How does politics affect tourism

how does politics affect tourism

How Does Plastic Pollution Affect Humans, Our Health, and the Environment?

Oct 14, Ironically, a number of studies have shown a staggering correlation between marine litter and the tourism industry. In Cape Town, South Africa, just two pieces of trash on the beach was enough to deter 85% of visitors from going to the beach at all. On the coast of Sweden, litter has also caused a reduction in tourism and with it, a $ million loss in annual tourist revenue. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), also called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, was a proposed trade agreement between Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and the United States signed on 4 February After the newly elected US president Donald Trump withdrew the US signature from TPP in January , the .

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase an item that I link to then I may make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Economic leakage is a major problem in the tourism industry. Destinations develop and grow their tourism industries with high hopes of making a significant income from the various tourism-associated activities. However, in many destinations, this is simply not the case.

I have seen economic leakage first-hand throughout almost all of my travels. In this post I will explain how to remove corporate policy blackberry you how economic leakage in tourism occurs and how you can be a more sustainable tourist by thinking carefully about how you spend your money. Due to the international nature of the tourism industry, along with the world that we live in becoming increasingly globalised and monopolised by the most successful multinational corporations MNCseconomic leakage is becoming more and more prevalent.

Most destinations choose to develop and grow their tourism industries with the aim of making money. In severe cases, the destination receives only a small fraction of the income from tourism.

The tourism industry contributes to all of these issues and more, yet in many cases very little money is directed towards the destination to help deal with such problems.

The economic problems resulting from leakage go even further than this. Many destinations will give up their traditional ways of making money, for example through farming, in exchange for tourism.

They see Dollar signs- they think tourism is where the money is at! But they are misled, misguided or simply uneducated in basic economics to realise that this is, in actual fact, not always the case.

If managed well, destinations CAN maximise their income from tourism and minimise economic leakage. BUT, many tourism industry stakeholders do not have the experience or education to realise this. When we travel, it is important that we give a thought to where our money ends up. Yet, for the average tourist, this is not something that will typically cross their mind.

We hop on over to Expedia or a comparison site such as Icelolly. Just get your credit card and click book. Do you work in the tourism industry? Do you want to learn more about managing your businesses sustainably and effectively? Here at Tourism Teacher we offer how to make louisiana gumbo recipe range of staff training and development opportunities and consultancy services.

Contact me for more information. If you want to be a more sustainable touristgive some thought to where your money goes. Whilst you will never truly know where every Penny that you spend ends up, there are things that you can do to help to avoid economic leakage. If you book with a local tour operator, local tour company or local hotel you know that your money is going to a local business.

When I was planning our tour around Sri LankaI received quotes from several tour operators. Some were local and some were not. What I quickly realised, however, was that there were actually several benefits to booking local. If you think about it, it actually makes little sense to book with a foreign owned company. Who knows more about the local area than the locals themselves? Plus, if you cut out the middle how to install stone siding then you save money too.

MNCs, also known as transnational corporations, are large businesses that operate across different countries. MNCs are often very powerful organisations that are multi-million Dollar businesses.

However, the money that they make is most commonly returned to the country where they are based, which is usually in Western countries such as the USA or the UK. If you are interested in learning more about how powerful MNCs are and how they operate, I recommend Multinational Corporations and Foreign Direct Investment: Avoiding Simplicity, Embracing Complexitywhich provides some excellent explanations and case studies. Many organisations, particularly those that are foreign owned, will choose to recruit staff from overseas instead of those who live in the local area.

Organisations have several reasons for this. To begin, foreign staff are probably native English speakers, whereas the local people may not be. Staff are likely to be familiar with the brand and with Western customs. Staff hired from abroad may already be working for the company and may have a more qualified CV than local people. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.

Hiring foreign people is really just short term gain. It would actually make more sense to teach the local people how to do the job. They can then teach the next generation of people in the area and so on and so forth. Thomas Cook what is the latest on the dinar rv a good example here.

For many years they used predominantly British Holiday Reps in their mass tourism holiday resorts overseas. They would fly them in to the destination and provide the staff with accommodation and a salary, paid into a UK bank account.

The person would pay UK taxes. The British Holiday Reps would need to learn about the destination they were placed in on their arrival, taking how to write a interview follow up letter crash course or learning on the job.

Lets say I am on a holiday in Jamaica. I ask my Rep where is the best place to eat authentic Jamaican food, or to tell me a bit about local politics. Who is more likely to know the answers to such questions? A Brit or a local? To me, it seemed crazy that Thomas Cook, and many organisations like them, would be sending over foreign staff to advise on a destination that they know little about in real terms compared to the local population fortunately Thomas Cook did changes this in many destinations, but not all, prior to their collapse in Furthermore, by not hiring local people, tourism businesses and their staff may become unliked by the local community.

The local people may even begin to resent them. This can cause all sorts of wider issues such as rises in thefts and hate crimes. Enclave tourism is tourism that is all-encompassed by the tour operator. Tourists are encouraged to stay put. They are often encouraged not to leave their hotel. This is generally associated with the all-inclusive holidaywhereby tourists purchase a holiday package that includes everything they need from transport to food, drink and entertainment.

In cases of enclave tourism, very little money reaches the destination within which the tourism takes place. One destination which has suffered from this is The Gambia. The Gambian Government even tried to ban all-inclusive resorts, but when the tour operators threatened to take their business elsewhere, the ban was retracted.

Below is a video that I have shown every year to my students when teaching them the economic impacts of tourism. Whilst it is a bit dated now, it is a very good example of how tourism can thrive in an area, yet there is very little economic benefit to the community who host the tourists. This is when one thing happens, which causes another to happen, which then has a knock on effect on something else and so on. It demonstrates how everything is interconnected and how things that may not seem important, may have important consequences.

The butterfly effect is actually a very interesting concept and if you are interested, then I recommend the book The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters. So the reason this is relevant is because it demonstrates how the tourism industry is, in effect, an economic system. So if one part of the system is changed, this will have a knock 30 seconds to mars what if i wanted to break effect on other areas in the system.

TUI decides to change its policy and next season they will hire only local Holiday Reps. As a result, recruitment takes place in the destination, instead of back in the UK.

Money is spent on hiring a venue in the destination to hold interviews and interviewers or their employer spend money on aspects such as accommodation, food and entertainment. All of this is money that the destination did not receive the year prior, when recruitment took place in the UK. When local staff are employed they are given training.

They can then teach these skills to their friends or family, who can use them in other areas of their lives, perhaps enhancing their own employment prospects. Local staff will pay local taxes. These taxes will be collected by the Government and hopefully reinvested in the community. Areas such as healthcare and education benefit from this boost in money. Children now receive a better education because there is more money in the system.

This improves their future employment prospects. As you can see, economic leakage is not a good thing to the destinations which host tourism. The only people who benefit from economic leakage are the large MNCs and the staff who work at the top end of these businesses. Whilst this is a huge issue, there are things that we can do as individual tourists to help prevent economic leakage in tourism. As you can see, economic leakage is a big problem in the tourism industry. However, many tourists are unaware of how much impact their travel decisions can have on the economy of the destination that they are visiting.

With a little more awareness, tourists can help to maximise the economic potential from tourism for local communities and reduce economic leakage. For more information, I recommend some of the texts below. I also have a discount code for Airbnb if you fancy trying it out!

Get your discount code here. What a brilliant piece! Great article! I was wondering if you knew about any resources that showcase economic leakage during quantitative data? It would be helpful for a project of mine. Your email address will not be published.

Why is economic leakage a problem?

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