How to make a animation in photoshop cs5

how to make a animation in photoshop cs5

How to Animate in Photoshop, Video animation

Oct 16,  · Thanks for over k! never thought it would be this popular! Hey Guys this is a basic Tutorial on how to make a basic Animation in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and C. Oct 06,  · In Photoshop CS5, if you go to Window>Animation, a snazzy little timeline will appear at the bottom of your screen. all of your images may be jumbled into one, so what you should do is go to the top right of that timeline and look for the menu icon (looks like an arrow pointing down will four lines), click it, and then select 'Make frames from layers'. This will turn all of your layers into frames in an animation.

There are 2 types of animation, frame based and video based. In this tutorial we will be doing video based. This is the beginning file. It pnotoshop 3 layers. A background, a jet and the flame for the afterburner, called exhaust. We znimation going to animate the jet from the top of the screen to the bottom.

This challenge should be enough for you to learn a lot of the animation tools in Photoshop. If you need animwtion preceise details on any of the steps, please watch the video.

You should how to make plaster sculptures it anyway to see the animation.

With both the Jet and exhaust layers selected, drag to the top of the screen and just off the screen as the starting point for the animation. Keyframes are how Photoshop does animations. Photoshop will animate the changes over time, lets see…. Press the spacebar of the play button in the timeline to preview the animation. The jet should be moving at a constant speed. Now we are going to change the speed. We photoxhop the jet to start off slowly and then speed up at the end.

Click on the diamond between the 2 arrows to the left of the position stopwatch, this adds a keyframe. If you playback now, the jet will move slowly, when it hits the second keyframe it will speed up. Change the settings as shown here. Make the shadow softer and more transparent. Drag the shadow further away from the jet. This animmation it look like its gow further away. Here i used youtube aniation a what medicine to take for mono boxed version that will fit a HD video.

If you want to learn more about animation and working with video in Photoshop, check out the 2 premium courses I have. Video In Photoshop. This is superb, thanks. Stay well, stay safe. How does Photoshop animation compare with After Effects? Looking forward to more tutorials on this. Colin, thanks for the tutorial. I have animatioj some short animated videos indeed, thanks to your training videos in how to animate in photoshop. But new tricks really help enormously. I appreciate what you do.

Keep up the great work and stay safe out here. Great video, and very well explained. More learning. Why would this happen? I have followed very step, anything I may be missing? Your email address will not be published. How accounts and downloads work short video — Download training, Photoshop tutorial shows how to paint with light, and add sun flares. We will take a flat photo and flood Signup for my best weekly updates and get access to e-books, brushes, ;hotoshop, cheat sheets, actions.

Email Address:. The Ultimate Photoshop Resource. Customer Support Cart. Toggle navigation. How to Animate in Photoshop, Video animation Colin Smith How to animate in Photoshop In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a video animation in Photoshop. We are going to make a jet fly across the screen. Subscribe phootshop YouTube:. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Select the jet layer. We will animate this first. Photoshop will animate potoshop changes over time, lets see… Step 4. Using keyframes Click the too to reveal the keyframes Click on the stopwatch by Position to set the start point for the jet Step 5.

Move the playhead to the end of the timeline. This is where you want the animation to nake. Step 6. Drag the jet how to make a animation in photoshop cs5 the ending position.

A keyframe will be generated at the playhead at the end of the timeline. Step 7. Step 8. Hod want to also animate the flame behind the jet. Move the playhead to the start position. Choose the exhaust layer and click on the stopwatch for position. Step 9. Step Drag the exhaust into position. Play it back and now the jet and the flame should be moving together, Step Changing the speed of animations in Photoshop Now how to recover from molly are going to change the speed.

Move the playhead to the middle of the photosshop around 2. Click on the diamond between the 2 arrows animagion the left of the position stopwatch, this adds a keyframe Step 12 Click on maek exhaust layer Click animatlon diamond to add a keyframe on the exhaust layer Step 13 Click one of the keyframes to select it.

Hold down shift and click the second keyframe to also select it. Step 14 Drag the keyframe to the right. What is corruption in india in hindi will both move together because they are both selected.

Now, we want the flame to only appear when the jet speeds up, as the afterburner kicks in. Move the playhead back a single frame.

Step 16 In the exhaust layer, turn on the stopwatch for opacity Step Turn the opacity to 0 on the exhaust layer Step 18 Move the keyframe forward 1 frame. Step 19 Set the opacity to Now the flame will be hidden at the beginning of the animation When it reaches the keyframes and the jet accelerates, the flame will turn on. Adding a moving shadow Now we need to add a shadow for realism and depth. Choose the jet layer Makee the add a layer style button and choose drop shadow Step 21 Add the setting as shown here The shadow will move with the jet Step Move the playhead forward to when the afterburner comes on.

Step 23 Move the playhead forward a little bit. Step 24 Double click the drop shadow effects to open the effects. Cs when you play it back, the yet will move and the shadow will change over time This makes it look like the jet is climbing. A little bit can go a long way with animation. Give it a name Choose the location to save the video choose the presets and select the best one for your video. Thanks for your nice post.

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I have more Photoshop animation tutorials here

Aug 24,  · Try or buy Photoshop CS5 at Mar 28,  · Thanks for watching!!! Please feel free to leave feedback and check out my blog and for watching my first instructional. May 14,  · In this video tutorial, I will show you how to create a gif animation using the new puppet warp tool in photoshop Link:

Before you can start your animation, you must ask yourself a few simple questions: Do I have hands to hold a mouse or pen to draw with? If you answered yes, you may continue. Do I have a computer, and does it have Photoshop on it? If you answered yes, you may continue, but first let me tell you why this is the most important. Animation is a long a tedious process, but the end result is worth it.

