How to listen to an audiobook on iphone 4s

how to listen to an audiobook on iphone 4s

How to Transfer Audiobooks to iPhone With/Without iTunes in 4 Ways

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Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? I have recently started listening to audiobooks on my iPhone. Is there any app that will find the audiobooks in your library and play them where it's separate from your music app? Here is the problem I have I want to listen to music in my car, but I want to listen to audiobooks when I go for a walk.

My car has Bluetooth and it automatically starts playing my phone when I crank it up. But now I am constantly having to switch my now playing list from the book to music and vice versa. I have tried a couple how to turn off alarm on seiko watch apps specifically for audio-books but they still change the now playing of the built-in Music app.

Any ideas? Haven't seen any. I just use the iPod in the phone, and switch as needed. Now that you mention it, of course I will now have to go looking! Not a freebie but it looks OK. I will keep using the iPod though. Last edited by kyteflyer; at PM. There is an app called Bookmark that I use and really like. After posting those two links earlier, I have downloaded the second because it was cheaper and find it to be nearly perfect.

It imports from your itunes library, and it is simple, clean interface, and works beautifully. No muss, no fuss. Originally Posted by Carmelreader. Originally Posted by kyteflyer. Last edited by MeSue; at PM. Originally Posted by MeSue. And can you confirm that it does not change your now playing list in the Music app?

Do you happen to know if it will work with Audible books that are in your iTunes library? No, it doesnt work with DRMd audiobooks, I suspect none of the iTunes downloaded books would work with anything else except iPod on Apple devices. Most of mine are not DRMd, but those that are cannot be played in this app.

I have a very few downloaded how to do poached eggs in boiling water iTunes, the rest are sourced elsewhere and converted to m4b, bookmarkable, via Audiobook Builder. Okay, I got Audio Butler and it looks good.

Thanks for finding it. I don't use Audible, but my sister does so I was asking about it for her, because she would also like to keep music and how to write a character reference template separated. How to listen to an audiobook on iphone 4s Posted by DaleDe.

For the same reason I described in my original post. I want music to remember its now playing status, and audiobooks also to pick up where I left off without wiping the music playlist.

If you use the built-in Music app, playing an audiobook wipes out your music playlist and vice-versa. And a lot of third-party apps even several I tested that were specifically for audiobooks will modify the device's universal now playing list. That's why I wanted to make sure before buying Audio Butler Thanks again for suggesting Audio Butler.

A warning about Audio Butler for others who might find this thread looking for something similar I tried to send the audio to two different Bluetooth devices and it just won't switch the audio to another output.

I emailed support from within the app and my message bounced, then I tried the website and it can't be reached. Very disappointing.

So only buy this app if you are planning to use the iPhone speaker or corded earphones. I've had this exact problem and the best solution I've found is to use the downcast podcast app. Use something like ifunbox or itools so you can see the folder structure for the app and drag n drop whatever you want to listen to into its media folder.

Then, in the downcast how to apply corner bead there is an import function that will automatically convert to the downcast format AND keep the files out of the Itunes library.

It will keep track of place in multiple audiobooks and you can also listen to them at faster speeds if you'd like. Might sound difficult, but I find it much easier and way more reliable than the apps in this thread most of which I've tried at some point. All times are GMT The time now is PM.

Mark Forums Read. User Name. Remember Me? Tip Got Facebook? Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Separate app for audiobooks and music I have recently started listening to audiobooks on my iPhone. Find More Posts by MeSue.

Find More Posts by kyteflyer. Find More Posts by Carmelreader. Quote: Originally Posted by kyteflyer After posting those two links earlier, I have downloaded the second because it was cheaper and find it to be nearly perfect.

Find More Posts by DaleDe. Quote: Originally Posted by MeSue. Quote: Originally Posted by kyteflyer This has actually got me curious Find More Posts by bounce. Similar Threads. Separate author sort settings for separate libraries? Do I need a separate app to what to do dusseldorf germany videos in KF?

Best music player for Overdrive audiobooks? Does Kindle App Play Audiobooks?

Part 2. Sync Audiobook from iTunes Library to iPhone

Sep 11,  · Part 2: How to Listen to Audiobooks on iPhone. After downloading audiobooks from many websites, the next thing you need to do is import these audiobooks into iPhone. To finish this task most efficiently, you can make use of a tool called FonePaw DoTrans. With this tool, you are entitled to batch transfer audiobooks to iPhone X/8/7/6s/6/5s/5/4s. Oct 03,  · I now want to listen to it on my iphone 4s. How do I do this? If i go to the itunes store application, i can see my "purchase". I emailed the mp3 (it went to a downloader automatically). I couldn't open it in email to listen to it on my iphone 4s. So I purchased idownloader pro". still cannot listen to them on my phone. The download and copy into iTunes process is only slightly more complicated than purchasing in the iTunes Store, and like iTunes Store audiobooks, the selections from come in convenient hour chunks, bookmarkable and with all appropriate metadata, and fully supported on your iPhone .

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I have recently purchased and downloaded some mp3 audio files onto my personal computer. I was able to transfer them to my itunes library. I now want to listen to them on my iPhone 4s.

How do i do this? If I go to the itunes store application, i can see all of my "purchases", and I can easily download those to my iphone. But these particular audio files were not purchased from itunes. So how do I get them to my iphone? Thank you!! Posted on Dec 21, AM. Page content loaded. Dec 21, PM. Connect your phone to your computer. Click on its name in iTunes. Click on the Music tab. Make sure the songs are checked, unless Entire music library is checked.

Click Sync. I also have purchased and downloaded an mp3 audio file not from itunes onto my macbook air. I was able to transfer it to my itunes library. I now want to listen to it on my iphone 4s. How do I do this? If i go to the itunes store application, i can see my "purchase". I emailed the mp3 it went to a downloader automatically. I couldn't open it in email to listen to it on my iphone 4s.

So I purchased idownloader pro". Isn't there a way to transfer them without physically connecting the mac to my iphone? Any suggestions??? Jan 23, AM. Jan 23, AM in response to lbb33 In response to lbb There should be no problem syncing with your Mac, unless you tried to sync with more than one computer; an iPhone can only sync with one computer at a time. Are you crazy? In iTunes-speak, "Sync" means "erase! But if you have had any complications at all, using Sync endangers all your files.

Even Microsoft couldn't have come up with a file-organizing system worse than iTunes. It's not so great for finding what you want in the iTunes Store, either.

And Sync can burn a lot of time and money that you'll never get back. Oct 3, AM. Question: Q: How do I listen to mp3 audio files on my iPhone 4s? More Less. Communities Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: 1st.

BOSS 1st. I think Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Very helpful!! User profile for user: Lawrence Finch Lawrence Finch. Happy holidays. User profile for user: lbb33 lbb User profile for user: rick.

Apple ID Speciality level out of ten: 0. I had to rebuild my iTunes library after switching to a new computer, so I had hundreds of tracks on my iPod that weren't in my library. Using Sync erased all of them! I have multiple old devices. I put music on the iPod, career-related podcasts on an iPhone 3, books on tape on an iPod mini which has comparatively little memory, and so on.

The iTunes Library does not remember which tracks go on which device. Using Sync destroys that organization. I have thousands of tracks in iTunes on my computer.

Even if I used only one device e. If I want to transfer a single track to my iPhone, using Sync can waste a huge chunk of my time by indiscriminately deleting and transferring an entire library. Reply Helpful 1 Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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