How to do the perfect poof

how to do the perfect poof

7 Pro Tips for Creating the Perfect Poof ...

Back-combing your hair gives a voluminous illusion to your poof. - Use a hair spray on the back-combed section of your hair and allow it to dry. Pin this section using bobby pins; this section is the base of your poof. - Unfasten the front portion of your hair and repeat the above three steps. Jul 21,  · Follow me on twitter!:) basketchick

By Lyndsie. Interested in how to make poofs? The hairstyle is incredibly popular, although some ho are afraid to try it. However, if you follow the right hair tips, you can easily create a gorgeous, perfect poof that works for you.

You get lots of volume, along with an adorable, retro hairstyle. If you want to learn how to make poofs that always how to make wavy curls for short hair perfect, you definitely need manageable hair. If you know you want to perefct this style, just skip a wash. There are still hair tips that will help you with your poof. For instance, perffct you dry your hair, blow dry it upside down. You know, flip your head over so you go get to the underside.

That will give your hair some volume right from the beginning, and believe me, the poof requires lots of volume! You want it as straight as possible. There are also lots of products that give you additional volume. Some tl and conditioner promising volume will do, and you may want to choose a volumizing spray or spritz as well.

Every little bit helps! One of the best tips for making poofs is learning how to tease. Your hair will have the kind of texture that lets you make the most out of teasing. Have a good straightener, a blow dryer with a diffuser, and hair products that will protect your pretty tresses from the heat. Just make sure yours is teh to your assets, your face, and your style.

Would you like to try a poof, or will you let the look stay on reality TV? Top Image Source: weheartit. Please rate this article.

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The poof is one of the most classy things you can do to your hair, that too in a really short span of time. It works best on a special dinner date or shopping spree with your friends. The good things about a poof are that your hair is pinned off your face creating no distractions and it also gives you the freedom to do practically anything with the rest of your hair.

Poofs are also perfect for hair of any length. We bring you a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect poof. Clean hair will slip away more easily than dirty hair. Keep the front portion out of the way using a rubber band. Back-comb means combing your hair in an up and down motion.

Back-combing your hair gives a voluminous illusion to your poof. Pin this section using bobby pins; this section is the base of your poof. Keep dividing, back combing, spraying and pinning up your sections one over the other until you reach the final section. Gently pin it up as the final coat of your poof. You could make a high bun or go for a low bun; it's your choice. This works best for shoulder-length hair. If you've always failed at making that perfect poof which your bestie sports so effortlessly, here's exactly what you need.

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