How to add podcast to blackberry

how to add podcast to blackberry

Set up email on a BlackBerry

Aug 28,  · The blackberry podcast list is limited. This may be a stupid question, but how can I add podcasts to the BlackBerry Podcast App? I can't seem to figure it out There used to be an option to add a podcast url but that seems to have disappeared.. Thanks for any help. May 28,  · BlackBerry isn’t dead yet, and it has a mature podcast directory. If your podcast is at all business-related, this directory should be a requirement. Create an account with RIM Podcast and login. Click Submit a New Podcast button.

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In the post editor, click an insert point and select Audio from the menu. In the Embed tab, click Upload File or drag your audio file into the uploader.

After adding an audio file, the file name and file size will appear in the uploader. In the Audio Block editor, click the Podcasting tab and complete all fields. These fields become metadata tags and appear in your podcast's RSS feed.

Add this information:. After you set all options for the block, click Apply to add the Audio Block to your post. Contact the analytics service for help finding the correct URL. You can add more blocks to the post if you want, but only the first Audio Block will appear in Apple Podcasts. When your post is ready, you can publish itor set the episode to post later by scheduling the blog post. If your audio file is larger than MB, or you prefer hosting your files with another service, you can link the file to an the Audio Block using the External File option.

This lets you host the file elsewhere while still syndicating it through your Squarespace RSS feed. Asked: Updated: Followers:.

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Email address for communication regarding your request. Questions about Squarespace Select. Send us a message. Messages sent outside these hours will receive a response within 12 hours. You can post a new podcast episode by adding a blog post containing an Audio Block.

Tip: iTunes Podcasts rebranded as Apple Podcasts. Before you begin If you're new to podcasting, visit Podcasting with Squarespace and set up a blog to host your podcast. For more help posting blog posts, visit Blogging with Squarespace. Squarespace formats RSS feeds using the podcasting standards set by Apple Podcasts, but you can share your feed with other subscription services.

This guide refers to Apple Podcasts as the default podcast subscription service. You can include regular blog content alongside podcast episodes. Any posts without Audio Blocks won't display in podcast clients like Apple Podcasts.

Only use one Audio Block per post. The Audio Block only supports. The size limit for a file upload to the Audio Block is MB. For larger files, we recommend hosting your file with a different source and using the External How to prepare for a spelling bee 5th grade option to add the Audio Block. Squarespace will automatically detect the size in bytes and MIME type of uploaded files.

Step 2 - Add an Audio Block In the post editor, click an insert point and select Audio from the menu. Tip: For more help with setup, visit Using the Audio Block. Click here for help using an external file. In the mobile Podcasts app, the title comes from the Title field in the post's Audio Block. Apple Podcasts requires an episode duration. If an episode doesn't have a duration listed, Apple Podcasts may not approve the podcast.

The Apple Podcasts mobile app doesn't display text formatting, such as bold, italics, or hyperlinks, for text entered in the Episode Note field. If your site is on version 7. On version 7. Podcasts use the artwork uploaded to your podcast settings. Step 5 - Publish the episode You can add more blocks to the post if you want, but only the first Audio Block will appear in Apple Podcasts.

Tip: Apple Podcasts refreshes podcasts about once every 24 hours, so this is normally how long new episodes will take to appear. Using external audio If your audio file is larger than MB, or you prefer hosting your files with another service, you can link the file to an the Audio Block using the External File option.

Use these steps to add an external file: Open the Audio Block Editor. In the Embed tab, click External. Click Apply. Note: If the external service hosting the file is down, the Audio Block may appear unresponsive. Was this article helpful?

Inclusion in Overcast

Aug 24,  · Installation of the BlackBerry Podcast App from Research in Motion on a BlackBerry Bold All rights reserved. For use with http://usingwindowshomeserver. Jan 19,  · On your BlackBerry, simply start the Media Player, select Audio, find the Podcast MP3 episode you want to hear and listen away. That’s it. Because podcast MP3 files can be pretty large (ours are typically k per minute), you’ll likely want to add an additional SD card to your BlackBerry . Subscribe and download your favourite podcasts on your BlackBerry. In this video we review the two best Podcast apps, one free and one paid. Come and checkou.

If you plan to record and produce a podcast or, if you already do it, you must probably know that the second most important step after recording and producing the audio part, is to distribute it properly. Now, in these days, proper distribution means more than just selecting a network. In most of the cases, podcasters submit to multiple networks and streaming services in order to get access to the highest number of potential listeners.

