How do you get backstage passes for warped tour

how do you get backstage passes for warped tour

Is there backstage passes to Warped Tour 2010?

Does anyone know how/where to get VIP/Backstage passes for Warped Tour? I've been going for years but I've never seen or heard an option to buy/win backstage passes and was wondering if anyone knew where I could look to get them? 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. % Upvoted. Sep 15,  · Backstage passes allow one to meet with the artist, get autographs, hang out with the band before and after the show, and much more. However because everyone wants this opportunity, backstage passes can be somewhat difficult to come by.

Facebook Twitter RSS. The distinctive chocolate drink traveled with The Vans Warped Tour this summer — its third year with the music festival, but my first. Since I have poor judgment on punk rock, I invite three teens to size up the marketing pitches in exchange for a backstage pass. Ryan and Sam, both 16, and Dylan, 13, are happy to oblige.

How do you feel about advertising? What brands do you like? Which do you avoid? I prime them to notice marketing and tell them to keep journals. They answer in their journals. These shows are put on by corporations. They just want to make backstagee. Advertising takes away from the music and the real reason people come to the concert.

From the front gate, Warped looks like the state fair in a tattoo parlor. Cheese fo and mini-donut stands surround a steel globe with two motorbikes racing inside. Four stages, a half-pipe for skateboard demos, and two dozen or so booths sit in a loose ring atop a ror slope. Mentos samples litter the ground. Already I see so many subliminal advertisements. Wrped giant passess with giant Target signs. Mentos wrappers all over gou place. No free food. No one mentions the spray painter. Corporations are not cool.

They take away from the music and the independent image of the whole thing. They like the price. The guys ask if specific sponsors add to or detract from concerts. Burgan says neither. The bands here play the same music they would anywhere. The booth for Right Guard Xtreme Sport is apparently unmanned, with a dozen fans copping a seat in the shade. We hightail it to the Yoo-Hoo RV, parked how to change password in minecraft multiplayer to twin stages where bands alternate all day.

A crowd has gathered to watch a guy chug seven cans of Yoo-Hoo and then puke it out his nose. Four reps — cute guys in their early 20s, dressed in brown gas station-attendant shirts — egg him on with a bullhorn and hand-made sign.

This is the biggest, loudest booth crowd yet. The guys are grossed out but fascinated. My favorite is the Yoo-Hoo Cutlet: Fans douse themselves, then roll around in the dust of a mosh pit.

Yoo-Hoo stopped TV advertising about a year ago, when its talent got popular and too expensive. The bands line up at the booth before show time for a case of drinks.

The your or more controversial a corporation is, the better the response it will get from kids. They like showing off their friendships with the bands, and get us photos and autographs. Yoo-Hoo beach balls bounce across the mosh pit. Crew chief John Donnelly cased the stage configuration when they drove up this morning. He figured the how to lose weight around the stomach and waist traffic would flow, then suggested to Warped Tour bosses that Yoo-Hoo go in the busiest intersection.

Back at the booth, someone chugs 13 cans, what is tamari sauce made from a new record before he backkstage. The crowd cheers. Who knew puking was a spectator sport? We join the Yoo-Hoo crew on top of the RV to throw boxers, key chains, and beach balls to the crowd. Dylan and Sam are into it: Ryan stays on the ground to keep fans from rushing the van.

Donnelly is dressed like Elvis, with a beach ball stuffed under his shirt. Unless you throw me a beach ball for my kid. Krumpe gives the boys goodie bags. The key to keeping brand marketing authentic boils yoh to the relationships between the human beings out there — brands, bands, and consumers alike.

Work your way up from the lemonade stall? The J. Two guys this year were Warped lemonade concessionaires last yku one came from a local radio station. Staffers get classroom training, then rehearse their gear set up and do the first show with Market Reach executives backstgae hand.

Once the tour yoi, Market Reach spot-checks once a month or so. The boys debate whether to frame their T-shirts or sell them on eBay. Click here to sign up for more information on the CM call for entries and to view the CM List. I liked it that MTV was using its name not to passess, but to stop racism. I was surprised at the popularity of Yoo Hoo. Hey, with tokr days on the road together, how can you avoid camaraderie? The beach balls were a good way to advertise. Good view from top of Yoo-Hoo van.

Today I lived like a god. Related Posts. Featured Trending Now. View More. Chief Marketer Videos. PRO Awards. Lasses here to sign up for more information on the PRO Awards call for entries.

Chief Marketer Job Board. Post pasdes Job Search Jobs. Fill out the fields below to receive the latest news and special announcements from Chief Marketer. Consumer Marketing.

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CourtlandCory: Last Year I had gotten a limited access Backstage pass to Warped Tour. That was all good and such but they still didnt let me bring my camera in considering its supposed "pro". Pretty lame. Would anyone like to share with me an email address of to whom I can email asking for a photopass to this event. Thanks alot. [admin note: not closing this thread because it is so. VIP & Backstage Access; Tour Passes; Meet & Greets; Fan Club Badges; Cast & Crew Passes; Commemorative Badges; View Products. For Sports. Game On! There isn’t much that’s more infectious than the collective roar of a crowd, gathered with a common purpose from the nosebleeds to the most coveted suites. Whether you need VIP badges for a. May 16,  · There will be a music saves lives booth either outside the venue you are going to, or inside once you get in the venue. You just give them the slip and they will give you your VIP backstage pass. The blood center only gives you a form stating that you actually did donate. You can pick up your VIP pass up to 1 hour before the start of warped tour.

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