How to connect internet through samsung mobile to laptop

how to connect internet through samsung mobile to laptop

How To Connect Mobile Internet To PC Via A USB Cable

Apr 29,  · How to connect to internet in your PC through Samsung mobile. 1. Go to your phone's settings and access wireless and networks. 2. Go to mobile networks and check Use Packet Data. 3. Now, attach your mobile to PC via USB cable. 4. Again go to wireless and networks settings and access "tethering and. Oct 22,  · now open any web browser to access internet. if not working try to reboot your pc and connect your mobile (make sure that your 3g or 4g data is enabled).

In the smartphone market, Android devices are increasingly becoming more important. Samsung phone is one of the leading and popular Android phones having a huge user base. Seeing how a Samsung phone is important, especially for storage of your information, the importance of data syncing and backing up cannot be overstated here. Being able to sync and transfer files from your Samsung phone to PC will help you avoid possible data and information loss.

Not being able to connect Samsung phone to pc is a common problem often experienced by users and for that reason, below we explore the different solutions for this particular common problem.

However, it is recommended to transfer a small number of media files to the computer because of its low speed for data transferring. This method is high-speed and safe unlike when you are using a Bluetooth. There are numerous professional tools for Wi-Fi File Transfer for you to choose from. One such tool is Samsung Messages Backupwhich allows you to transfer almost everything from Samsung phone to PC effectively.

Step 2. Step 3. Free download Samsung Message Backup mobile app to your Samsung phone. Step 4. Launch the program on PC. You can see the interface as what color dragon are you, select "Connect via WiFi". Step 5. After that, you can get a QR code on your PC screen. Now you will be prompted to scan the QR code. Step 6. On your Samsung phone, launch the app. You can find a QR how to cure acnes and pimples viewer on the top-right corner.

Click it to scan the QR code. Step how to patent an idea in canada for free. Here's how:. You click this link or follow the prompts to turn on the USB debugging. Samsung Kies is a well-known Samsung PC suite that is available for free. Best Alternative to Kies for Samsung Galaxy. The Bluetooth file transfer allows you to transfer documents, video, and music wirelessly between a Samsung phone and PC.

However, it is not available on all of the PCs. On Windows 8. After allowing the Bluetooth function on both your Samsung Galaxy and PC, you can do as follows to make a connection between the phone and PC. Linking your Samsung phone to Windows 10 is also possible via Microsoft account. You are hence able to seamlessly transfer articles from your Samsung Galaxy to PC. You can start a task on your Samsung Galaxy and continue to complete it on your Windows 10 once you linked your phone to PC.

Tap on "Settings" on your Windows Entering the "Windows Settings" interface, you can see the "Phone" option. Click it and you will be taken to a screen named "Your Phone".

You will be prompted to log in your Microsoft account at first. If you didn't have an account, you need to create one. Tap on the option to add your phone as the prompts. Then you need to fill your phone number into the blank. Next, tap on "Send" and you will be told to how to connect internet through samsung mobile to laptop a link by a text message on your Samsung phone.

Actually, in order to make a connection between your Samsung phone and Windows 10, you are required to install another app called Microsoft Edge in the text message firstly. Just click the app link to install it on your Samsung Galaxy.

Reboot your PC. Now, your Samsung phone is connected to the PC. If still, you have failed to connect your Samsung phone to pc with the above 5 methods, there are some what is a placement agency you may try to hopefully fix the problem.

For more information, you can read this article: [Fixed! You can link your Samsung Galaxy phone to the PC using these 5 methods. You may find that the methods mentioned above aim at different purposes for data transferring from Samsung phone to PC. Pick one as you need to connect your Samsung phone to PC and transfer files between your Galaxy and computer. Products Resources About Us. Samsung Backup. Samsung Recovery. Samsung Transfer. Samsung Eraser. Samsung Transfer Backup.

Summary In the smartphone market, Android devices are increasingly becoming more important.

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Install SideSync onto a PC & mobile device, and then connect two devices through USB data cable or Wi-Fi. Simply connecting the PC & mobile, you can conveniently use various features of SideSync. For a PC, click the download button to install it. For a mobile device, install it through . May 28,  · If just like my laptop, your device also takes a never-ending time to connect using WiFi hotspot, then follow these few steps to share data over USB cable instead. 1. The first thing that you have to do is, connect your cell phone and PC using a USB Author: Hemant Mendiratta. From Settings, click Network & Internet, and then click Wi-Fi on the sidebar. If the Wi-Fi is off, click the switch to turn it on. Click Show available networks, and then select your desired network. Click Connect, and input a password if needed.

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Login Register. You must Sign In to post a response. Category: Other Internet topics. How to connect to internet in your PC through Samsung mobile Want to connect internet in your PC through your Samsung multimedia mobile phone? Read this thread to know about the software required and the step by step process involved. He had tried to connect it by using Samsung Studio software but it didn't work. Somebody please tell me the step by step procedure to connect to internet via Samsung mobile. Which software will be necessary in doing so?

Points: 5. Follow these simple steps on how to connect your PC to internet through Samsung mobile: 1. Go to your phone's settings and access wireless and networks. Go to mobile networks and check Use Packet Data. Again go to wireless and networks settings and access "tethering and portable hot spots".

Check USB tethering. That's it! You have successfully connected your PC to internet. Open Mozilla or any other browser of your choice and have fun surfing the internet.

Note: This trick does not work with Windows XP and its previous parts. For USB connectivity, you can follow the above answer. For Bluetooth connectivity: 1. Go to Setting. Under Wireless and Network setting, select the Tethering and Portable hotspot option 3.

Then check the USB Tethering option. Now turn ON bluetooth on your PC. Search for the device and connect to network access point. Connection by creating a portable WiFi hotspot: 1.

Under Wireless and Network setting, select the Tethering and Portable hotspot option. Turn ON the portable WiFi hotspot option. Once it is connected you can browse. Points: 3. You didn't mention the model of the Samsung mobile.

Connecting phone internet to PC is different in all three OS. The above two responses were for Samsung Android phone. There will option for connect to internet in Samsung Kies software. Points: 1. Please mention the mobile model number and then it will be possible to give correct solution on how to connect to internet in your through mobile. Posted By: [Anonymous]. Yes, you have to let us know about your Samsung mobile phone model number to let you know on how to connect internet to your PC through your Samsung mobile.

Though there are couple of ways to connect internet for computer via mobile - as mentioned above, generally Samsung mobiles will not help us to connect internet via Bluetooth feature. Samsung Mobile phones will help to connect internet via Wi-Fi hotspot feature only, the best one for Bluetooth to Computer internet connection are Nokia's mobile phones whether it could be of old GPRS phone model or latest smartphone.

It help us to pair each other and set up easy Dial up connection for 2G and 3G too. Points: 7. Samsung offers a great range of smartphones but it is divided into two categories: - 1. Android 2. Samsung OS Step to connect android phone internet to pc 1. Download latest kies version from Samsung website.

After downloading connect your smartphone to your pc. Check whether all drivers are installed or not. If they are properly installed then you can proceed to the next step. Open settings in your smartphone and move to "tethering and portable hotspots". After that just click on tether using USB and your internet will be connected to your pc.

Note: Activate your internet connection in your phone before connecting. Download kies from Samsung official website. After installing it, connect your smartphone to PC and check the drivers. After checking drivers, move to "network and sharing center" in your PC. Click on "setup a new connection or network". You will find Dial up option. Click on it. Fill all the details and just click on connect. Submit New Thread. Follow Us.

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