What can you do to maximize your audience? Which networks should you choose and how to do it properly? Well, with this article, I will try to pinpoint you the best such networks and at the same time, give you enough data about who they are and how to submit a podcast in order for you to get an informed opinion and make your best choices. Acast is a commercial professional network that streams all of the most popular podcasts that exist today and offers a series of subscriptions based on the needs of the listener.

At the same time, Acast offers to podcasters a simple and easy way to submit their own original content and make it available to their fans easier than ever. All you need is the RSS feed of your podcast which can be submitted directly to the platform, right here. Push the submit button and you will be prompted with a message informing you that the feed has been submitted successfully. If you want to be part of one of the biggest and most popular podcasting networks provided by Apple Podcast, you can do it for free.

Considering that Apple Podcast is a popular service as well and that most of the people who own iPhones and iPads use it, the choice comes as a logical and practical one for easy access to these audiences.

In order to proceed, you first need an Apple ID. Implicitly, you will need an Apple device that allows you to create the account. Next, you can submit your podcast by providing your feed to the service. Image source: Help. Breaker is a social podcasting network powered by its own social community of podcasters and podcasting fans. It enables you to easily share your content and gives you easy access at the same time, to all the other streams submitted via the Breaker App.

And yes, Breaker is a mobile app available for Android and iOS that allows you even to sell your episodes individually or sell monthly subscriptions to your podcast. You have three options here. You can send your feed via email or, more easily, you can use the iOS or Android app in order to submit your podcast. Login in and search for your podcast someone may have submitted it already. If it does not show, go at the bottom of the search results list.

Add it by URL. Similarly to the apps presented above and below, this one provides you with a network capable to publish your podcast in a way that allows you to share and promote it easily. You can do it on the CastBox official website, here. Click on the link received by email and go to the page that allows you to confirm the claim and take ownership of your podcast just as you see in the screenshot below:. Castro is a service designed especially for podcast lovers, for people to subscribe to multiple streams.

It facilitates access to new episodes, or to find and enjoy their favorite shows. In order to submit your podcast to Castro, you will need to previously submit it to Apple Podcasts. Otherwise, the app is free and can be installed easily from AppStore.

While Castro was designed with the audience in mind, Chartable is the go-to place for podcasters who need analytics and other useful data in order to asses their work and improve their services.

All you need to do in order to get your podcast on Chartable is to submit it here. Once you do it, you will get access to a series of analytics and other useful data that will help you become a better marketer and promoter for your audio content. It features a simple interface with search features and catalogs based on several criteria that may be useful to the listener.

Things are very simple with the submission part. Listen notes is one of the most popular podcast search engines of today. People use it to discover new podcasts, to listen t their favorites or to subscribe to them easily. The shows are discoverable via search or by topics.

You need to be here if you want to expand your audience, considering that Listen Notes is available via a web browser, mobile app or any other source that uses their API. However, there is no waiting time here as once you submit your RSS, your podcast will immediately be available and discoverable via search. Overcast is a simple and easy to use podcast player for Apple devices including smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. Just submit your show to Apple Podcasts and in a day or two, it will automatically be integrated into the app.

Pandora is a podcasting network that is more than else, recommended to podcasters since it offers a series of features such as analytics and monetization options to maximize their success. The first thing you need to do in order to get your podcast integrated with Pandora is to follow this link. Once you set up your account, you will be prompted to log in. No confirmation is required, you can proceed to add your podcast.

Next, you will be prompted to add your feed and you will finalize your inclusion request by filling in finally, the form that contains all the details available for your podcast. It is available for both, Android and iOS and it is very easy to manage even by the most inexperienced members of your audience.

Moreover, you can get your show on the featured section and get promoted in order to expand your pool of fans. Submission to Pocket Casts is very easy to complete. All you need is your stream RSS which can be submitted via this link. Podbean is a great place if you are looking for a hosting service when you want to start podcasting for the first time.

The set up is easy, the interface accessible and most of all, it comes with a lot of features that could help you get started and improve yourself as you go further. All you have to do is register with Podbean and get into your personal Dashboard. Podcast Addict is one of the most popular podcasting apps available for Android with almost k installations up to this date and an average rating of 4.

It helps listeners to manage the podcasts they subscribe to and of course, find new shows they like. It also helps you get to that specific audience, those k users that have already installed and use the app on a daily basis. Submitting your podcast to Podcast Addict could never be easier.

