Blue horse blue horse what do you see

blue horse blue horse what do you see

The Truth About Blue-Eyed Horses

Home Blue Horse, Blue Horse, What Do You See?. Nov 26, 2 responses to Blue Horse, Blue Horse What Do You See? Joanne Hamann says: November 27, at am Im ALL for blue horses and silk plants! Reply. Winifred Ahern says: November 27, at pm How wonderful to know how extensive your reading has been. Being an avid reader myself, I fully appreciate your deep love for the.

But is any of it true? A study conducted by the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital has the myth-busting conclusion. Researchers studied the medical records of hundreds of horses with diagnosed ocular disease and without any known eye ailmentsto determine if blue-eyed horses possess unique temperament qualities what are the matches for wrestlemania 28 are more prone to eye problems.

So what did they find? The team found that blue and heterochromic eyes were just as common as brown eyes in both groups of horses. The researchers found no significant difference between the proportion of blue and brown-eyed horses with problems in adjacent structures to the eye such as eyelid lacerations and neoplasiacorneal disease such as ulcerative and non-ulcerative keratitisor disease in the eye or eye socket including what does a double crown on your head mean recurrent uveitis, glaucoma, cataract, intraocular neoplasia, orbital cellulitis, and orbital neoplasia.

The study did find that blue-eyed horses appear to be more susceptible to squamous cell carcinoma SCC than their dark-eyed brethren. This is due to skin pigmentation around the eye and eyelid rather than the eye-color itself, which is why certain breeds are more prone to developing SCC. Do your part to protect your horsesblue-eyed or otherwisefrom the harmful effects of UV rays. Fly-masks can help shield the face, and sunscreen obviously helps.

Shade should always be available in turn-out space. Try to avoid exposing horses to direct sunlight at peak hours as much as possible. And there you have it. Blue-eyes do not equal crazy. Unless they are crazy eyes that just so happen to be bluethen you might have an issue, but there is not a shred of scientific evidence to suggest a direct correlation between eye color and temperament.

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I believe nothing could be further from the truth. So if anyone out there knows a blue horse we can introduce the muppets too. And part of that ability comes from the limitless amount of life they still have to discover someday. As I watched my sons disassemble a silk plant not only do the women in my family not cook, most of us kill plant life as well , I causally looked up at the library bookshelves lining the walls. Slowly, it occurred to me that I had read every book there.

I cheated and took Italian for my language requirement. Liberal arts major people. But all, of course, read long before the school year ever began. I teared up just looking at Flowers for Algernon. I picked up some of my fondest childhood fantasies. And, naturally, the inherent hilarity within the works of the great Dave Barry. My hero. I smiled at my old friend Shel Silverstein and began to read aloud some of the poems from Where the Sidewalk ends and A Light in the Attic.

To some, the paragraphs above may read as nothing more than a list of books. But to me, those bookshelves are the journey of a thousand worlds, a million adventures and the sparks of a colorful imagination.

We headed down to the local equestrian center to meet some of the magnificent beasts. They were beautiful. Caden was in awe; Logan seemed a bit wary. Yet, even in the midst of such magnanimity, nary a blue horse was to be found. So we headed down to the park to play on the swings and pretend train. How wonderful to know how extensive your reading has been. Being an avid reader myself, I fully appreciate your deep love for the written word.

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