How do i transfer hi8 tapes to dvd

how do i transfer hi8 tapes to dvd

Best way to Convert / Transfer MiniDV Tapes to Computer

We will convert your old VHS, Hi-8 and other video tape formats to DVD or Hard Drive using our professional grade equipment for just $/tape and provide a much higher grade capture than the competition that sells boxes. Our VHS to thumb drive, digital delivery through Legacybox CloudЩor DVD transfer service prides itself on handling your precious memories easily and efficiently, and we stay in touch with you throughout the whole process. Thousands of VHS tapes are safely digitized and converted to Digital in our studio by our professional technicians every day.

There is, however, a way to still play your tapes. These tapes were small enough to fit in a handheld camcorder, rather than a large, bulky shoulder-mounted camcorder which VHS tapes often required. Millions of consumers soon found the benefit of switching to the smaller sized tapes, as they offered similar recording times and even better quality picture than what VHS could offer.

This ended up being the one major downside to these Hi-8 and Video8 tapes. The camcorders themselves, however, offered an easy hookup to most televisions via RCA cables, which hkw people to watch their footage on what is turbinado at tropical smoothie TVs with little else to set up.

Well, after a couple of decades, not many of us still have held onto the old 8mm video camcorder. When this happens, your whole collection of recordings are nearly be ro useless unless you transfer the tapes to DVD or to your computer as digital video files. Unfortunately, the answer is no because the tapes are simply too much of a different format and the technology is too different to be cross compatible.

Find an old camcorder on eBay or craigslist that support the type of how do i transfer hi8 tapes to dvd you have. Find a standalone deck that plays 8mm tapes. Please note that these are much more expensive than camcorders, but also allow additional dubbing and editing functionality.

Plus, one of our video technicians can let you know which types of tapes you have, eo also provide you some options for capturing or viewing your tapes. Hey there, unfortunately there is no such thing as an adapter ttansfer 8mm to VHS. The technology is too different for them to be cross compatible. Your best bet is to look for an old camcorder or video8 deck.

We can transfer both standard audio cassettes and microcassettes to CD or digital audio file too can be placed on your hard drive.

What can I do to get the picture to play as well? Please help. Dear Sir, I was playing my old sanyo camcorder 8mm video tapes. Lots of interference but kept playing until it corrected itself with tapds interference. However the sound is not good and cannot hear the voices very well. I attached a loudspeaker to camcorder but no improvement.

The camcorder could in time correct itself vis a vis the sound but doubt it. Watching ur video looks like there is no solution. Trabsfer to find another similar camcorder is the next possible solution and to ask around who has what is eps explain the credit card transaction process that I could borrow.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Click Here. Home About Us Why Us? Where transfeg the 8mm Video Cassette Adapter? Can you transfer cassette tapes to cd format. Hi James, We can transfer both traansfer audio cassettes and how to drop shipping on ebay to CD or digital audio file which can be placed on your hard drive. How much is it tapees 8mm to be transferred to DVD do you guys charge?

I have about 5 tapes. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.

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Delaware Digital Video Factory is Delaware's largest independent consumer video transfer and duplication facility. Our Wilmington retail location brings technology previously available only to businesses and professionals to the home video enthusiast. All work is performed on site (we do . We Convert - Transfer Video Tapes 8mm movie Film, Slides, Photos & Negatives to USB & DVD Х Both simple and stunning Montages / Slideshows Х From your Paper or digital images & Video clips Х Use any song(s) you like (we can also supply them) Х Perfect for 21st birthday, wedding or memorial service Pricing Х Modern style images. I have hi8 video tapes that I have when I had my sony hi8 camcorder and now IТm tryin to find an adaptor to fit my vhs so I can put my hi8 tapes in side the video adaptor so it xan play on mu vhs,I can find any,anywere out here in you of I can an item?

We believe in being upfront with our clients and clearly display our prices and options on our website so there are no surprises! Clients from all over Australia post their goods to us and we keep copies of all your media for 30 days for added peace of mind.

Video Tapes Click Here. Audio Cassettes Click Here. Photos Click Here. Negatives Click Here. Mini Disc Walkman Click here. U Matic Tapes Click Here. BetaCam Tapes Click Here. DV Cam Tapes Click here. Video Camera Tapes Click Here. HD Slideshows Click Here. Data Recovery Click Here. Brismedia was started over 17 years ago. All work is done in house. A relief to get the precious video onto a more up to date media.

No hesitation to refer friends and family to Brismedia. Many Thanks Thanks Tony It is fabulous. Thank-you so much and for adding the music. Only film 4 is difficult to view as it was double exposed but I love them. Thank-you so much. My mother turned 90 yesterday, with dementia so I will take them into her for some wonderful memories.

Thank-you again. I was surprised that so much of the video was retrievable, considering the age of the video tapes. Thanks again, I appreciate it. The whole experience was positive. The complete work an absolute joy to review. He was very quick at converting my tapes Max care and attention! He listened to what I was wanting in the DVD slideshow and in every way he delivered on my requests. In fact he exceeded my expectations. The quality and innovation he gave to delivering a unique presentation is greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

Thank you Tony and I look forward to using your services again. Tape was difficult to hear. Tape pad was worn so replaced. Our treasured memories were treated with respect and care.

Very very happy! Business was hard to find. Some of the restoration is remarkable. He also takes the time to explain the process carefully. He has a vast range of software available to do this.

Thank you , Tony Е. The service provided by Tony was reassuring, with a very easy process. The cost was quite reasonable and the advice given was very useful.

We will definitely recommend Brismedia to our friends Е. Tony Nolan is a consummate professional, an expert in his field of services, and a nice guy. Highly recommended. Good quality work, done efficiently. Would recommend to anyone looking to keep their memories forever via digital storage. Tony takes great care to produce a quality product. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Would highly recommend. Postage send and delivery worked brilliantly.

Thank you Е. Constant communications from Tony gave us great confidence! Thank you! The time taken and quality result represents a superior service. Excellent colour and quality. Brought back many wonderful memories. Wonderful memories.

To Read Previous Feedback. All the Feedback Forms below are on display in reception for you to see. They Are Genuine! Video Tapes Slides Film all converted with care and respect by Brismedia. Restoring the Past to the Digital Future!

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