the spot. I recommend garnishing with roasted peanuts, it really brings out the flavor of the stew. Keep it going with these kinds of unusual but still comforting flavors.

I made this again yesterday. Wonderful, easy dish for a cold, February day here. I made rice, and alos loved the idea of serving it over basic, steamed broccoli, which worked geat. It tastes so delicious and I had it on top of brown rice! This is a great vegan version. Its very easy to cook. One of the best parts of eating it in Senegal was carrots and potatos, so I roast those in my air fryer as I am prepping the sauce and add them in at the end, along with a handful or so of whole peanuts, which is how my host family usually prepared it.

I also add some habenero sauce or chipotle powder to give it more heat. Another yummy dish! I just love how simple and quick your recipes are.

So many others say comes together in 30 but takes so much longer! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Lindsey. We are so glad you enjoy our recipes! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Thanks so much! Excellent recipe! I also added some chopped sweet potatoes and kale at the end, which really added interest snd flavor. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications!

Reminds of a tomato soup but more filling. Served it over brown rice with Naan. I had it for dinner and leftovers for lunch a few times.

Makes a big batch with leftovers for lunches. This was incredibly delicious and comforting. Easy to make! I added a few squirts of lime juice at the end of mine, and it added great dimension. Thanks for sharing this recipe :. It made a ton so I ate the leftovers pretty much every day for a week. Do you think I could sub for harissa paste? Please let me know what you think! I wanted to make it more authentic, so I added fresh grated ginger, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, bay leaves, thyme, and I substituted low sodium veggie stock for water.

The coconut milk was excellent in this recipe and I was genuinely surprised at how flavourful the end result was in such a short time. At one point during cooking the stew was pink but it all came together. My West African roommate noted that it tasted great and pretty authentic and I was so honoured! If I were to make the recipe again, I would do the same and add cubed sweet potatoes since I prefer my stews less liquid.

This recipe was delicious!! My kids loved it! We served it over rice and steamed broccoli and topped with cilantro; definitely making this again! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Katie. We are so glad you and your family enjoyed it! I made this yesterday and it was amazing! It turned out great and was amazing reheated today. I love it with pita chips! And the recipe as is made enough for me to freeze a couple servings, bring some to my sister who also loved it , and still enjoy a few servings myself throughout the week.

Thank you! Hi Liz, sorry to hear it was too tomato-y for you! For less tomato flavor, you can reduce the tomato paste by half. Hope that helps! Hi there, This sounds delicious. I am wondering if this would also be good with tahini instead of peanut butter due to peanut allergy? Thanks, Caroline. I mixed almond butter and peanut butter because I had both. I put vegetables broth and I added a zucchini because I had one in the fridge. Overall really tasty and I served it over rice.

Will definitely make it again. Thank you. I made this tonight and it was a total winner! I would make this again.

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