If you aren't driven to finish a project, it may never see the light of day. Don't get frustrated or discouraged, everyone started somewhere, and once you get the hang of it, it's really more fun than work. Congratulations, if you've made it this far, you are ready to animate, let's get going then, I'll just show you what you need to open. Step 1. This will open a menu that asks you what you'd like your new document to look like. In the width and height boxes I usually put in 8x8 by typing 8 in both spaces and changing the drop boxes parallel to 'inches'.

This makes the image less blurry and I can do more detailed work. You can animate anything you want with Photoshop, but for now, I'm just going to use a girl turning around. For the sake of the instructable, I'll leave it very simple. What I've done here is chosen a colour I like, in this case dark blue, and used the fill bucket to create the background. Then I chose the brush tool and drew the back of the girl I'll have turn around.

I use the little colour swatch thing at the bottom left to chose the colours for her dress, hair and skin. Before you go any further, let me explain layers, because they are most important when animating. Layers are like sheets of glass you place over one another. The first layer is the background, and you can't delete it. Each time you add a new layer, its a new, transparent sheet of glass, and each time you draw on the layer, it will cover up whatever is underneath it. This is crucial in animation, because you can create 'frames' with layers, but in order for it to work, you have to make sure none of your layers have transparent spots.

Like glass, if you cover the whole layer, you can't see the last frame underneath, but if you erase, you take the 'paint' off, so if you make a mistake, draw over it in the background colour or something.

When you're satisfied with your drawing, go over to the Layers menu at the bottom right of the screen and drag and drop this first layer over the 'create new layer' icon looks like a little piece of paper with its corner folded up.

This will create an identical layer over top of the last one and there will be no transparent spots. Now the first layer, your background, has become your first frame n your animation. On your second layer, you can start to paint over and add subtle differences to show your subject is moving. Remember, the most frames you use, the smoother and more realistic the animation will be.

When you have finished one frame, click and drag it to the 'new layer' icon again and continue. So, you've managed to draw frames that you think will become a beautiful animation. Now let's see how they look. This will turn all of your layers into frames in an animation. Now if you hit the play button at the bottom left of the timeline, you can see your animation play though.

This is where you can see if you've made any mistakes, or if you need to add more frames--if this is the case, you can just click the icon at the bottom of the timeline that looks like the new layer icon. This will do the same thing as copying a layer back in the layers menu. Now you may be wondering why I didn't tell you about this before. Granted, it does make the process easier, I find it's sometimes glitchy or jumpy and has a mind of its own, so I prefer to start simply by using layers, and then use the timeline later.

If you have no problems though, feel free to try it out from the get-go. Now that you're finished and satisfied with your work, you have to save it. A type of file that will move though is a GIF which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, meaning the visible frame can change, creating simple animations like ours. This will open a menu with many bells a whistles. Then all you do is hit 'Save', save it to your computer, perhaps in a folder called "I am Awesome" or "My Epic Animations".

If your computer is old or has very little RAM, ou may have problems rendering the animation. This is because it is too big, and if you can, you should cut it down a little--I've never exceeded 40 frames, so that would be my cut off limit for simple animations like these.

See, that wasn't so hard, was it? The first time is complicated, but once you get the hang of it, all you're friends will flock to you asking you to create them beautiful works of MOVING art!! Keep practising, keep learning, keep rocking the free world--err Thank you so much for this. I am a retired cameraman going back and taking courses at a local college that has become an animation powerhouse since i graduated years ago.

I could not find something this simple in any book or youtube video i could understand. I am committed now that i laid the cash out for a 22 Cintiq. After it plays one time through it stops the animation. Reply 4 years ago. So this is my first time doing this as well and im just curious, when I save the final outcome I try and send it through an email the GIF itself wont show up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Perhaps the file is too large for email? Maybe uploading it to an image sharing site like Imgur and then copying the link into an email would be better. Keep me posted on what you find :. Im gonna try that, thank you :D for some reason it wasnt showing up when I was saving it as a GIF, but I sent it to someone and it worked, so I think it all worked out :.

Reply 7 years ago on Step 4. They do work here:. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. I'm sorry, this is my first Instructable, so i don't know how to do many things with it yet. I tried multiple times to attach the GIF on the end of the Instructable, but it wouldn't move.

There was no problem with the file it worked fine, so it wasn't that. If you had looked through the entire Instructable, you would have seen that I embedded a Youtube video at the end, showing the moving GIF. Thanks for your input though.

Yes, i know, but it wasn't moving. There was definitely a problem somewhere, ad i couldn't figure it out. If the video is a problem, i can try again, but i don't see why it would make a difference, the point is that its there for you to see. The video isn't a problem in itself, it's just you promise a GIF, not a video. Animated GIFs don't usually start moving until you look at the final version - give it a go.

By Nikkisaurus Follow. More by the author:. About: Allos, I am Nikki, and I'm a highschool animation student. I like sunsets and long walks, but mostly I like holing up in my room and doodling. More About Nikkisaurus ».

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Light Up Plaque by kaitlyn. Reply Upvote. TomG 3 years ago. A TrueM pstevens5 Reply 4 years ago. EmmanD 5 years ago. Its very nice n easy gif. Nikkisaurus brandon. Im gonna try that, thank you :D for some reason it wasnt showing up when I was saving it as a GIF, but I sent it to someone and it worked, so I think it all worked out : Thank you again for your help, im used to getting ignored when I ask these things online xD.

Nikkisaurus micnerd Reply 7 years ago on Step 4. Noack 8 years ago on Introduction. Kiteman 8 years ago on Introduction. Nikkisaurus Kiteman Reply 8 years ago on Introduction.

Kiteman Nikkisaurus Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. You just upload it like a normal image, and attach it to a step the same as any other image. I've fixed the problem, the file size was too big. It should work now.

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