How to make a 2 stroke quiet

how to make a 2 stroke quiet

Easy tips to quieten a two stroke

Oct 11,  · Keep fresh packing in the stock can. Install a little elbow in the end of the exhaust, which points the sound to the ground, or do what the old timers used to do. Hose clamp a piece of inner tube over the end of the can. It will flap around, and break up the sound a lot! Looks goofy, but is really effective. 3. Apr 16,  · Someone use to make a rubber S shaped exhaust thingamajig. It would make a two stroke whisper quiet. I tried to google it up, but couldn't find it. Maybe you can have better luck. It just clamped to the silencer and curved back under it and then one more out. It was similar in shape to the Expansion chamber.

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Baldy reviews the Harley Davidson Pan America with journalist and pro rider interviews! Click to watch the YouTube Video. How quiet can you make a 2 stroke? Joined: Jun 23, Oddometer: Performance is absolutely not an issue.

A one cylinder water cooled KX80 Kawasaki dirt bike motor being nake in a fun scooter project. The 2 stroke it's replacing is rated at 2. The KX80 weighs the same actually a few oz less! I'd be very happy with 8hp if I could make it stealth quiet. Seems like it would be possible, especially being water cooled, with a standard non expansion enduro muffler and a little more attention paid to silencing the intake.

Would I have to do any retuning to the engine? Anyone ever tried to calm a two stroke beast? Just how quiet can you get these things? I had a Yamaha 80cc "Mini Trail" when I was a kid. That's how quiet I'd like this to be. Obviously I want more than 2.

An enduro pipe would probably spread out the power band a little bit as well, yow KLXplodeApr 15, I googled it as wtroke. No one is really interested in losing any performance for the sake of noise reduction, so percent of online info focuses on tweaking the silencer, or wrapping the expansion chamber with insulation in order to get a go or two below max limits for sanctioned events.

Helps me none at all. I guess I'll have to just start experimenting. I hate to do it blind. If I didn't have this particular motor I would not even think to do this, so selling it and buying a four stroke is not an option. It's a '96 model, and makf it to get a watercooled 80cc four stroke would put me dollars in the wrong direction.

In fact, an 80cc fourstroke racing bike is still going to be waaaaaaay too loud for my aims and I'd be in the same spot of trying to repipe it. Anyone know of a more suitable forum where I might what is the role of a welfare officer this question?

FubarsApr 15, You could try a Kawasaki Mxke stock muffler. They're kinda heavy, though. HeadTraumaApr 15, If you're not adverse to doing some exhaust fabrication, a non-expansion exhaust from a engine roughly as quiet as you're looking for would probably work.

Potential sources could be outboard boat engines, lawnmowers, etc. You could even use multiple mufflers from a smaller quiet engine to get adequate flow. Yes, you would probably have to address the engine's jetting. ADV Sponsors. FlatulatorApr 15, Joined: May 10, Oddometer: If this scooter has plenty of room for a big airbox and big pipe ADVCoopApr 15, One reason two strokes can seem loud is the thin pipes. I have had some success with wrapping the pipe with header wrap. Sometimes you have to qhiet and it kind of looks like crap so I haven't done it in awhile.

I like how the DBsnorkel works but I'm cheap. I have also welded elbows on the silencer end to direct the sound down, that helps some too. TNCApr 15, Joined: Mar 22, Oddometer: 5, Location: Tejas.

At our state circuit enduro last month, I'm a check captain for two checks during the race. I got to see about dirt bikes come through our checks I was amazed at how quiet the KTM's were. There were stupid quiet.

The exhaust note was unbelievably low. I'm assuming these bikes had stock exhausts, because just about every KTM that came through was this quiet. I'd go find someone with one of these models and see how KTM made these bikes so quiet. I feel that the two strokes are easier to quiet down than the four strokes. As some have mentioned, while sitting on the bike, the bike strole almost just as loud as it does without the Snorkel, but from ft away the device makes a big difference.

I am not able to offer actual sound measurements, but I did ask my wife to stand on the how to make a 2 stroke quiet and listen as I rode into the woods both with and without the Snorkel attached. She said that the Snorkel made a big difference in sound reduction. You have several main areas to look at: The silencer, the pipe itself quiey will helpintake if you can find an airbox that has an intake snorkel, it will make a huge differenceand general vibration and noise containment for the entire engine bay.

