How to make a scoubidou heart

how to make a scoubidou heart

Scooby Doo Bracelets

Feb 01,  · Welcome to Olga Crafts a channel with videos of ideas on how to make easy and simple crafts and life hacksHere are some pretty amazing hacks for the whole fa. Jan 12,  · Cut 4 strands of 14? (35 cm) of CB yarn. Join the strands of yarn two by two in the top middle of the heart (as shown in the figure) and make a round scoubidou. Once you reach the desired length, make a couple of knots to secure your work and cut the tails.

Lanyards are a summer camp mainstay — remember making them back in the day? But like so many things from our own childhoods, these knotted summer crafts have only gotten way cooler. Lanyards also called scoubidous, how to make a scoubidou heart, boondoggles, scooby doggles, gimps, and rexlaces, among other things, which makes for an interesting Googling experience are made with strips of flexible, colorful plastic, resulting in neat designs. After poking around and trying some out — see the ones at the very top, I did those with zero experience; cool, right?

Related: How to pull off the coolest rainbow loom patterns. Box or Square lanyard patterns. It may not be the most glamorous of stitches, but this is the No. So I Make Stuff has tons of good advice and cool lanyard patternsand her video tutorial for this beginning stitch is clear and easy to follow, which is critical when you have a pile of craft lace in front of you and no idea what to do with it.

Six-Way lanyard patterns. Once you have the basic box pattern down, you can let loose with patterns that use three strands creating the six-way lanyards, above. Note, their mobile app is no longer available. Related: 14 cool, creative summer how to help people with addictions care package ideas for your happy campers. Laneyards has a lot of videos devoted to cool lanyard patternsand he talks you through every weave, real time, as it happens.

But the result is probably well worth the effort. And time. And patience. Related: 4 fun DIY friendship bracelet patterns for a rainy or just unbearably hot day. Animal lanyard patterns. If you want to get really fancy, you also have to get a little French. The art of scoubidou began in France, so there are lots of tutorials that will require some working knowledge of the language, or at least some help from Google Translate.

Bio Twitter Instagram. Amazon or any craft store. It brought back happy memories from my time at summer camp. I just came across it in a box of stuff, and decided to research. I am happy that I have found a number of easy, beginner instructions to get me started. However, I remember making a lanyard for a whistle. Something that when the box cord got long enough to go around a neck and then some, was woven somehow inside more weaving.

And at what point does one connect a D-ring, Key Split ring, or some other appliance for whistles, keys, etc? Then you just keep weaving, and the ring will be at the bottom permanently. Hope that helps! Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter!

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SCOUBIDOU strings, knotting with scoubidou strands, how to make scoubidou, scoobies. Made it for classmate Your heart and my heart square twist stitch. More information. Your heart and my heart square twist stitch by doggie-dew on DeviantArt. Find this . All about how to make scoubidou knots you will find on this site! Not only the young people love to knot with scoubidou strands, most adults like it too! It is a great educational way for all people, it will stimulate the imagination and creativity. Knotting with scoubidou strands has a . Jan 12,  · Apple Heart Pattern Top Half Bumps. Using CA, make a MC. Fasten off the first half bump you make. Leave the working yarn on the second half Joining and Heart Bottom. Continue working on the second half bump you made. Sc 8, sc 1 in the first st .

The Apple Heart amigurumi is a little and soft apple amigurumi with the shape of a heart. I designed this Apple Heart pattern to gift it to my Romantic Hedgehog amigurumi, but you can gift it to your favorite one, or use it as a keychain decoration, or as a pin cushion…. The Apple Heart amigurumi is very fun to make and combines basic crochet stitches with simple scoubidou techniques.

Well, I used to love them. I made tons of them in all kinds of shapes and colors. Who knew that scoubidou techniques were going to be useful for amigurumi making?! I made an image tutorial to guide you through the steps.

The construction of the Apple Heart amigurumi is top-down. So that the top bumps of the heart are made first and then joined together. Lastly, the leaves and the scoubidou petiole are attached in the top middle part of the heart. Invisible Decrease Learn how to make a single crochet invisible decrease with this step-by-step tutorial.

Magic Circle MC For step-by-step instructions on how to make a magic circle, check out this free tutorial. Round 1. Sc 6 in the MC. Sc inc 6. Sc inc 1, sc 1 6 times. Sc in each st all around. Round 7. Sc 8, sc 1 in the first st of round 6 on the other half bump, sc Leave the last 2 sts unworked on the second half bump.

Sk 2 sts on the first half bump, sc 8. Round 8. Sc 7, inv dec 1, sc 14, inv dec 1, sc 7. Inv dec 1, sc 13 twice. Sc 6, inv dec 1, Sc 12, inv dec 1.

Sc 2, inv dec 1, sc 4, inv dec 1, Sc 5, inv dec 1, sc 4, inv dec 1, sc 3. Sc 4, inv dec 1, sc 3, inv dec 1 twice. Round Sc 2, inv dec 1, sc 3, inv dec 1 twice.

Sc 2, inv dec 1, sc 1, inv dec 1 twice. Inv dec 5. Join the strands of yarn two by two in the top middle of the heart as shown in the figure and make a round scoubidou. Using CC yarn, ch 5. Row 1. Sc 1 in the second chain from your hook, hdc 1, dc 1, hdc 1. Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing on top of the apple. Using CC yarn, ch 7. Sc 1 in the second chain from hook, hdc 1 , dc 1, tr 1, dc 1, [ hdc 2, ch 1, hdc 2 all in the last ch. Continue working on the other side of the initial ch.

Dc 1, tr 1, dc 1, hdc 1 , sc 1, ch 1, sl st into the first sc of the round. Share with your friends!

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