How to choose my dressing style

how to choose my dressing style

How To Dress Well: The 15 Rules All Men Should Learn

Your Personal Style. Add up your letter scores and refer to the style descriptions below where you scored highest. These will give you a starting point to better understand your personal style. Combine the aspects that resonate with you most to form your individual personal style description. A - . Choose Belts Strategically a good thought to have in the back of your mind anytime you’re dressing a petite body is striving for ways to create these vertical lines. Hello there! My name is Chi Li, 5'2", author of "The Petite Style Bible". Petite Dressing is an online petite clothing store and .

Learn how to dress your pear shape. Learn how to dress your hourglass shape. Learn how to dress your apple shape. Learn how to dress your athletic shape.

How to Flaunt Your Favorite Features. What are the best jeans for an hourglass figure? Everybody and every body is different. These dressing guidelines are best used as a starting point to understand the basics. And, we believe the best place to really get the lowdown on how to dress your body is from real women—just like you.

Get a Personal Stylist. Ask a Stylist. Now, read on for more tips for styling your shape! Pear Shaped Body Type aka a triangle shape. You may be this body type if… Your waist is wider than your bust You consider yourself to have fuller hips You have narrower shoulders in comparison to your hips You have a fuller rear Learn how to dress your pear shape.

Hourglass Shaped Body Type aka a curvy what hi fi portable speakers. Apple Shaped Body Type aka an inverted triangle. Athletic Shaped Body Type aka a rectangle or straight shape. Keep reading for more advice on dressing your body type! Stitch Fix fashion experts can send you the latest looks to try on at home.

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Keep reading for more advice on dressing your body type!

If you are short, styling can be a challenge. Not only it is generally harder for you to find clothing that fits you, but also you need to be more selective with what you wear. The best way to dress a short woman is to create an unbroken vertical line with what you wear, thus elongating your petite frame and make your look taller. First things first, you need to get your sizes right. If you are wondering what is petite , it is defined by height, not by weight.

The common misconception is that petite refers to women who are thin, but that is not the definition of petite in the clothing industry. In comparison, petite size clothing are adjusted proportionally to fit shorter women, including shorter sleeve length, pants length, as well as waist placement.

All of those are critical factors that can make or break your outfit. Therefore, short women should first look for their sizes in the petite section. You CAN, of course, still look in the regular size department, because you may still be able to find some styles that can actually fit you. This is not to say you should only look in petite sizes, but for garments such as blazers, long sleeve blouses, coats, cardigans, jeans and pants, you will most definitely find petite sizes fitting you way better than regular sizes, saving you trips and bills to the tailors.

Because dresses are one-piece garments by default, they give the body one long, uninterrupted line, down the body. This is the factor that lengthens the body. One common struggle for petite women is that clothing can overwhelm your frame which, in turn, causes you to appear shorter and much bulkier. Always air on the side of wearing clothes that offer some flow and natural shape to them so your body can be seen!

In addition to clothes with shapeless silhouettes, this rule also applies to ill-fitting clothes. And YES, any type of garment can be tailored — just ask and make sure you have a skilled tailor. Of all the jeans styles, flare leg jeans are one of the best designs for short women. The flare leg jeans are well fitted through the knee, and flare out under the knee. Such leg shape is extremely flattering for women with shorter legs.

Not only they can make your legs look longer, but also they can make you look leaner. The best way to wear flare leg jeans is to wear it with heels. Since flare jeans is wider at the bottom, they are the perfect choice to wear with thicker heels such as the wedges without looking bottom heavy.

Ideally, you want the flare jeans to be a bit longer, so that it can cover some of the heels, thus elongating your legs to the maximum.

Bootcut jeans is quite similar to the flare leg jeans, and they are quite the runner-up, as the best jeans for petite women. Bootcut, by definition, is narrow fitted through the knees and starts to widen at the knees, the jeans is wide enough to accommodate a boot under, thus the name.

But of course you can also wear them with any other shoes, including pumps, sandals or even flats. If you are short, it is critical to wear pants with longer length. The reason is quite obvious. Your legs are only as long as the pants inseam. So, when you go with long pants, they will automatically make your legs look longer.

Since not all pants are created equal, you need to choose the best inseam for each type of pants and jeans. With wide leg pants or flare leg pants and jeans, you can go as long as possible and pair them with heels of course you never want your pants to be too long as to be dragging on the floor.

Therefore, you will need to go with the length right below your ankle, without having any extra fabrics bunching on your shoes. Similar to the way dresses give the body a longer line, without any breaks, monochromatic outfits do the same thing. This is a great styling trick to utilize in the cold weather months when more layers and pieces are needed for warmth, but you still want to flatter a petite figure.

