How to decorate a gym for a wedding reception

how to decorate a gym for a wedding reception

20 Ways to Transform Your Reception Space

Jan 03,  · Challenge: Turn a gym into a beautiful wedding reception. January 3, You may have noticed that I have been a bit MIA as of late. I told you all last week that I was going to start the new year off with a wedding. I’m not sure most of you realized that I literally meant the New Year! Love how you tied the green walls into the decor. Jan 16, - Explore monique wiley's board "Gym wedding reception" on Pinterest. See more ideas about wedding, gym wedding reception, wedding reception pins.

We're here to help you keep moving forwardno matter what your plans are. I agree with PP. Draping and lighting will be your friends.

I would suggest uplighting a lot of DJs here offer that in their packages and string lights. You can use draping to hide the basketball weddign if you want. Draping the whole room will negate any savings on your free venue-and ten times more. Your guests will focus on what is in front of them- the tables with centerpieces and candles. There decorxte lots of ideas for decorating gyms on Pinterest, including using the basketball hoops to anchor lights and draping.

I refused to have a dry wedding, and thankfully they're totally fine with alcohol being served. If they're like my church, they may have restrictions. For example, we couldn't serve liquor. But, in my souther state, it's actually very rare for venues to allow liquor. Wddding beer, wine, and champagne! This sounds crazy, but the how to de addict alcoholic they use to make tampons makes for receltion drapery.

Vym often give away excess rolls for this purpose. Candles everywhere, string lights, low overhead lights if at all. It will not be pretty, but it will be okay. Heels are really bad for gym floors. Shop early and make sure there's a decent return policy. We're having extra lights and balloons and what not as a cute place to take pictures.

Is it going to be the most beautiful reception room in the world? But, if everybody has a good time, it looks nice, and you whats the password to my gopro wifi your guests well nobody will care. Check with the church of how much you can decorate the gym before you get too into planning. Can you serve alcohol? Why are you set on one place? Just curious as to why having now what i call music 80 and reception in two places is not an option.

First off, there is nothing wrong with having your wedding reception at a gym, feel free to have it wherever you want but keep in mind the expense to decorate may be massive cause you are literally overdoing everything to take away from the fact that it is a gym. You would be doing extra work to make things look visually appealing. But it can be done. I have seen some gorgeous photos of wedding receptions that were in fact located in a gym but be prepared to take out how to tell fake ray ban wayfarers wallet.

Uplighting would definitely be the way to go on a gym reception. You really don't need to do any draping with the right combinations of uplighting as shown in the photo below. What the fast free download could probably drape behind the sweetheart or head table and drape the individual basketball goals and that would reduce your cost of fir to drape out the entire gym.

You voted for. Log in Join now. Devoted April Reception at a gym??? Saved Save. I have an option of having my wedding at a church. I have always wanted to get married at a church and this church is just so beautiful. The only downside is that our reception would be in their gym. If you have done this can you post pictures?? Opinions on this? I also want to have the ceremony and reception at the same place. Having it at two different places is just not an option for me.

Latest activity by Laura, on March 14, at PM. Devoted June Draping and lighting. Good luck! You can make it work! Expert December Champion June If you want to add extra decor, I would focus on the ceiling, not the walls. Savvy June What you can do is wedding at the church and reception elsewhere.

You have options but it may cost. Master October Why is having the ceremony and reception in 2 different places not an option for you? I'm doing this! Because, like you, it was free. Here's my tips: 1- Make sure you can serve alcohol! Super October View Quoted Comment. Savvy March Future Q. Expert October Just thought about something. Balloons to hide the basketball goal would probably be better. Just Said Yes May The characters written do not match the verification word. Try again. Related articles.

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Sep 29,  · Sep 29, - I rented a very ugly gym for a wedding reception. It's wood paneling. I need suggestions to make it elegant looking. The wedding is in October. i desperate beause of my. Divider Curtains Transforming your gym into a wedding reception hall or celebration station doesn’t begin and end with floor covers. If you want to section off parts of the gym and turn them into various “rooms” — like a kid play place, for instance — stylish divider curtains can help achieve your goal. Sep 13,  · Of course, brides can still decorate this venue type without breaking the bank. So, I spoke with Debbie Sumner with Nashville wedding rental company Events Plus to find out exactly what steps brides can take to decorate a bare space on a budget and still have her dream reception space. 1. Establish a budget for your wedding decor.

The squeaky sound of shuffling feet against the hardwood grain. The sound of applause from the spectators.

The blaring music pumping through sound system to get everyone amped. A gym can be so much more than just a home for hosting sporting events. Gyms can be an attractive, convenient, and cost-effective event space for special occasions, such as proms, weddings, graduations, community events and fundraisers. Floor Cover Protection To begin the transformation from sports arena to party place, start with protecting your investment. The perfect cover or tarp can help add years to the life of your gym floor, transforming it into an ideal place for dances, concerts, graduations, weddings and so much more.

The perfect cover, tarp or covering system will help ease the burden of heavy foot traffic, stains, scuffs, impact from furniture and all the damage that comes from celebrating special occasions. Some of the most popular ones include balloons, beautiful fabrics with great color schemes, tables with intricate table pieces, flowers, banners, ribbons, a photographer on hand to capture the moment, and anything else your creative mind can think up. Customizable banners can also be used to decorate your gym by reinforcing the theme of the event or promoting event sponsors.

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