Spotify is one of the most popular services for audio streaming with millions of fans and subscribers all over the world. What we need to know here, however, is that the platform allows podcasters to share their content as well and their audience, to easily subscribe and listen to their shows. The next step is to log into your account or create a new one and start your submission process.

With an interface that gets together everything you need in order to transform your podcasting hobby into a profession, Spreaker comes with a full dashboard that includes auto-sharing, distribution, advertising, statistics and the option to choose between multiples intros based on your own needs. Well, once you sign up for a Spreaker account, you need to go and access your personal dashboard from the drop-down menu available next to your profile picture in the upright corner of the screen.

Once you get there , you can create a new podcast or easier, click on RSS feed submission:. Stitcher is a simple platform that aggregates some of the most popular podcasts and helps the audience access the content and consume it with ease especially when they are mobile-based, through an intuitive and professional app.

And, you can do it by accessing this link where you are prompted to provide the service with the RSS feed to your podcast. TuneIn is a popular multimedia platform that deals with audio content by bringing together everything the audience wants and could want from such a service including live news, music, podcasts and Internet radio. Submitting to TuneIn will not be a direct process. Instead, you will need to access the official submission form available here and fill in the required information.

Once you are done, you can hit the submit button and wait for your podcast to be integrated on the platform. Unlike many of the platforms presented so far, Anchor is not just a simple app where you get to submit your podcast. You are provided with all the tools needed to host, manage and promote that podcast including an RSS feed that you can use for submitting it to other platforms and services. The first thing to do is to get on Anchor and create your account.

Next, you get access to a personal dashboard from where you can immediately start uploading your first episode and setting up everything that you want to be done concerning your show.

There are yet another two services for podcasting hosting I have written about in the article mentioned in the previous chapter: Buzzsprout and Libsyn. Unlike Anchor, Buzzsprout and Libsyn provide you with paid hosting for your podcast. They are highly popular among podcasters due to the fact that they provide professional services with all the tools they need in order to start talking professionally to their audiences. While Buzzsprout was already chosen by 50k podcasters, Libsyn hosts over 50k shows for all topics and categories.

Another paid hosting provider you can check with before deciding where to host your show is Simplecast. Just like the previous ones, Simplecast provides you with everything you need to start your life as a podcaster, including professional management and statistics.

Moreover, it allows you to publish your shows directly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other platforms you think you may have listeners on. Once you have signed up with Simplecast, right after confirming your email address, you will be prompted with a message. You can either start from scratch or, upload an existing show. Deezer is an audio hosting platform similar to Spotify where people can upload their own content using it as a hosting service or subscribe and listen to music and podcasts and use it as a premium streaming service.

All you need to do is follow this link and follow the three steps required for podcast submission. Soundcloud is one of the most popular audio hosting platforms among podcasters and musicians for two reasons: It offers free and paid services based on your own requirements and secondly, it is simple to use in combination with other digital platforms such as blogs and websites. Its popularity is close to that of Spotify and this is due mostly to the fact that on Soundcloud, you can discover way lot more indie artists and bands than on any other platform, a feature that makes it the best platform for newcomers and people who like to discover new music.

Soundcloud is a fairly intuitive and easy to use platform for everybody regardless of how advanced the technical knowledge is.

All you need to do is access this link and upload your episodes which later you can share or embed anywhere you want. If you have an account, just click on the Upload button and you will get to a page where you can drag and drop your content. Last but not least, YouTube, the most popular streaming platform in the whole world, can prove to be quite effective not only for video producers but also for podcasters.

Instead of streaming your podcast as an audio feed, YouTube provides you with a good opportunity to promote your content to an entirely new segment of the audience: the video-based audience. To this end, you can create audio streams with behind the scene images for every episode and upload them on YT or, you can film your entire audio sessions and mix them into professional videos.

A good example, in this case, comes from Gary Vee who always promotes his podcasts on every available platform, including YT. Podcasting is popular these days and whether you are a blogger or a marketer, you might consider this option for disseminating information to your audience.

People, especially younger generations, are more mobile than the elders and often get informed while otherwise being involved in other activities, hence, the need for audio content. If you are a podcaster or think about starting an audio show, you will most probably need to be exactly where your targeted audiences are.

Unfortunately, there are so many streaming services out there today that people are most likely disparate.

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