Monochromatic perfection styled on Jordyn. In fact, as long as the color of your top and the color of your bottom are from the same color scheme, it will still serve the purpose of elongating your short frame and flatter a petite woman. Examples include ivory, tan and camel, all from the same nude color family. Although they are not the same shade of nude, wearing combinations of these colors can make a short girl appear taller and leaner.

Believe it or not, the placement of the waist on bottoms can completely change the way your body looks in clothing. High waisted jeans are the best for short women for this reason. Not only do high waistlines further highlight your waist, giving you a slimming benefit, but it also creates the illusion that your legs are starting higher on the body which then makes them look much longer. Win-win benefit. Anything low-rise commonly drags the waistline down which does the opposite of lengthening.

Just like dresses and monochromatic dressing, jumpsuits create that ever beloved long line down your body that instantly lengthens your shape. Otherwise — have fun with this one and enjoy the ease of it. A guaranteed way to lengthen a short body type? Look no further than vertical patterns. Everyone knows horizontal stripes are to be worn cautiously as they have the ability to widen a body, the opposite happens when patterns are vertical though.

Because of the vertical shape of these types of patterns it gives the illusion of a longer line down the body. Getting the key to success in dressing a short body? Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways you can achieve this, vertical patterns included. Traditionally, short women have often been told maxi are to be avoided at all costs.

In fact, these lengths can be incredibly flattering on short women. Maxi dresses have the same pattern or solid colors in a long vertical line, and that is exactly why they are probably one of the best ways to make a short girl look longer and taller. A few things to keep in mind here.

First, maxi lengths will likely need to be altered to be the right length for your body. Similar to the maxi dresses, maxi skirts work wonderfully on a short woman because it can lengthen your legs and make you appear taller overall. Since maxi skirts have a lot of length and volume, it is best to wear them with a shorter top.

The rule of thumb is to only wear one voluminous piece of clothing at a time. This is the best way to dress for anyone regardless of their height.

If you happen to be short, then this rule is critical. If you do not like to wear cropped length tops, you can go with a regular length shirt or top but just tuck it under your maxi skirt. This will make sure your overall silhouette looks sleek, without overwhelming your short frame. Can short women wear midi dresses? Yes, but with caution. The reason is midi length runs the risk of making your legs look cut-off, since the dress ends somewhere between your knees and your ankles,.

Second, I highly suggest you wear midi dresses with heels. Not only will this give you a height boost, but also this will help improve the proportion, because of the length of the midi dresses.

Another more subtle way to achieve this is with specific necklines. V-necklines are one of the best for petite women to wear because it opens up the area around the face, drawing attention there, and the v shape creates a line at the chest that gives this gorgeous elongation. High necklines can be worn when you are petite, but wear them cautiously. The closed off effect high necklines, like crew necks and turtlenecks, tend to create harsh lines on the body and shorten your overall shape.

Perhaps a more obvious way to add length to your body is by simply showing some leg. Wearing dresses, skirts and shorts that visually expose your legs is a pretty simple way to make them look longer. Even wearing clothes that are just above the knee is going to give you the figure flattering benefits from this styling trick. Even in a casual outfit, showing a little leg like Ashley did enhances a petite body type.

Anytime you feel like you need a little extra boost to your outfit, add a pair of nude shoes and you will notice an instant lengthening effect. The perfect addition to this outfit. Paper bag pants have been quite on trend in the last few seasons, and they have quickly become the favorite of many short women, regardless of their age group. This is because paper bag pants extends well beyond your natural waist line, which creates the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs.

The best way to wear a paper bag pants is to wear it with a top tucked in. Since the paper bag design does create additional volume around the waistline, you should be careful with this style if you happen to have a bigger tummy.

This may be somewhat obvious but one of the easiest tricks in the book when dressing a short body type is by throwing on a pair of heels. Statement accessories can definitely be fun and exciting, but they also have the tendency of overwhelming a petite body.

Think about it this way — when accessories are BIG and over the top they take up a lot of space on the body and when you have a short frame as it is it can be too much. Petite women tend to wear smaller, more dainty accessories well because they enhance your body rather than overwhelm it.

In addition to the actual size of accessories, air on the side of less is more. Wide leg pants can be tricky for short women. The reason is they carry so much volume in the leg shape, it is very easy for them to make your legs look even shorter than they are. That is not to say short girls should never wear wide leg shape.

You can totally wear jeans or pants with wider legs, but you want to be very selective. Of all the wide leg pant styles, the least flattering for petite women are the cropped length culottes. Because they are both wide and short, they expand you horizontally instead of vertically.

Therefore, you should stay away from cropped wide leg pants since they can indeed make you look even shorter! If you do love the comfort of wide leg pants, you should go with a pair of full length pants that covers your legs completely, which I will talk about in great details later in the article. Because the goal is to lengthen the appearance of your body, wearing a wide belt around your waist is going to do the opposite.

In fact, wide belts are a quick way to shorten your frame.

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