How to calculate the residual value of a car

how to calculate the residual value of a car

Residual value of a leased car: What to know

Nov 09, †Ј Look up the original value of the car in your lease terms or in the Kelley Blue Book. Subtract the calculated depreciation value for the car from the original value of the vehicle. This new result is the total residual value of the car. In other words, it is the current value of the car after you've used it for a period of time. To calculate the residual value of your car, try an online tool like the one offered by You can choose the make and model of your vehicle and it will calculate both the MSRP and the estimated residual value, and apply those to several leasing options. Why Is Residual Value Important? The residual value is important for two reasons.

The longer the lease, the lower the residual value, as compared to the original MSRP sticker price. Residual values play a key part in the calculation of lease monthly payments since leases are based on the how to heal a pulled muscle fast between residual value and negotiated selling price.

The higher the residual, the smaller the difference, the lower the lease cost and payments for a given selling price. Residual value estimates can vary, depending on who is doing the estimating. One dealer who uses a particular lease company may offer a significantly different residual value than another dealer who uses a different company, for exactly the same vehicle and same lease. It is often misunderstood by consumers that residuals are fixed for a particular vehicle make and model Ч that everyone has the same residual.

There are industry sources ALGBlackbookand others for automobile residual values that many calcuoate finance companies use as a basis for setting their own values. A lease company may adjust those values up or down, depending on how competitive they want to be, and how much risk of estimating too high they want calcultae take.

Manufacturers usually set their own residuals and frequently promote limited-time lease deals that offer higher-than-normal residuals Ч and lower-than-normal monthly payments. Auto lease residuals are always Ч always Ч set as a percentage of MSRP Ч never on negotiated price. This is a point that is frequently misunderstood by leasing consumers. Over the last few years, many car manufacturers and banks have lost substantial amounts of money due to over-inflated lease residual values.

Of course, leasing consumers were the happy beneficiaries. Although residuals have become somewhat more moderate in the current economy, values are still high due to the competitive nature of the automobile sales industry. It is in the best interest of car manufacturers to keep residual what is a spill kit artificially high to keep payments attractively low.

Many car lease consumers are often frustrated in their pre-lease planning by not being able to predict exactly what residual value they might be offered by a dealer. In this sense, lease residuals are much like interest rates on car loans. Although we can determine what the national or regional average interest rate might be Bankrate. Same for car residual values. The only way to know exactly what your residual value will be for a specific car lease Ч is to ask the dealer from which you will lease.

Unless you have inside knowledge of the residual values from the finance companies used by your dealer, the dealer is the only other source. The LeaseGuide. Certain classes of vehicle makes and models, such as the Ford Flex, have characteristically calculatr future resale values and, therefore, low average residuals Ч how to paint a wood headboard are not the best lease vehicles.

In the highest class, vehicles such as Honda Accord and most Lexus models have consistently high future resale values and high residuals, which makes them better lease vehicles. Calculte it average? Is it high? Is it low? Valculate is where the Lease Kit can help. What are residuals? Who sets car lease residual values?

Related Questions and Answers has a great free car value tool that fills in another piece of the "which is the right car for me" puzzle. Check out this Residual Value Tool before buying your next car. Here's How It Helps: These values are provided by Automotive Lease Guide and calculate the trade-in value of a leased car sometime in the future (2 to 5 years). Your. Apr 10, †Ј Understand Car Lease Residual Value What are lease residuals and how to find them? Residual value (УresidualsФ), in car leasing, refers to the estimated Ч repeat, estimated Ч wholesale value of a leased vehicle at the end of the scheduled lease term. The longer the lease, the lower the residual value, as compared to the original MSRP sticker price. Nov 20, †Ј New technological advances, gas price fluctuations and general economic conditions can all affect your carТs residual value, too. The residual value can be expressed as a percentage of the price. For example, if itТs estimated at 60% of the initial price of the vehicle, the residual value of a $50, vehicle would be $30,

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Leasing a car is kind of like renting a vehicle for a set amount of time. The residual value can be expressed as a percentage of the price. By law, if lease buyout is an option the leasing company must disclose the residual value of the vehicle when you lease your car. In fact, every lease where buyout is available will specifically include the residual value of the vehicle. A higher residual value means the car is expected to hold its value well depreciate less over the lease term.

Remember, most of your lease payment covers the cost of depreciation. So less depreciation or higher residual value can mean lower monthly payments over the lease term. So is the rule that the higher the residual value, the better?

Not always. If the residual value is set higher than what the car will really be worth at the end of the lease term, and you plan on buying the car at the end of your lease, you could wind up overpaying for the vehicle if you do buy it.

If your car is actually worth more than its estimated residual value, that would make it a great deal. You may consider taking a chance by buying the car at lease end and then trying to sell it for that higher price tag to pocket the difference.

How residual value works at the end of your lease can depend on the kind of lease you have. In certain cases, you could end up owing money when your lease is up and you turn the car in. In both cases, if you have the option in your lease you can also choose to buy the car. Be sure that you understand the residual value and other costs associated with the lease before signing your lease contract.

Image: Young man in car adjusting radio. In a Nutshell The residual value of a leased car is what the leasing company expects the car to be worth at the end of the lease. Written by: Hannah Rounds. Advertiser Disclosure We think it's important for you to understand how we make money. About the author: Hannah Rounds is a freelance writer who covers consumer finance, economics, investing, health and fitness. Read more.

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