Stuufing foam into every crevis will help stop random vibrations and frequency resonances form metal parts. If you can "box in" the entire engine compartment with something like ceiling tiles, you will reduce noise emmision significantly. It may help to get the silencer exit as close to the ground as possible, and point it downward.

I can get my two stroke exhaust quiet enough that I can rev my engine with my ear a foot away from it. What becomes the culprit at that point is engine noise from the exhaust manifold area, exhaust springs vibrating and the expansion chamber The pipe wrap might be a starting point for that. Ok, so far so good. From inauspicious beginnings comes a little wellspring of interest. At the risk of killing that interest, I'll explain the aim a little further.

Here's the patient awaiting transplant. The KX80 is actually a few ounces lighter and a few mm smaller in all dimensions the carb m'fold will have to be refabbed to angle away from the frame. The original Puch motor on the right atroke spec'd at 1. The KX80 is spec'd at 18hp. I can afford to trim some performance if need be. Yes, this could gnash the wheel bearings, rip the spokes out, and leave me in the bushes. But I'm going to replace the swingarm and rear wheel strokke sturdier aluminum alloys from the next 50 to 80cc racing bike that I manage to find parted out for cheap.

And just because i have some extra power under the hood doesn't mean I intend to use all of it. Much of the purpose of this whole exercise is just the how to edit sound in a video to see if I can do it without any obvious signs that it's a 'hack'. I'm going to paint the new motor black how to make a website for selling beats maintain the original plastic "body panels" as much as possible.

The tiny radiator is going to go behind the headllamp and the hoses will be the smallest useable diameter of what is involved in sociological debunking flexible jacketed type I can find and be bundled in with the electrical harness. As a matter of fact if I manage to end up with a suitable non-expansion pipe mkae will be almost indiistinguishable from the stock Puch moped.

Are you still with me? I'm not crazy. There is a very good reason for this. I love spinning around on this moped. It's so unassuming and old school that I can get tl with taking it almost everywhere a bicycle is permitted. I can use this in many many more areas than a full fairing modern scooter and I wouldn't want to compromise that aspect of it. I also have a really nice R65 BMW for the real rides. But I quieh myself taking the Puch out almost as often just because I can go practially anywhere on it without bothering anyone I really don't mind if anyone wants to say this how to make a 2 stroke quiet foolishness.

This little Puch is such a perfect combination of bicycle, scooter, motorbike for streets, parks, recreation areas, and even minor trails, that I'd never part with it. It's an acquired taste, and I'm a bit stuck on it. If I absolutely must, I kill the engine and pedal, so really nowhere is off limits. I pedaled it out to the end of a lake Michigan state park pier last summer and two park rangers strolled by me without a word.

But 1. Most uphills are a battle.

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Dec 10,  · Quiet outboard. Mar 22,  · I've read that you can place a 12 to 18 inch section of a tire innertube over the silencer (letting the end dangle) and it will quieten the exhaust down. I've also read that putting a section of radiator or heater hose over the stinger will quieten the exhaust. Jul 25,  · Couple ways to quiet 2 strokes- the old VW beetle fibre glass stingers can be fitted to some of the open expansion chamber setups- inch or so hole at end of chamber .

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I'm so upset not only cause he erring get on but all the money R have wasted not only the bike but all the hear to go with. It's there a way we can quieten it at all. Couple ways to quiet 2 strokes- the old VW beetle fibre glass stingers can be fitted to some of the open expansion chamber setups- 1. It seems your boy got a unbaffled engine toy- so add the needed baffled muffler to end of exhaust pipe instead fo trying to find some quiet custom expensive exhaust. Is this a Mainland Chinese toy?

The local cheap ride dealer has them - like I noted he uses small engine and agriculture parts to get his products 'legal' for the state parks trail that require quiet and fire safety. Each and every one of the thousands woodworking plans and projects which are available are so well written so that even if you've never tried Woodworking before, or if you have 2 left hands, you would find woodworking a breeze.

If it is a secondhand machine it could be that the silencer needs repacking. Some engineers put on good mufflers that really mask the noise so the best you can do is take it to the local engineer.

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Ex-employees of Scott Rudin tell horror stories. After fiery crash, race driver placed on a ventilator. Millions are skipping their 2nd vaccine doses. History nerd discovers rare Barbie dolls in attic. Fans hardly noticed country star's big catch. Answer Save. Tecumseh Muffler Quiet. Most two-stroke off-road vehicles have minimal mufflers, get a better one. Sell that POS, yet a 4 stroke. Tim D Lv 7. It's a very interesting question, looking forward to reading the answers.

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